Surprise: T.O. Working Out With Bills

Wide receiver Terrell Owens has reported for the Buffalo Bills’ offseason conditioning program, according to Chris Brown of the Bills’ official web site.
It’s a somewhat surprising development considering Owens had previously indicated that he wasn’t going to take part in the voluntary workout sessions.
Perhaps Owens realized that it might be a good idea for him to build some chemistry with his new teammates by showing up, lifting a few weights and catching a few passes from quarterback Trent Edwards.
According to a recent USA Today article, Owens said he had informed Bills coach Dick Jauron that he wasn’t going to attend anything that he’s not required to contractually.
“Right now, if there’s nothing mandatory that I have to be a part of, then I won’t intend to be there,” Owens said.
At the NFL owners meetings, Jauron didn’t seem concerned about Owens’ plan to not show up for workouts, noting that the perennial All-Pro wideout is known for his dedication toward conditioning.
The Bills signed Owens to a one-year, $6.5 million guaranteed contract after he was cut by the Dallas Cowboys.

15 responses to “Surprise: T.O. Working Out With Bills

  1. Its news if he goes, its news if he dosnt. I wish the media would get over their T.O. mancrush. The guy isnt out shooting people, getting cought with drugs, or running into police. Let him be…
    I think Florio has a little heart carved in his computer desk with a Flo + T.O in it.

  2. Thank you for reporting something positive on T.O. Let’s see if other media outlets do the same. Also, did any media mention that the first day he missed he was receiving an award in D.C.

  3. Yes, everyone knows Owens received an award, for something. And nobody questions his dedication to physical fitness. I think Richard Nixon even gave him an award for it. It’s about time for Owens to get some press, now that everyone is finally bored with Cutler.

  4. Hmm…this is weird…an article about T.O. doing a good thing and not getting ripped for it…
    Oh… Florio didn’t write it. Makes sense now.

  5. if t.o. were some guy who didnt go to the optional camps and came in out of shape for mandatory sessions then i could see why any of this is newsworthy, but this is a guy who has been a model of consistency on the field (only receiver to have 10 or more receiving tds in each of the last 3 years) for his entire career. so whether he goes or not, you know on sundays he’s going to give it his all and be in football shape. if youre going to get on somebodys back get on lendale whites if he doesnt go to the titans’ workouts

  6. T.O. just reported to gain back the spotlight with all the RoyWill talk on ESPN this week.

  7. yes, TO and hundreds of other players reported but i don’t see any articles about them?

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