More Of The Giants Schedule Surfaces

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger has more of the Giants’ 2009 regular-season schedule.
Basically, he has almost all of it.  Here’s what he has.  (Nice job, Garafolo.)
Wk 1:  WASHINGTON, 4:15 p.m.
Wk 2:  at Dallas, 8:20 p.m.
Wk 3:  at Tampa
Wk 4:  at Kansas City
Wk 6:  at New Orleans
Wk 8:  at Philadelphia
Wk 9:  N/A
Wk 10:  BYE
Wk 12:  at Denver, 8:20 p.m.
Wk 13:  DALLAS
Wk 15:  at Washington
Wk 16:  N/A
Wk 17:  at Minnesota

22 responses to “More Of The Giants Schedule Surfaces

  1. Interesting, because the talk was the Cowboys would play at the Broncos in Week 1, in the late window on Fox. Doubt they would split things up with the Cowboys AND Giants-Redskins in that window. So maybe that puts Dallas on the road somewhere else (Kansas City?) and the Broncos would open on the road for the fifth straight year.

  2. Sweet we get to play N/A twice Those guys suck that’s two easy wins right there.

  3. Damn, looks like Minny-HaHa is gonna have another hand me down win as I’m sure the Giants will have locked up a playoff spot by then.
    Too bad they couldn’t play that game in NY so weather could possibly be a factor.

  4. So when Braylon comes to town, are they just going to hand the GMEN the SB trophy or do we really have to go through the nonsense of playing the entire season? I think they should just hand it over and save everyone else the grief.

  5. EXCELLENT ! I can’t get enough of schedule madness !
    I demand PFTV Segments for every team and Bracato wearing a different
    one in each !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Week 2 @ DALLAS with a new stadium opening is going to be tough. Then again the Mets lost their stadium opener last night so who knows.
    The last few weeks seem kind of brutal but I’d expect that being a Giants fan. Hopefully we’ll get Braylon and some good players in the draft en route to winning our 4th Super Bowl title!

  7. Wk 1: WASHINGTON, 4:15 p.m.
    Wk 2: at Dallas, 8:20 p.m.
    Wk 3: at Tampa
    Wk 4: at Kansas City
    Wow, check out the geography of the 1st 4 weeks. That’s allot of travel miles there.

  8. So the Skins open @ NYG for 2 years straight?
    I call horseshit on this, one way or another.

  9. The Giants not closing out Giants Stadium? Pathetic. Unless they assume that the G-Men will clinch the East and gain a first round bye.

  10. I think N/A will beat them both times this year…They are looking really strong through their OTAs!

  11. @ tuck you
    if braylon goes to teh giants, the superbowl can not be handed over………the simple reason is becasue unless it is covered in super glue, braylon might drop it!!!!!!!

  12. who cares about the Giants schedule?? They’re the most boring/annoying to watch and hear about.. Get the Patriots schedule out that’d be nice.. Thank you.

  13. I’m shocked that the G-men won’t be closing out the stadium’s regular season…That’s a disgraceful move on the NFL’s part towards one of their model (minus the Plaxico fiasco) franchises over the years. It’s GIANTS Stadium, not Jets stadium
    However still, there is a chance this is wrong…ending in Minnesota and opening with Washington two years straight? Something seems a little off

  14. Jmoney7, who cares about the Giants Schedule?? They’re the most boring/annoying to watch an hear about…
    So, boring and annoying that you took the time, to check-out their schedule, right!!
    Don’t Hate, Congradulate!!

  15. Yea Mike, because after all this time no one could wait 2 more hours….Get back to bashing T.O. for doing nothing you loser.

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