Walter Jones Still Recovering From Microfracture Surgery

At a time when many league insiders believe that the Seahawks might be preparing to draft the heir to Matt Hasselbeck, their better move might be to pick the heir to Walter Jones.
The 35-year-old left tackle is recovering from microfracture surgery, a crapshoot proposition aimed at creating scar tissue that simulates the cartilage no longer present in a portion of a guy’s knee.
“I’m just doing my rehab now,” Jones recently old the Tacoma News-Tribune.  “Hopefully, I can come back and be the player I was.”
Jones also seems to realize that the surgery might force him to call it quits.
“I hope not,” Jones said.  “But you have to prepare for the reality of things, too.  Anything can happen, but all you can do is do the things that they ask of you, and hopefully you can come back strong.”
ESPN’s Trent Dilfer recently shimmied onto a limb and predicted that Seattle’s apparent flirtation with a quarterback has a 50-50 chance of being a smokescreen.  We’re starting to think that the chances are much higher that it’s a ruse aimed at getting teams picking below the ‘Hawks to trade into one of the top three spots and take a quarterback, pushing one of the elite left tackles down to Seattle at No. 4.

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  1. If Stafford is there, they’ll take him, but they don’t like Sanchez quite as much. But Tim “Timmay!” Ruskell could screw up a pissing contest in a brewry, so they’ll probably take Knowshon Moreno or do something else stupid like that.

  2. Mark it down…… They will take Eugene Monroe and have a book-end LT for the next 8-10 years. I believe they will draft a QB in the later rounds and have that QB compete with Seneca Wallace for the backup position.

  3. Yeah, because Moreno would be such a bad pick (note sarcasm). Moreno would be a fine pick, but they would have to still address the OL, which they could do in the 2nd round.

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