Ted Sundquist's NFC West Draft Needs Are Up

Former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist continues to work his work his way through the eight NFL divisions, setting forth the primary draft needs of each team.
He previously posted the AFC West draft needs, and the NFC West draft needs are now up.
The NFC West draft needs are right here.

7 responses to “Ted Sundquist's NFC West Draft Needs Are Up

  1. Ted’s been drinking from under the sink if he thinks SF’s biggest need is QB. Singletary’s stated, ad nauseum, that he wants to win games with defense and the rushing attack. SF is already on the hook to Alex Smith for roughly $4M, and Shaun Hill for roughly $2M. All these QB interviews reek of being smoke screens. If they were going to go with a rookie QB, they’d have cut Smith. Period.
    SF’s biggest need is a pass rusher. They haven’t had anyone good since Doleman.

  2. Thanks, Ted! Finally, someone who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the Niners!!! I’m so tired of hearing the Niners need an OT. They just signed one to play RT. What’s worse is people (so called experts…Kiper, McShay) saying they need a DE. Huh? The defense is solid. They have one of the worst offenses in the league and the draft a DE at #10? QB–#1 priority, WR–#2 priority. Period!

  3. QB is absolutely the top priority. WR is a close second. They have a solid D but no O. Don’t be dumb Scot…

  4. You guys, if you think WR is a dire need, then you’re not watching the games or looking at the roster. We’re fine with the WR’s we have because of the QB we have. Noodle-armed Hill can’t throw it deep with any velocity, so unless we get a new QB with an arm…we shouldn’t get a WR until the 4th round & up.
    The Niners biggest need is at NT. They have Franklin, who sucks, and Sopoaga, who’s semi-decent. If Raji falls to us, we need to take him. If we’re going to keep running the 3-4, we need a true NT, which is something we’ve been lacking since it was implemented.
    We do still need an OT, and maybe a guard. Baas supposedly will not stay beyond this season, and Marvel Smith is a stop gap. Our front office needs to do a better job of locking up our OL so we don’t have to keep getting new ones…but OT/OG remains a large need.
    We also need another RB, Gore is great, but he needs help if Sing wants to focus on the run game.
    Spikes is getting old and has one or two years left in him, so we should be looking at a MLB as well.
    We need a FS badly, forgive me if I don’t think Goldson is hot stuff, he’s injury prone, and mistake prone…kid is going to disappoint many this season.
    I can wait till next season, but I think we’re going to have to replace Manny Lawson, he’s just not a pass rusher, and that’s what we need.
    Now, with the offense Sing wants to run, I think Hill is fine for now. I’m not a big fan of Stafford or Sanchez, and firmly believe that Stafford is going to be a huge bust wherever he goes. Sanchez will have the better pro career, but he still won’t be anything special. I’d be disappointed if the Niners drafted a QB in the first two rounds.
    So, the Niners needs, IMO are:
    1) NT
    2) FS
    3) OT
    4) OLB
    5) OG
    6) RB
    7) MLB
    8) QB
    9) WR
    10) TE (Blocking)

  5. I think ol Teddy is just trying to get the Cards to realize they made the wrong choice not to hire him. I mean, who in their right mind would pick a Pats alum when they can have a Browns reject.
    War Sundy!

  6. Oh, and a personal message to you Mikey, I was a little offended when you didn’t give me a shoutout last week when you were on my boys’ Bickley and MJ show here in Phoenix last week. Bad form brother

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