Coffman Making The Rounds

Missouri tight end Chase Coffman took an official visit this week with the Philadelphia Eagles, according to
He also attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ local prospect day.
Coffman has been sidelined from workouts due to a broken fifth metatarsal in his left foot suffered in the Alamo Bowl, but is nearly over the injury.
As a senior, Coffman caught 90 passes for 987 yards and 10 touchdowns, winning the John Mackey award as the nation’s top tight end.
Coffman’s father, Paul Coffman, played tight end for the Green Bay Packers.
Coffman is the Division I-A all-time leader in catches among tight ends.  For his career, he caught 247 passes for 2,659 yards and 30 touchdowns.

7 responses to “Coffman Making The Rounds

  1. It would be pretty sweet if he ended up a packer. with Ruvell Martin unsigned his dad’s #82 is still availible

  2. His dad Paul Coffman is my all time favorite Packer and is singlehandedly responsible for my love of football today. He was not that naturally gifted but always worked so damned hard that he made himself one of the most dangerous receivers of his day. I mean teams KNEW James Lofton and John Jefferson could burn them but then when they covered those 2 with their best guys, that left Coffman and he took full advantage. If you liked watching Brett Favre play and enjoyed how much fun he had out there, you’d have LOVED Paul Coffman. (Wish my #82 jersey still fit). You Tube the guy and see what I mean!
    Funny and scary thing? Paul is quoted as saying that Chase is going to be much better than he was. He just needs to improve a bit on blocking.

  3. You’ve GOT to be kidding!!! A draft prospect meeting with NFL teams before the draft?? Land sakes alive! Call CNN and Fox News! This is “BREAKING NEWS”!!

  4. So, Coffmann’s stock has dropped into the 3rd or even 4th round because they guy doesn’t have much blocking experience (though it didn’t seem to be required that frequently in that offense). Even though he almost always manages to get open and seemingly effortlessly snags any pass thrown within a mile of him. Some team is gonna get a steal on this one if he goes that late. The guy can probably be taught to block.
    Hello? Mr. Belichick?

  5. This is totally unrelated to this story but does anyone know where J.R. Reed is and why he isn’t an Eagle if he’s available? I read he was an UFA and I’m actually really surprised the Birds didn’t bring him back to Philly to compete for a safety spot. He was playing great his last few games, just straight de-cleating people. He also knows our defense and is 2 years removed from that nasty leg injury. Any of you guys have any thoughts on this?

  6. Were the Chiefs to get this former Tiger, I can assure you that Tony G. could teach him to block!!

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