Harvin's Positive Result Is Confirmed

Though NFLDraftBible.com took a lot of criticism a couple of weeks ago, and perhaps rightfully so, for naming six players as having tested positive for marijuana or banned substances at the Scouting Combine, we’ve confirmed that one of the players outed by the web site — Florida receiver Percy Harvin — indeed tested positive for marijuana at the Combine.
The news isn’t a surprise, given that neither Harvin nor his agent, Joel Segal, have disputed the original report.
The impact of the result on Harvin’s draft standing remains to be seen.  Smoking marijuana is a fairly common phenomenon; the issue is whether a guy can stop doing it in order to avoid getting suspended.
The fact that Harvin wasn’t able to produce clean urine for a test that he knew he was going to be taking isn’t an encouraging sign.

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  1. Yea. While you guys and Mike keep typing away on your cpu and bashing people, Percy Harvin will be making more money than the next 3 generations of your lineage combined, playing a sport every Sunday. What an idiot….

  2. To me this whole test is just a rouse to separate the idiots from the pack.
    I bet most of the teams can careless if the players smoke pot, they care more that a player would be so stupid as to smoke pot before a drug test that they KNEW was going to occur. Shows a real deficiency in decision making skills, and can foreshadow more poor behavior and decisions down the line.

  3. He’ll still go 1st or 2nd rd. easy. This just means he’s entered into the NFL substance abuse program. So he may slip to the Chiefs 2nd rd.

  4. maybe he’s blazing with ricky williams right now. does he also wear a helmet a a press conference?

  5. this is one of the things so stupid with mariquana testing. You can get a positive read if you even inhale second hand smoke. Which is what has probably happened to several players in the past. Go to a college party and your going to be engulfed with second hand marijauna smoke. Guess what. It will show up in a urine test later. Geez. We live in a Nazi run world now.

  6. At some point it is necessary to transition into adulthood, and shed the “that 70’s show” mentality.
    One of many select words can accurately describe this individual…MORON….comes to mind.

  7. “this is one of the things so stupid with mariquana testing. You can get a positive read if you even inhale second hand smoke. Which is what has probably happened to several players in the past. Go to a college party and your going to be engulfed with second hand marijauna smoke. Guess what. It will show up in a urine test later. Geez. We live in a Nazi run world now. ”
    Ummmm, no it won’t. Unless you’re getting smoke shot directly down your throat, simply inhaling 2nd hand smoke won’t show up on a drug test. Trace amounts of weed can be in your system and not visible on a drug test. Anyone that tells you they got caught that way is lying, and is the type of idiot that the comments are referring to.

  8. As a professional football team, I would want players that fit in.
    If you don’t smoke pot in college, you don’t fit in.
    Jay Cutler has never smoked pot.
    The end.

  9. foober: actually, there are several studies (some at the request of the military)that have shown that second hand smoke does not cause a concentration in the body to cause a false positive. If this man tested positive, chances are he did so as the result of a first hand experience.
    BTW, I am an avid smoker, so this isn’t the result of some anti weed stance, just fact 🙂

  10. you cant test positive for weed by second hand smoke. that is the ultimate dog ate my homework excuse. but this will be the excuse every gator fan spits out.

  11. Exactly. And for all these people that realize that many pro athletes have or do puff and that the problem lies in the fact that he puffed knowing he was going to be tested and there in lies the problem….again who cares???? Percy is not our Secretary of Defense. He is a guy who runs on grass and catches a pig skin. Get over it!

  12. Potheads who make $19,000 a year, please post your comments now. We need people to rip on. Puff, Puff, Fail

  13. Its sad that developmentally challenged people are referred to as “Retarded.” That being sad I dont believe that Percy has ever been diagnosed as developmentally challenged but without a doubt this kid is RETARDED.

  14. Quote: “Smoking Lamp says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    Come on, who HASN’T smoked pot in college? ”
    Says the guy with “Smoking Lamp” as a user name. Let’s start with “Who hasn’t smoked pot in college weeks before the combine with millions at stake?”
    Answer: Percy Harvin, your newest third round pick

  15. I know I never smoked marijuana in college. I don’t see what the big deal is with people wanting to try it.
    Rumor was that Harvin flunked a test prior to the season and that is why he was suspended. Wonder why nobody reported it?
    I am thinking NFLDB was given a list by a team and the team reported a couple false names but gave some correct names so the report wasn’t completely false or true.
    Florio, any chance you could find out on the others for sure?

  16. Weed takes awhile to get out of your system. I’d rather see him test positive then come up with some kind of cleaner in his system.

  17. @ ewurm: Yeah guys like Richard Branson sure are screw ups huh?
    Percy is an idiot though, of course he will still probably end up a Giant and absolutely destroy my Cowboys.

  18. ewurm says:
    April 14th, 2009 at 11:19 pm
    Potheads who make $19,000 a year, please post your comments now. We need people to rip on. Puff, Puff, Fail
    And you make how much?

  19. then again. IF all players play as well as harvin or sapp and have ingested pot either through second hand smoke or otherwise. Maybe all players should smoke it. Considering these guys are very good players.
    Pot being illegal in the usa is way wrong. It isn’t addictive. Doesn’t harm anyone. All it does is allow the government to make money off throwing kids into prison where the government can make money off the imprisioned.

  20. Well, Harvin’s career is over. Now he just needs to pick up the shattered remains of his life and set his sites on something that’s more fitting for his slacker pot smoker lifestyle, like Olympic gold medal champion or the President of the United States.

  21. “Come on, who HASN’T smoked pot in college?”
    It’s not about that. It’s about smoking pot when you KNOW you have a big ‘job interview’ coming up that they test for.

  22. The problem is not with him smoking pot. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lots of people do it (more than you think). It’s not unhealthy, nor is it dangerous in any way.
    The problem is that he knew months ahead of time that he would be tested, and that millions of dollars hinged on the results of those tests. He had plenty of time to stay clean (usually about one month of no smoking would produce a clean test), yet he didn’t do it.
    It tells us a lot about his dedication to football in general.

  23. In related news, reports out of Cincinnati indicate that Harvin has just shot up the Bengals’ draft board.

  24. I go to UF. For the past 2 years ive heard about people seeing this kid openly smoking pot in public and at pool parties with no regard of his image. Another pac man in the making

  25. I coached football against him his Junior and Senior year in high school in Virginia Beach, VA. Great athlete!!! The problem…he’s very cocky and very much into himself. This is beginning to be reported on ESPN and the NFL Network. Hope he can turn it around…

  26. good-bye first round and that money, and any chanc of playing for miami is history, not a chance, late second round pick now, unless the Lions wanna blow another pick on a reciever

  27. I agree that teams don’t care much about the smoking, just that he would let himself get caught, and future suspensions that could occur if he really has a problem. Calvin Johnson and others admitted during interviews to smoking it too (in the past), but they weren’t doing it when they would be tested at the combine. I wonder what Percy was thinking. … Either way though, he’s about to become a millionaire. Only time will tell if he can transition his game to the NFL and whether or not he’ll squander his opportunity. But, as a college football player he was electrifying and some GMs will remember the 171 yards in the championship game more than anything else associated with him. I doubt he makes it past the tenth pick in the second round, and I’d guess he’s still going to get drafted in the late first round.

  28. Percy will definitely go in the second round…someone is going to find it hard to pass on him. I say late second or top of the 3rd.

  29. Are you surprised? Look at the athletes that have made it to the next level (or are about to take that next step) that are from the Hampton Roads area. Iverson, Plaxico, both of the Vick brothers. Now add Harvin to the mix. Granted, there have been a few from that area that have held themselves as professionals (Dre Bly, Bruce Smith, and David Wright for example), but just the few names I listed above should be enough to wave a cautionary flag to any team thinking of drafting a player from southeastern Virginia without doing their homework to find out who these players associated with and what outside influences played a large part in their lives.

  30. Don’t really care that he smokes, care more that he’s dumb enough to do it before a known test…..sounds like how most of you feel as well

  31. So what!!!??? Obama was a pot head and we elected him our president. Percy Harvin is just a football player. How smart do you have to be?

  32. Ok. If you were to ask me how many professional football players smoked weed I would laugh and tell you. “I dont know, but I bet just about all of them accept some of the Quarterbacks have tried it.” Nobody can deny that Percy Harvin is one of, if not the best athlete in the 2009 NFL draft. There are plenty of airhead NFL stars. Just because they make stupid decisions dosent mean they will be bad players or bad “team members.” NFL teams are looking to make money. Do you really think players like Chad Johnson and T.O. dont bring in Millions upon Millions of dollars per year to their franchise? I can not say where Percy Harvin will go. However, the team that makes the least amount of money in the NFL should sign him in a heartbeat. Because if he is a cocky, loud, flashy player who can back it up on the field he will do nothing but bring in $$$$.

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