Did The Bears Give Up Too Much For Cutler?

The dust is still settling on the deal that sent quarterback Jay Cutler from Denver to Chicago, and one question that won’t completely go away is whether the Bears gave up too much for him.
As pointed out by Josh Alper in the Saturday Morning One-Liners, the Bears also will potentially be giving up $100,000, since the delayed start of Chicago’s offseason workout program gives Cutler a chance to earn the workout bonus that he would have forfeited in Denver.
So we devoted a PFTV segment to the topic, for your Saturday “I can turn on the speakers and not worry about getting chewed out by Charles Minor” listening pleasure.


33 responses to “Did The Bears Give Up Too Much For Cutler?

  1. I agree totally with Florio’s take on this. Taking it a step further, it’s funny how the pervasive coverage that the Boo-ya network gives the first round of the draft, and Mel Kiper, has caused everyone to lose their mind about the value of first round picks. If you look at the oversimplified stats, the first round is a 50/50 proposition. The Bears gave up what would likely turn up as 1 good player (and lost the salary of a likely bust) into a guy 25 year old pro bowl quarterback with the tools to be a guy who can carry you. Let everyone continue to think the Bears got fleeced.

  2. It does not matter if Angelo can’t draft Chicago gave up too much by a long shot for that crybaby, and I will laugh my ass off when they realize that they did not even upgrade at the QB position very much at all. By the reasoning that Angelo can’t draft in the 1st round at least then he may as well trade a 1st rounder for a good punter because at least then he would get some value out of the 1st round.

  3. Absolutely not. Here’s why.
    1) The bears would have taken Sanchez if he was available at #18. I believe Jay Cutler, given his total body of work, would be the number one pick in this draft. So, take out this year’s first and say we had a great pick: Jay Cutler.
    2) Kyle Orton: Ok, we basically lose an insurance policy by giving up my boy KO. If Cutler doesn’t get hurt, Kyle would never had seen the feild. Additionally, it hasn’t been reported that much, but Kyle is in the final year of his contract. So its not Kyle Orton were giving up. Its a backup Kyle Orton in 2010. The point is, it shouldn’t affect us on Sundays.
    3) So what else did we give up?
    -Next years first
    -Traded down from a 3rd to a 5th.
    So if #3 is too much, then what is the premium for a physically gifted 230 pound 6’3” rocket armed QB with wheels? Surely, its not a “sure thing”, but I think it was unquestionably worth the risk(which I see as relatively minimal).

  4. Mike, why do you even have Joe there? You script his questions for him. I think I would rather see you ask yourself the questions and then answer them.

  5. Probably one of the best PFTV segments yet. except, I would have added:
    How Cutler is going to be away from the underrated influence of Mike Shanahan?
    He is not in a pansy division anymore.(okay, Detroit)
    What if somebody takes his parking spot???

  6. Denver got 1 first round pick net (Cutler himself is a first round pick), third round pick and Orton. Bears paid a lot but not too much.

  7. I would Trade my A-Rod and 1st for Cutler in a heart beat. A-rod gets hurt too much and crumbles sometimes in games. Bears are gonna be tough!

  8. This guy is far from a top tier quarterback in the NFL. In the AFC, the first group had two. That’s Brady and Manning. Second group is Rivers and Roethlisberger (and a healthy Carson Palmer). Cutler and his 21 TDs and 18 picks falls in the much larger third group. So far, he’s proven that he’s physically gifted like Jeff George was. George was a journeyman quarterback.

  9. The Bears got raped.
    Sure they will sell a few jerseys and mabye reach the playoffs once or twice with Cutler, but can anyone seriously believe that Cutler is the solution to anything?
    He’s been nothing but an immature crybaby me-first little bitch since day one.
    You think the Bears are going to change him?
    The only difference now is that he has Aaron Rogers to spit across the field at twice a year instead of Phillip Rivers. What a bitch.
    P.S. – whats with only having guys whos last names end in vowels on your “PFTV” shows? Are you guys connected or something?

  10. I don’t think there’s pressure to put up good numbers. I’m pretty sure he knew when he went there Chicago is a Run-First team. I think they’re looking for a guy who can put up 3000-3500 yards, complete over 60% of the passes, have better than a 2:1 TD:INT ratio, and win 65% of the ball games.
    I’m pretty sure they got that. Was it pricy? It depends on what they woulda drafted, and there is no way to predict that. If cutler achieves 3 of the 4 things up there, it was a small price to pay.

  11. The Bears didn’t give up to much for him. If he gets them to the playoffs then it was worth it.
    Personally I would have givin up the same thing to get him to the Vikings. The only difference between the Bears and the Vikings though, is the Vikings have a more complete team then the bears, and Cutler would be a much bigger piece to the puzzle.
    But hey, we still got Tarvaris Jackson right?

  12. They gave up way too much, but they were in a position to do it…. They probably bid against themselves lol…….. a don’t think any other team was offering nearly as much…….. Kyle orton will be the big bust for denver and Josh mc kiddie will be sent packing…. I think its a move equal to the stupidity of Romeo “Cripsy Creme” Crennel……….. welcome to the new version of the cleveland clowns…. the buster billy bronco show…..

  13. packerswin says:
    April 11th, 2009 at 10:39 am
    It does not matter if Angelo can’t draft Chicago gave up too much by a long shot for that crybaby, and I will laugh my ass off when they realize that they did not even upgrade at the QB position very much at all. By the reasoning that Angelo can’t draft in the 1st round at least then he may as well trade a 1st rounder for a good punter because at least then he would get some value out of the 1st round.
    At least Vikings and Packers fans agree on something.

  14. Now the biggest cry baby in the AFC west will be Cry me a river in SD
    Best move the G-Men ever made was giving that punk to the Chargers he would not have made it thru training camp in a real city

  15. Personally I don’t think what the Beers gave up was to much.
    However now that they have a franchise quarterback. Who is
    going to get open as a receiver and catch the ball? This
    years draft is deep at the Wide Receiver position…..so
    drafting a wide receiver as soon as possible should be a
    forgone conclusion.

  16. As a raiders fan who has seen my team go .500 against the broncos the last two years, I can state with confidence that Jay Cutler is not worth that compensation, and that there won’t be a drop off for the donkos this year (sadly).

  17. Screw all those ESPN analysts that blast the bears for giving up too much. Thanks to the Ravens defense in 2000, Trent Dilfer has an analyst gig and Schlereth is bitching because cuz his poor broncos might be going downhill. Why are they saying that they could use the first rounders to fill the holes on D. what holes?! Maybe at safety, but they still got a lot of talent, they just extremely underachieved last year. Yea it seems like the bears gave too much, but Florio’s right, the bears can’t draft in the first round. Id rather invest my money in a proven commodity than another benson, grossman, or michael haynes. I can’t believe we drafted two first round failures in one year.

  18. I hope to put the value argument into perspective. In the 2003 draft the Bears traded the #3rd overall pick to the Jets for the #14th and #22 overall picks.
    The Jets picked up Dewayne Robertson. Who according to wikipedia is currently out of the leauge.
    The Bears drafted Michael Haynes (no longer in the league) and Rex Grossman (no explanation needed)
    So for two 1st rounders, a 3rd, and Orton they received a young pro bowl quarterback. The Jets received an unproven prospect who turned out to be a bust for two 1st rounders.
    I think the Bears did OK

  19. It’s amazing the stupidity spouting from all sides on this. Let me try to address all you morons, starting with Florio and his take.
    Florio: It doesn’t matter what Angelo or the Bear’s track record is regarding first rounders. It’s the VALUE those picks hold in the NFL marketplace against the VALUE of a starting QB in the NF of L when trying to evaluate the trade. Throw in the difficulty of getting a 25 yr old QB who made a pro bowl, has had an excellent start to his career, is one of the most athletic QB’s in the league and has his best football in front of him and this evaluation leans HEAVY in the Bears favor. Draft picks are the lifeline of every team, but the right QB in place is THE franchise. The Bears gave up 2 first and one third for Cutler and a 5th. Toss out that 5th as it matters little, toss out the 3rd as its a nice pick but not a deal breaker, it is 2 firsts for Cutler. The value of those picks is solid, but doesn’t come close to equating to a starting QB, let alone a Pro Bowl one. The Bears do get the added dimension of NOT having to pay millions to a first rounder this year or next, creating more cap space for free agents (known commodities).
    Oh, for all you Orton lovers, I didn’t mention him for a reason: he isn’t good! He has minimal value as he’s a low rung starter and actually just a solid backup NFL guy. You get those guys on the free agent market…..the Garcia’s, Leftwitch’s, etc. I’m actually looking for someone to take a bet……..who get’s sacked more next season, Cutler or Orton/Simms or whoever the Bronco’s QBs are. The Bronco’s supposedly have this amazing O-line. Ok, sure they do……..I’ll take Cutler and who wants the Bronco’s QBs. Cutler was sacked 11 times last year…….if Orton plays all year, he’ll go down 25-35 times. He can’t move well!!! So come on dopes….take Orton…..please!!!
    Now as far as some of you other “haters” who want to belittle the Bears and Cutler, all you dopes should agree (and if you don’t, you’re the biggest idiot on the face of the planet) that QB is the most important position in all of team sports. To have one that is young, athletic and whose numbers are comparable to the first few years of either Manning, Brady or really any elite guy playing today is as good a start as any team could wish for. And go ahead dopes, check the first 2-3 year numbers of the Mannings, Brady and others. You’ll find Roethlisbergers career numbers are pretty average except for 2007. Helps to have a top 5 defense and great running game every year.
    What Cutler is not is a prospect. He’s got a track record yet is still on the come. Nor is he the drama king everyone is trying to label him as. This is the first time he’s been involved in anything like this. Was Elway a drama queen forever even though he cried himself out of getting drafted by Baltimore? How about Eli Manning? He was stupid enough to NOT want to go to San Diego….sure Eli, live and play in the cold….he’s just plain dumb, but not a crybaby. And before you start you NYers…..if you rather live in NY than San Diego…..c’mon…..seriously?
    And to all who think the Bears didn’t upgrade with Cutler….stop drinking and posting. And if you’re not drinking, wow…..you are dumb. This guy is 25 and has played pretty darn well on a bad team. He’s a top 10 QB in the league and his best is still to come. Stupid comments like that make you look ignorant.
    Cutler is no sure thing to make the Bears a playoff team this year. But what he does give them is a new direction to take with a player that suddenly is the foundation of the team and allows them build with him going forward. It’s like a baseball team suddenly getting the best pitcher in baseball. One less thing to worry about and something that will help the team immensely. But QB takes the ball every game, every offensive snap…….not every 5th day.
    In summation, the only way the Bronco’s DON’T regret this trade is if they somehow turn water into wine…….or these extra picks into another franchise QB. Barring injury, the Bears won’t have to worry about QB for the next 10 years. The Bronco’s will have to spend these draft picks trying to find that next guy. A QB in hand is worth so much more than two first rounders in the future…..

  20. What did Cutler prove? He couldn’t even win the weakest divisino in the league last year. What makes everybody think he is the swiss cheeze of da Bears?

  21. “I think they’re looking for a guy who can put up 3000-3500 yards, complete over 60% of the passes, have better than a 2:1 TD:INT ratio, and win 65% of the ball games.”
    Uh, you might wanna go back and look at Jay-Jay’s stats. Those first two, yes, but the second two? Not even close. Matter of fact, Orton and Cutler had nearly identical TD-to-INT ratios last season.
    I do think the poster who gives Cutler credit for only being sacked 11 times needs to put down the Old Style, though. Guy holds the ball almost as long as Ben R. If he does that in the Windy City, he’ll get broken in half 8 games in.

  22. I think Mike’s last point will be the most telling. Cutler is signed for three more years at a very affordable rate for any starting QB. If Cutler plays under this contract for a year or two without demanding a new contract, the trade will be significantly better for the Bears since this gives them the opportunity to evaluate Culter without having to committ long term gauranteed money. If Culter plays well, the Bears risk goes down- even if they decide to restructure the contract down the road.
    By comparison, the compensation due to Matt Cassell (franchise tag, $14 million one year deal) greatly limited his value. The Patriots had to trade him early to free up money, and the Chiefs will have to tie up salary cap to keep him for more than one year. In the salary cap era, the length of terms and dollar value has to be considered as part of any trade. Did the Patriots sell short? Maybe, but you could argue that the Pats actually traded Cassell and Vrabel for a 2nd round pick, Fred Taylor, Joey Galloway and about four other players.
    My guess is that Culter plays under his existing contract for a year, and then looks for a new contract. Until then, it is impossible to tell what the Bears even gave up to get him.

  23. It’s been fairly well established that the Bears have had some of the worst draft classes of the past decade, with a few shining gems here and there. It’s my opinion that they probably would have spent their 1st Rounder this year on another D-Lineman, which is probably the area they are in need of the least. Most of their picks are mind-boggling and counter-intuitive.
    Someone mentioned earlier that Cutler would likely be slotted as the number 1 overall pick in this years draft, and that seems fairly obvious. Someone else mentioned that Cutler is a 3rd tier AFC QB, well, he’s an NFC QB now, and he has the potential to be a 1st tier in the weaker conference. He’s consistently been an 80th percentile type guy, a top 7 or 8 QB on anyone’s list, and statistically even better than that. Seriously, who are the best NFC QBs? ROMO? ELI? You’re kidding right?
    Let’s see who has a better year this year, Cutler or McNabb.
    Oh wait, that was probably over the line. Can’t say that on ESPN, can you Rush?
    Which brings me to my next point, several others have already mentioned Bristol’s disapproval with this move, which I believe stems from the network’s plans to further the ridiculous idea that Chicago should bring in the steadily declining Donovan McNabb, because he’s a hometown guy.
    Anyways, the deal is done, this is not even close to on par with the Herschel Walker trade, both teams will be better off, which is kind of the point.

  24. Listen, the vikings are the owner of the NFC North now and stupid little Cutler isn’t going to save a franchise. Jared is gonna eat him up for breakfast. SKOL! VIKINGS! SKOL!!!!

  25. i agree with you ryatt, of the thirty two teams that draft every year
    only a few give a return on the team’s investment. maybe three to five last draft. if you count all the millions the teams paid their first
    round picks then you know the bears did their homework. i don’t care if jerry can’t draft in the first round the picks aren’t worth the price you pay them. the system is flawed anyway, where do you pay a high school or college grad more money than someone with experience in their field. the bears gave away 2-3 games any away last year because the offense couldn’t make first downs. they could have and would have been at least 11-5 with jay at qb. this is what jay brings to the table that you fans don’t know, the offense will be better, more first downs means the defense can rest, more rest means better play. no matter how much you like kyle orton he wore the defense out. plus the bears d line is not big so it’s not hard to where them out if they are on the field all the time. if you look at the bears time of possession last season it was bad. they won some games where they didn’t have the ball much. let’s talk running game here. stack the box with 8-9 players cause the bears get no respect for throwing the ball. matt forte off the record would tell you that he had very few holes or space to run through. jay will kill any team that stacks the box cause he can throw. you may see teams try it at first but they will get burned. let’s see the defense is helped by jay, and the running game is helped by jay, the bears are improved in their reciever game because jay is a better qb than kyle. plus the bears will
    get a free agent or draft a wideout or two to help jay. the bears have
    three good tightends and olson maybe split wide to cause problems. plus next year they can if they want bring marshall over with all
    this first round money they are saving. so jay and pace with two other
    o lineman on the team looks like a much better draft than what the bears gave up. do you dumb fans ever look at the fact that players will want to come to the bears because they have jay. wow the bears
    gave their future away, they now have at least three to four years to improve the team through the draft. jerry, trades down in the first round cause the price is too high, not unless you get a can’t miss player. so there it is folks, get a true understanding of what the business of football is all about.

  26. As I stated last week, the Bears gave up WAY too much for a mediocre QB (87.1 career QB rating), with a losing career record (17-20) and zero playoff experience. Great job Chicago, you could have went to your local Wal-Mart and purchased some Massengill for only a few bucks. I hope the Bears have some money left over to buy plenty of pacifiers for their new emo QB.
    Furthermore, I am highly amused with the inane Chicago fans who think that just because their front office and scouts thoroughly suck in assessing high draft round talent, that justifies in sacrificing so much for a so-called “franchise qb”.

  27. Also amusing to read the “here’s what football is all about” comments.
    Yes, Bears fans, you’re excited. We get it. Christmas, etc.
    Let’s just see how this plays out. My guess is Jay-Jay will be wishing for an actual set of NFL wideouts–not to mention linemen–less than halfway through.

  28. Gee, lemme guess: Anyone who’s a Bears fan thinks they didn’t give up too much for Cutler and anyone who’s not a Bears fan thinks they did.
    Simple. solved. next question, please…

  29. I am a Bears fan, I think the Bears gave up too much, but I am glad they pulled the trigger anyway. They were in jeopardy of having to sign Orton to a sizable deal, if he managed to play well in 2009. If he played bad, there was no plan left at all.
    There is a lot of value in having a bona fide QB with 3 reasonably priced years left on his contract. Bears paid for it, but I can accept it.

  30. Personally I think the Bears were fine at qb. Orton is nothing flashy, and not necessarily pro-bowl caliber, but he is young enough to progress and smart enough to manage games wisely. The Bears need a reciever, Devon Hester is too small to become more than an occasional threat. Orton paired with a good reciever would have been a dangerous combo. Now obviously the same goes for Cutler, he certainly is a quality qb, but he is a cry baby. Will he be able to take being booed by the vicious Chicago fans when he has a bad game? Will he take responsibility won, lose, or draw? I know how important sports is to Chicago. Cutler better man up and he definitely better perform, or he may find himself somewhere backing up Brian Griese for the rest of his career.

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