Anderson On The Rise

Webber International cornerback Vince Anderson, a 6’2″, 206-pound NAIA star, is rising on NFL draft boards, according to Adam Caplan of
Anderson is regarded as a potential late-round value around the league.
Anderson is scheduled to visit the New York Giants.
Among the private workouts he has scheduled:  the New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and the Atlanta Falcons.
A transfer from Nicholls State, Anderson runs the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds and made several big plays last season.

7 responses to “Anderson On The Rise

  1. Another one? C’mon.., all we read about is how everybody is ‘on the rise’. Who isn’t ‘on the rise’? Right now, there’s 266 kids ‘on the rise’ and in the Top 100 Draft prospects. Gold Stars for everyone!
    Remarkably.., not a single player has ‘fallen’. Even Andre ‘Fat-Tits’ Smith has rebounded from his Combine debacle to remain on the top 12 draft prospects.

  2. Watched the video… I don’t know if a corner should post a video of him: using his shoulder pads to catch, dropping easy picks, tackling without wrapping, and, most woefully bad, waiting for balls to come down to him. This guy against any WR who catches the ball high is a complete liability.

  3. @Heinekenfun
    Its probably because teams aren’t done working players out yet. The picture generally doesn’t become clear until the week leading up to the draft.

  4. A transfer from Nicholls State, Webber runs the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds and made several big plays last season.”
    – You may want to fix your error.

  5. Here we go again.. Giants are always trying to find some unheard of “gem” only to find out what everyone else already knew.

  6. Transferred to Webber International? What, couldn’t handle the intense, high pressure football program at Nichols State?

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