2009 Mock Draft 3.0, Part Two

17.  New York Jets:  Josh Freeman, quarterback, Kansas State.
They need a quarterback with an arm strong enough to pierce through the Meadowlands winds.
18.  Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears):  Everette Brown, defensive end/linebacker, Florida State.
The reclamation of a bad defense continues.  Brown would help the transition to a 3-4 defense.
19.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Peria Jerry, defensive tackle, Mississippi.
The infusion of youth on the defensive side of the ball continues.
20.  Detroit Lions:  Evander Hood, defensive tackle, Missouri.
They need to replace Corey Redding, traded to Seattle.
21.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Chris “Beanie” Wells, Ohio State.
This pick could be sent to the Cardinals as part of an Anquan Boldin package — and the Cardinals would take the same guy.
22.  Minnesota Vikings:  Darrius Heyward-Bey, receiver, Maryland.
He has some similarities to Troy Williamson, which could scare the Vikings away.  If Percy Harvin doesn’t land on the list of positive drug tests from the Scouting Combine, he could be the pick instead.
23.  New England Patriots:  Rey Maualuga, linebacker, USC.
A Pac-10 linebacker comes aboard to replace another one.
24.  Atlanta Falcons:  Brandon Pettigrew, tight end, Oklahoma State.
The Falcons nearly signed L.J. Smith.  They’ll fill the need with someone even better.
25.  Miami Dolphins:  Clay Matthews, linebacker, USC.
Joey Porter had a strong year in 2008, but he doesn’t have much left.  Matthews would be groomed to take his place.
26.  Baltimore Ravens:  Percy Harvin, receiver, Florida.
That positive drug result could scare them off, but the front office is feeling secure given last year’s successes in the draft, and on the field.  Hakeem Nicks would be the other option here.
27.  Indianapolis Colts:  Eben Britton, tackle, Arizona.
Despite all other needs, taking care of Peyton Manning is the top priority.
28.  Philadelphia Eagles:  William Beatty, tackle, Connecticut.
The Eagles could try to jump over the Colts in order to get Britton.  Either way, they need a replacement for Jon Runyan on the right side or Tra Thomas on the left.  (And please don’t tell us that Winston Justice is the answer.  Unless the question is, “Who is Osi Umenyiora’s bitch?”)
29.  New York Giants: Hakeem Nicks, receiver, North Carolina.
Nicks was capable of dominance at the college level; the Giants need someone who can dominate at the pro level.  Another possibility is Kenny Britt of Rutgers.
30.  Tennessee Titans:  Kenny Britt, receiver, Rutgers.
The Titans need to take the best available wideout, if they ever want to have anything more than a running game.  Whether it’s Britt or Nicks or Harvin or someone else, it doesn’t matter.
31.  Arizona Cardinals:  Donald Brown, running back, Connecticut.
The Cards need a running back badly; LeSean McCoy of Pitt is another option here.
32.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Tyson Jackson, defensive end, LSU.
They need to begin replenishing a defensive line with every starter over the age of 30.

50 responses to “2009 Mock Draft 3.0, Part Two

  1. Eagles will never take Wells… he’s not a good fit for the west coast offense. If they do take a back with one of their top 2 picks it will be one of the other top 4 guys, not Wells.

  2. Everytime a mock draft goes up It becomes more and more clear that minimal research is done. If Beanie is at 21 which could be a stretch it is a logical assumption that he could be part of a trade to AZ. The Eagles Most def. would not draft him with the intentions of keeping him he doesnt fit their O. Pick 28 is where I have an Issue. Runyan plays RT and they addressed that position in FA with the aquisition of Andrews. If the Eagles are to take a OT it will be via trade or moving up to select one of the top 4 certainly not Britton who projects at RT or Beatty who doesnt strike me as a 1st rd talent. It’s historically accurate to assume the Eagles would move up to Select a position that they more than most teams covet in the first rd Lineman. To think they would stay put with ammo they have and settle on a lineman that isnt rated as a top tier just isn’t realistic. when it comes to the Eagles. At least try to be accurate

  3. I completely agree mates, from an Eagles fan’s standpoint, this is a very poorly researched mock draft. My 11 year old brother could have done better.
    Oh well, no one ever accused Florio of knowing how to do ’em anyway.

  4. Is this where we get to call Mike stoopitt? Mike, the Eagles replaced Runyan with Stacy Andrews, signed as a free agent. They need to replace Tra Thomas on the left side. And they need a tight end more than anything. So, if Pettigrew actually drops to them, he’s their pick at 21.

  5. Hey Florio, Jon Runyan was already replaced by….
    Stacy Andrews at RT. ya know Shawn Andrews Brother…
    There need is at LT, Can I get that pick back?

  6. Colts would take a WR to play this year before they’d grab a tackle that would only be a backup for about 2 years.

  7. For the Falcon’s at #24 the drafting of TE Brandon Pettigrew is unlikely, even though a receiving TE is needed. The needs on defense are too great to ignore in the first round, as help is needed at NT, a pass rusher at DE or OLB, a safety and CB. A trade backward for a second rounder and additional pick is possible, but if LB Clay Matthews is there he could be the one. The elder Clay Matthews played for Atlanta in the 90’s.

  8. Not sure Wells would be our first pick if the Eagles take him at all.We all know how much Andy loves those big guys but I’m not sure this time around the big guys are that important in the first round. You think a guy like knowshone would be a better pick for Eagles. Not sure the tight end that is mentioned will be there at number 28.
    In this draft it is anybody’s guess to what the Eagles will do. They have many options open to them. I would not be surprised if there was a move of either 21 or 28. Move at 21 I would suspect would go up; and move at 28 could go to the second round.
    On draft day we will all know what the Eagles did. I suppose many will be disappointed.

  9. If Jackson falls to the Steelers at 32, the draft is a win for them regardless what else they do. 3-4 ends dont grow on trees.
    But the likelihood of that is pretty slim, here’s hoping.
    While I’m hoping, I’ll also hope Sean Smith falls to the 64th, & Ogletree and Shipley are there in the 5th.
    I can see Wells to the Eagles, they need a guy who can be relied upon to get one-yard, and Wells is it. And he’s a lot more than that. the whole “doesnt fit the offense” stuff is a bit overblown, you fit the system to the talent.

  10. There is no way the Vikings take Darrius Heyward-Bey-Williamson. They have to go OT with the first round. If not, Chilly will be managing T-Jack at Burger King.

  11. If we sign Torry Holt, we won’t have enough room on our roster for another draft pick at that position without cutting at least half of our receivers. And we don’t like cutting early round picks already..

  12. lax11slice- clearly you’ve never followed the Eagles lol. They do the exact opposite…players fit the system. And they got that 1 yard man in Leonard Weaver…here they are drafting for the “future” (re: Westbrook’s replacement), and they would never replace one of the best receiving backs EVER with someone who simply cannot do that as well as his competition (namely Moreno and Brown).

  13. Pretty good analysis in my opinion. I like the comparing of Heyward-Bey to Troy Williamson, but I think the Vikes will look o-linemen while they are on the clock and maybe get a WR in round two.
    Everett Brown, Tyson Jackson, and Rey Malhuaga fell pretty far in this projection.

  14. The Eagles are happy with their O-line with the exception that they are looking for a replacement at Center, but that is not a top priority.
    LT. Shawn Andrews is going to get moved to LT as Andy Reid said that he has the best natural LT in football playing RG.
    LG. Herremans will get his shot at LT but will eventually land at LG.
    RG. Nick Cole will play or at least battle for RG.
    RT. Stacy Andrews will more than likely play RT.
    Justice is gone. They liked King Dunlap, then he got hurt and put on IR to allow for development. I think you’ll see a 3 man shoot out for RG.
    I also have a hunch they may sign Runyan again in training camp for depth.
    Eagles draft priorities top to bottom:
    1. Tight End
    2. Running Back (1 & 2 are interchangeable)
    3. Safety
    4. Offensive line
    5. Line Backer
    6. Wide Receiver (they may shoot for Boldin in the 4th)
    7. Defensive line

  15. So… with so many teams switching to a 3-4, the best DE in the draft to play down in the scheme falls all the way to 32? And of course Maualuga will be sitting around, just waiting for the Patriots to snatch him up. NONE of those transition defenses will see him as a worthwhile pick. Well, I guess it makes sense.
    Because in the end, we all want the Steelers and Patriots to win, right?

  16. philly- I agree with all but linebacker…I think they are absolutely fine there, especially with that beast Mays waiting in the wings and a starting-caliber OLB in Gaither on the bench.
    To be honest, I’d also start looking at a kicker or punter in the nether-rounds. Rocca was faar too inconsistent, and Akers hasn’t been Akers in 3 seasons.

    I laughed out loud when you had Rey Maualuga falling to #20 and then had the Lions PASS on him!!!
    MLB is possibly the Lions greatest need. If Rey Maualuga is there at #20, the Lions will take him.
    He won’t fall that far though. And the Lions STILL won’t reach for Hood at that point. They’ll take Laurinitis because he’d be their MLB starter from day 1 and that’s what they need.

  18. Good grief! There is NO way Belichick will pass on BOTH OTs Britton and Beatty (not to mention 3-4 DE Tyson Jackson) for potentially a “2 Down” ILB. Huge athletic guys like that will not be available in Round 2, where the Pats have 3 picks, whereas ILBs will be plentiful…
    The Pats have OL needs on the horizon, not to mention Seymour and Wilfork on the cusp of free agency. Exactly how much “thought” are you putting into this endeavor?

  19. Not that I think it is necessarily a great mock, anyone thinking it is terrible is probably not reading anyone except Kiper. This draft is deep on the lines, and as good linemen are hard to find it could very well be the case that many skill position players slip. Nothing is impossible, and only the ignorant believe so.

  20. I won’t give Floria a hard time, because I’ve never seen a mock draft that didn’t blow up in the makers face…

  21. Eben Britton? Come on now. The Colts have two tackles about as good as him already, and he won’t play guard because they drafted three interior linemen last year. They will draft Jerry or Hood if they last, and if not a WR, Moreno or maybe even Gilbert. But there is absolutely no chance Indy takes an OT in round one.

  22. It’s a shame if it’s true that Winston Justice is no longer w/ the Eagles. Well, we’ll always have the memories.
    I’d be very happy if Nicks fell to the Giants. They could take Robieskie in the 2nd

  23. PuppyPuncher says:
    April 11th, 2009 at 11:23 am
    Don’t quit your day job Florio.
    LOL! Exactly what I thought.

  24. Agree with purp and walk on Viking focus on Offensive Tackle.
    Oher, Andre Smith and Britton all possible. If these guys are gone could Vike take a falling QB prospect like Sanchez or Josh Freeman?
    Then there’s LT Jason Peters situation still danging. Interesting pick

  25. Ganggreen86 – I agree with you from the LB importance standpoint.
    But from the grumblings I’ve heard is they need a LB to shore up depth.
    I agree with you on Mays. I can’t wait to see him unleashed, but he is a injury waiting to happen with his playing style.
    Gaither is going to be gone after this year.. and Gocong… I like him and he seems to be coming along, but he’s still suspect. I almost feel like they should drop the DE in coverage and release him on the QB more.
    I’m hoping for some big things from Bradley and Jordan this year.
    I think that Akers is going to have a good year. Rocca might as well.
    I have a feeling we’ll see big things out of Avant this year. Their WR core is fine as long as they get a TE threat, I don’t care what anyone says about a “#1 WR”. On top of that, if they get a stud RB to compliment 36… Please.. The Eagles may finally have the players needed to execute the west coast offense.
    I’m interested to see an Eagles Defense without Dawkins. I am certainly at odds with that.

  26. While I agree the Eagles are more likely to draft any of the other top five backs before Beanie, I also think Wells is better than most of my fellow Eagles fans think he is. I also think Beatty or Britton at 28 is dead on, and any of you “expert” Eagles fans don’t know crap if you disagree. Both of these guys have a ton of upside and we don’t need someone to step in right away as you all said.
    Once again I’m embarrassed by a few cocky, loudmouth slapdicks giving the whole Green Nation a bad rap.
    I never understood why Florio kinda peed on Philly from time to time, but after reading these comments its starting to make sense.
    So M-Flo, Ease up on Philly cuz we are by far the best fans in the universe!

  27. the birds will not take wells. when they look at a running back, the first two things they as are ‘can he block? can he catch?’ with wells, both of these – not to mention the injury bug – are concerns, if not flat out weaknesses. i agree with ‘philly’s’ assesment of the front line, but can easily see big red moving up to get someone.
    if they are serious about ochocinco (i’m not opposed to the idea), they should trade #28 and their 2nd rounder for chad , the bungle’s 2nd rounder, reggie brown, and a late round pick if necessary.
    bengles can take crabtree at #6 (or trade the pick to someone else who wants him, get some more picks and still get a quality WR in the first) and address OT with #28. Birds can take pettigrew with #21, get chad, and target mccoy or another RB with the 6th pick in the second round.

  28. I agree with ‘Bertil’ here.
    Belichek will never draft a “2 down LB” in the 1st round. He values the linemen very highly…particularly the 3-4 D linemen. With Seymour coming to free agency and having huge market value, my guess is they let him go. I think they’ll be looking for a DE they will groom into a starter in this draft. I believe they’ll have a multitude of LBs to choose from in the 2nd round and with 3 picks they’ll get what they need.

  29. i c miami may take l.b.,y not one stud q.b. or maybe a center the rules apply to all. get the best talent at your need b.cushing. oh what about a starting r.tackle or has everyone forgot the debockle in our last play-off game. oops keep working we may go undefeated (again)!!!!!!!

  30. Mock drafts are invariably bogus mainly due to the fact that they’re premised on each team’s needs by position. However, a number of teams make their selections based primarily on which player they see as being the best available, at times with the flexibility to consider need as the situation dictates.
    Having said whatever it was I just said, Florio probably nailed it.

  31. Also agree with bertil – BB takes Beatty at #23 to start at RT, moves Kaczur to RG to replace Neal. Next year, Light and Beatty swap ends.
    I’d also like to see BB take Max Unger at #34. The O-line would be set for several years, then.

  32. Just when i was starting to think u finally made up a good mock in part one, come this “thing” called part two when it seems it was written in about 1 minute or less, in a world where only exist Rb’s and Wr’s.
    Shame on you Florio

  33. You all are pretty annoying. Everybody thinks they understand their teams system and what their greatest need is and make bold statements as to what they will do. Its a mock draft, nobody knows what will happen. Just chill guys.

  34. The Steelers need a DE…are you crazy??? Did you see how much Big Ben HAD to run around to save his life last year…???
    They may have won the SB but it took ten years off Ben’s life

  35. Lay off Florio guys. We all know mock drafts are a joke. Look at Mel Kiper Jr’s mocks from the past. I still remember draft day 1998. It was the Peyton Manning/Ryan Leaf draft. Mel Kiper said that Ryan Leaf should be the 1st pick and that he would be a better pro than Peyton Manning. There is video of this out there. I would love to see it again. Kiper is a retard. I’m so sick of him. I wonder who is more arrogant, Kiper or Drew Rosenhaus?

  36. ok, and what do you guys do for a living?
    nobody knows what these teams are going to do on draft day. you have a better shot at nailing a perfect bracket in the ncaa basketball tournament. this guy lives football EVERY day, yet you think living in philly makes you an expert on eagles football.
    if any of you can do better than florio, ill actually read his book.

  37. why would the ravens take harvin they need a big receiver.they already have mason and clayton.i see them trading this pick and dropping into the second round to get nicks,britt,or roboskie with their first pick in the second round.

  38. The only thing on that I don’t really see happening is Miami picking up a Linebacker, not because one is not needed but Parcells an Sparano have the guys, an their is a definant need on the D-line to fit in with the Parcells scheme. I would love to see them pick up a talented corner or another piece to the offense an even a talented linebacker, any of the ones from USC will play great pro ball. But Parcells like to start with the big men on the Offense and Defense, and I’m pretty sure that Joey Porter has more years left in him at Linebacker then Jason Ferganson, does at Nose Tackle.

  39. sean smith will be tacken with one of miami’s 2 round picks unless v. davis is already in the fold, i’m not real sure but l.b. is not that pressing in the first round. please but dont let one of those o.tackle’s fall 2 25, we see how miami covets big linemen in the first round. compatition is a strang bedfello; its not a need right know but a center would be nice pick.

  40. trade down with the eagles let them the tackle in front of the colts pick up next years number 1 this year #2 switch our #6 from the raiders for there 1 st. pick on day two!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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