Report: Cutler Has Reached Out To Burress

A quarterback with an agent who has a habit of shooting off his mouth apparently is interested in joining forces with a receiver who tried to shoot off his leg.
According to WSCR radio, via the Chicago Tribune, new Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has reached out to free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress about joining the team.
It’s not a surprise. Compared to Brandon Marshall, Plaxico is a pansy. Co.

26 responses to “Report: Cutler Has Reached Out To Burress

  1. isn’t plaxico supposed to be going to prison for felony firearms charges? oh wait….he is an athlete, never mind.

  2. Of course he is reaching out to Burress – he took one look at the Bear WR corp and said Oh $^*$^*!!!!!!!

  3. what were Cutler’s words to Burress? “Seriously, douche to douche…..we need you.”

  4. I was listening to that radio show & what the Tribune doesnt mention is that Donovan McNabb & Ben Roethlisberger were also mentioned by Burress as people who have called him since his release so I wouldnt look too much into it

  5. Well he ain’t going back to the Stealer’s, and the Eagles don’t like to pay anyone. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up in Chicago…The place where WR go to DIE!

  6. all of sudden his phone works again??? Must have switched to a Sprint plan for better coverage, right Florio?
    oh, you see what I did there?….

  7. After hearing about the rest of the interview, Cutler is feeling disrespected and hurt that Plax would even take phone calls from McNabb or Big Ben. Cutler thinks Plax should just tell those guys “Jay’s my guy,” and hang up the phone!

  8. Maybe Cutler should be thinking about WRs who won’t be behind bars during the ’09 season??

  9. Jay Cutler = Brian Griese
    Kyle Orton = A much better season than Jay Cutler
    Hey, Jared Allen! Cutler said you ain’t shit

  10. Cutler’s already dealt with one WR where “it’s always something”, in his words, so apparently he figures he can deal with another to actually have a legit #1 receiver on his team. He needs someone, that’s for sure. Torry Holt is a much better option though, not a headcase, more consistent, and will actually set the work ethic bar for the other receivers, as opposed to constantly waiting for the next shoe will drop with your diva WR. He was even healthier/better than Burress last year.

  11. Wow the client of the agent who represents the “gunslinger” wants a real gunslinger on his team.Might as well get Tank Johnson back.But looking at it logically both Plaxico and Bretteney have about the same accuracy.

  12. What? Burress signs with the Bears and he and Cutler can hook up on the field in 3-5 years.
    Not surprising. A Bus Cook client trying to play defacto GM?!? Shocking? Will Cutler whine to the media like Favre if they don’t follow his personnel decisions?

  13. It’s funny how nobody talks about Cutler and Earl Bennett being reunited. Earl was a 3rd round pick and Cutler’s favorite target at Vandy. But, of course, nobody here actually looks into that kind of stuff.

  14. Its amazing to me how Orton is viewed to be “good” now that hes not on the bears and cutler all of a sudden is garbage.

  15. Drat! If only the Bears could have waited until the draft to get Pat White, they wouldn’t be having these kind of problems.

  16. I seriously doubt you’ll see Plax in a Bears jersey. I’m a Lions fan, but I respect Lovie Smith because he is a class guy and I don’t think he would go for that kind of guy in the locker room. They might make a play for Holt, but there didn’t seem to be much left in the tank last year, so they’ll need to draft a youngster as well. Look for something like Derrick Williams in the second round unless they get lucky and WR’s slide again this year, then call it Hakeem Nicks.

  17. You know what’s amazing to me? Orton had a decent year with the guys that are in Chi. Cutler wants more. He knows he needs those fab skill players around him.

  18. cutler to buress is an opposing team’s nightmare.for all the
    problems that have to be overcome,the bears would not be dumb,
    if they inquired about buress.

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