Vontae Davis In Demand

Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis, a projected first-round draft pick, is drawing plenty of NFL interest, according to Albert Breer of SportingNews.com.
The younger brother of San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has upcoming visits with the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Davis previously visited the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. He has had private workouts with the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins.
Davis’ representatives promptly denied a report last week that the defensive back had allegedly tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine.

7 responses to “Vontae Davis In Demand

  1. All the flying these guys do=so unsustainable.
    Be hard to test positive for weed unless he smoked like within a week of the combine which would be a dumb move. Otherwise all the working out he does sweating/water drinking/viatmin taking…the stuff woulda been out of his system in a week if he was a rec smoker. If he smoked all the time it might take longer but you can always get a drink at GNC or the local headshop to clear your system

  2. @ Osterhouse
    Weed will remain in your system for months and in your hair for even longer. Ask Ricky.

  3. What is with all these Player_X In Demand stories? Guess what – teams work out players before the draft. They work out far more than they draft. Why does the fact that he flies a few places mean anything?

  4. the tests can tell if you use a masking agent now…. no more GNC. got to go get the fake stuff… Urine Luck…not that i know or anything. and if your not fat and sweat a lot it will be out of your system in about a week, not a month.

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