Zach Thomas Contract Details Revealed

The Kansas City Chiefs’ one-year contract with veteran linebacker Zach Thomas is worth $2 million, according to a league source.
Mike Florio just texted us the details. He’s also reporting that Thomas is projected to start at inside linebacker.
Thomas, 35, is entering his 14th NFL season and started 14 games last season for the Dallas Cowboys.
He recorded 94 tackles and one sack last season.
According to, the former Miami Dolphins star has registered 1,076 career tackles, 20 1/2 sacks and 17 interceptions with four touchdowns. 

19 responses to “Zach Thomas Contract Details Revealed

  1. Mr. Wilson, you forgot to say Florio texted the details from his Spring Mobile Phone on the Sprint Mobile Network…

  2. It’s a bit ridiculous that newbie Aaron Wilson is using Mike Florio as a source for facts on Florio’s rumor mill.

  3. No this does not mean that they will not select aaron curry as linebacker this year it means they will because they are trying to get a few veteran linebackers the kid can learn from for a year then let him loose in 2010

  4. He’s an upgrade even though his best days are behind him. I think think that this means that the Chiefs will probably trade down and grab another Offensive Tackle.

  5. This isnt anything Herm couldnt of done…the difference is a pair of old LB’s and a QB whom many people are skeptical of. If it wasn’t for the NE-buddy discount this team would be worse off than it was with Herm.
    Nothing against the Chiefs but I thought Thomas would go for a team with a chance at a championship or doing something in the playoffs.

  6. ChrisJNelson says:
    April 12th, 2009 at 5:41 pm
    And doesn’t have tackle numbers before 2001, so those tackle numbers on Thomas are way incomplete. He has over 1,700 tackles:
    If you look at your link it does have tackle numbers before 2001, 1106 career tackles since his rookie year.

  7. Pantherfan105 says:
    April 12th, 2009 at 10:50 pm
    If you look at your link it does have tackle numbers before 2001, 1106 career tackles since his rookie year.
    The first column is solo and the second column is assisted tackles, so you add them together to get his tackle total.
    For example, on says Zach had 65 solo tackles and 29 solo in 2008. PFR has the same info, only the column with 65 in it is labeled Tkl and no Solo. But that’s still what it is.
    So yeah, Thomas has over 1,700 tackles.

  8. Pantherfan105 says:
    If you look at your link it does have tackle numbers before 2001, 1106 career tackles since his rookie year.
    Actually if you add all of his assisted tackles with his solo tackles he does have over 1700. For instance last season he had 94 total tackles with Dallas.

  9. The number of tackles (per game played) has never been a problem for Zach. But in his last few years with the Dolphins and last season with the Cowboys, they increasingly were made farther downfield. He also doesn’t wrap up a player like he used to; now, he tends to make a big hit and then gets dragged for a few yards — or he misses the player altogether. And he still can’t blitz worth a darn.
    Zach’s play has always belied his physical stature, but these days his body is just wearing out. The Chiefs will get a veteran leader (although a highly cynical one), but Zach is just a shadow of the great player he was with the Dolphins.

  10. I agree with rasalas when he talks about Zach Thomas play deminishing and that they got a veteran leader. Zach Thomas will help them turn around from their pitiful season, because with their pitiful season it lacked any leadership. An they have a Quarterback with Matt Cassel, which I believe he will have a good career, I meen how bad can you be after backing up Tom Brady your whole career and having all the great coaches from the Patriots?
    Um how many superbowls have they been too since Brady? 4? how many have they won 3?
    An they have gained two players from the Patriots that have been in a winning environment. How many people even knew who Matt Cassel was until two seasons ago. and I say two seasons ago because all of the blowouts where he would come step in for Brady so that they could keep Brady safe.
    An all of last season they had Larry Johnson complaining an talks about the only leader on offense they had (Tony Gonzalez) being traded. That team was doomed from the get go. I say they make a pull for a division championship but fall short by a game or two to the Chargers. And If Cutler was still a bronco then they would prolly be completely out of it.
    Correct me if i’m wrong

  11. The past tense of ‘text’ is ‘text’… To say ‘texted’ just sounds ridiculous, kind of like this post… BTW, the use of ‘txt’ is also acceptable.

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