PFTV Looks At Whether The Steelers Are Overspending

The Steelers now have not one but two players on the roster who are making a ton of money.
So does it mean that the Steelers have changed their ways, and that they’ll now fork over large quantities of “cashish” for certain guys?
PFTV explores the issue.  (And, yeah, we’re leaving soon for Philly.  I think.)


49 responses to “PFTV Looks At Whether The Steelers Are Overspending

  1. It means that they choosing and rewarding the true impact players and avoiding the “free agent heart throb du jour” that the Redskins, Cowboys, or Raiders want to give abhorent amounts of money to.
    All is well in Steeler Land and they continue to have the best management in football.

  2. Harrison is a steal. He appreciates Pittsburgh and will pay many dividends for the team in the immediate future. The Steelers are one of the best run franchises in the league and they always seem to come out on top.

  3. Big Ben + Harrison + Polamalu…. seems like 3 high salary guys to me.
    (That franchise tag for Starks ain’t cheap either.)

  4. Hey, it’s the price you pay when you have the best defensive player in all of the NFL, and the best young franchise QB too.

  5. They can’t win. If they let these players go they are killed and the team sucks, but they sign them to fair deals and now they are over spending.
    what the hell is the point of this ? You may want to do a peice like this on a team that doesn’t win anything like say oh the Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Raiders and so on.
    This site is retarded.

  6. Harrison was on Sirius NFL radio yesterday, I think it was the Afternoon Blitz, and said that he is not his agent’s only client and stated that those that are reporting that he is his agent’s client need to do a little more research. Don’t know which is true…but it seems likely that Harrison would know if his agent has other clients.

  7. If Harrison waited a year, he could blow out his knee and get nothing. This wasn’t a home-town discount – it was a now-instead-of-later discount. He gave up money so that the Steelers would take on his injury risk.

  8. @tkebean . . . .
    NFLPA records show that the agent has one active player contract. so it’s possible that the agent represents guys who currently are unemployed.

  9. That was a bad segment. Harrison did not have all that much leverage. He had another year on his current deal and could have been tagged the following year, twice even before he got to the same amount of bonus money. Then he would be 33 and he would find his value a lot lower than he would expect.
    The deal was good for both sides, but will not impact Ware and Merriman all that much because he is older.
    Big Ben is not going anywhere, unless the Ravens knock him out. I got 5 on the bounty.

  10. The Steelers don’t sniff the superbowl without Roethlisberger. Both he and Tomlin will be Steelers well into the next decade and they will keep winning championships together.
    Roethlisberger got the same contract as Manning but a few years later, and Harrison is a better player than Freeny and got a smaller contract a couple years later. They are clearly over paying.

  11. Couldn’t agree more Florio, the Harrison deal works extremely well in the Steelers favor. I was afraid negotiations would continue into training camp or even next season (and possibly get ugly). Now Harrison is happy, the Steelers are happy, and the front office can move on to Heath Miller and Co.
    Ben and James’ deals definitely tighten the Steelers cap space, but the organization is doing business correctly. Pay the guys that perform at elite levels within the Steelers system to serve as a model for those who wish to get a nice pay day as well.
    Signing a free agent from outside a team’s system at a higher salary than other “star-caliber” players on the roster sends a bad message to the rest of the team.

  12. It struck me as…different…that the Steelers decided to pay this 31-year old LB a good chunk of money after one good, one great season, when their standard mantra over the years seems to have been that it’s the system, not the players (specifically LB) that make the team.
    Think about it–Nickerson, Greene, Kirkland, Porter…
    Harrison deal was better than say, paying a moody DT that likes to stomp faces $100+ million…but did strike me as odd.

  13. The Steelers did much more than pay James Harrison with that money.
    They paid into an incentive plan that drives the players to play hard, win games, and get phat contracts.

  14. This is the wrong time to talk about overspending. James Harrison signed a deal that is good for him and the Steelers. A win-win scenario. This is the equivalent of a 50M over 5 year extension a year in advance of free agency. Not bad for Harrison, but some team would have overpaid for him next year.
    You want overspending? This should have been discussed last month after the Steelers foolishly spent a lot of money to retain the worst OL to ever be PART of a winning SB team. Please, I do not want to hear from my fellow Steelers fans that this OL WON the SB. Mitch Berger “won” the SB too. It doesn’t mean you keep him over Sepulveda.
    Tendering a HIGH tender to Willie Colon was very foolish. They could have saved a half million by giving him a MEDIUM tender and I doubt any team would have given up a 2nd round pick for this useless tackle who had the distinction of negating two 40 plus yard TD passes with holding penalties in the same season. And even if someone did sign him, wouldn’t you jump at getting that 2nd round pick?
    Max Starks is probably the best OL guy on the line right now. But the Steelers gave him a guaranteed 15M over last year and the upcoming year. If they were prepared to overspend on him, why not offer him a 20M contract over 4 years and tie him up? The only reason why Starks rejected multiyear offers was he had no incentive to override his tag money of nearly 7M last year.
    Kemoteau getting an offer of 20M by the Jets and matched by the Steelers still boggles my mind. The guy may be a 4 year NFL vet, but he has only one mediocre year of starting experience.
    Let’s not forget the blunder of the Kendall Simmons extension when they tried to overcompensate for the impending loss of Faneca.
    This is not the first time the Steelers splurged on their own players. Earlier in the decade, they went on a reckless spending spree locking up people like Dewayne Washington and Chad Scott to more than what their market value was. They overpaid for Gildon who was near the end of his productive career. At that time, I brought this up on a usenet group why the Steeelers were overspending and it proved prophetic judging by the cuts the Steelers had to make for cap space in the ensuing years.
    The Steelers have never been stingy with payroll. They always routinely maxed out the salary cap. They just didn’t have the habit of overpaying for other teams stars. Let’s not forget signing Ben with no hometown discount whatsoever and just a couple of years after his reckless motorcycle accident which cost the Steelers a year of his productivity. Or Troy Polamalu to what was at the time, one of the richest contracts for a safety.

  15. Well of course they could continue to “win more than they lose” with a marginal QB and Tomlin. They’ve been able to do that for many years now, even without Tomlin.
    If you’re implying that they can continue to win Super Bowls with Tomlin and a marginal QB, I disagree. Let’s face it, Tomlin would have an 0-1 Super Bowl record if he didn’t have a clutch QB to deliver that final drive. I’m not the biggest Roethlisberger cheerleader, but he’s been consistent in coming up with plays when a game is on the line, even going back to his rookie season. If put in the same situation I have a hard time imagining Stewart or O’ Donnell delivering the way Ben did given how many times they collapsed in similar situations.

  16. What tension between Ben and Tomlin are you talking about? They seem like they have a great relationship. Just because Tomlin acknowledges Ben holds on to the ball (which he does) doesn’t mean they have a bad relationship. Ben seems to really like Tomlin, at least way more than he liked Cowher.

  17. The Steelers have found the recipe for success in this league. Build a stout defense and get a pressure qb. You get long term stability and success this way. Your offense doesn’t have to be great it just has to be able to make key plays. The Titans, Ravens and to a degree, the Pats Eagles and Giants have adopted this philosophy. The heights a team reaches then become a product of how clutch the qb is. So there is no way Pittsburgh parts ways with Roethlisberger barring some sort of injury that changes things.
    The teams that focus on the offense side of things when they have good qbs are, with the exception of Zona last year, doomed to failure. Witness Denver, SD and the Boys. Indy’s a bit of a tweener here as they never seem to have deep playoff success until they get their D in order, and that’s proven to be a fragile endeavor.

  18. Teams have paid more and gotten a lot less!!!! That’s why its good to have lower draft picks, because your high salaried guys are not rookies and unproven. Florio, even your lists of drafts in the past show that later round picks produce more at a lesser price. Do the math!!!

  19. “Best young franchise QB?? Yikes”
    What do you mean Yikes? He won 2 SB’s already. Of course he’s the best “young” franchise QB in the league. He’ll win at least one more before retiring. No doubt..
    GO Stillers!!!

  20. Steelers are doing it right. If the organization published a book on “how to build a pro football franchise”, I know that it would sell at least 31 copies. Maybe we are spending money, but I would rather do it now than try to compete with big market teams in an era without a cap. Besides overspending or underspending it doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is winning. We dont have any problems winning, and what ever the organization does is geared to keep winning for as long as possible. Good luck Redskins and Haynesworth, Snyder should take all that money and pay the equipment manager for the Steelers, to offer some insight on how to put together a competitive team. Next year we will be losing alot of starters and so everybody pay close attention because there will be a off-season tutorial next year. Long Live Big Ben, Farewell Flacco.

  21. The Harrison contract is toxic because he’s a linebacker but he’s not Lawrence Taylor nor Ray Lewis. And paying a star LB like a star QB or RB or WR or LT or DE or CB tips the salary cap for all teams because it raises the price for the franchise-tagged LBs acroos the board and dips into cap space that’s allocated for other positions.
    Although the salary cap is scheduled to expire after this year, in reality, there is a cap and it will most likely be extend or renewed (whatever the word is).
    Hence, the use of the word “toxic”.
    My take on the contract is that the Steelers management/ownership wants to keep everything copacetic for another year or two — while the Steelers are on top of their game.
    We all know that the locker room can go bad at the drop of a hat — a star player being left wondering about his future in his last year is bad – and this way of thinking propagates to other players who are reaching the ends of their contracts.
    And the Harrison contract halts the propagation of a potential locker room problem.

  22. Jeremiah W echoed my sentiments exactly. This isn’t a hometown discount, the guy is 31. Freeney, Allen, Haynesworth etc were all in their mid-late 20s when they got their deals. Supposing he played this year under the current contract and the following under the franchise tag, he’d be making maybe $11.5m guaranteed. (Suggs is getting 10.2 this year). That’s the next 2 years with $13m guaranteed plus another 4 years with $7m guaranteed + non-guaranteed salary. That’s not really a discount considering his age, even in light of the level at which he played this year.

  23. As to the spending on free agents it is all about selectivty look kat the Pats during their run Seymore & Brady got their deals redone..when Givens and Branch did not…giving players money isnt bad business you just have to be selective and keep the right ones..and locking up Ben and Harrison def fall into the good business side.
    The second part is I dont follow the logic that Roethlisberger is marginally talented…the media lables players in one of two categories either they are lucky they won…or it wasnt their fault that they dont win….Tomlin coaching Ben on ways to improve his game is not a strain on the relationship or a sign that they want to part ways with him that is simply Tomlin doing his job Ben isnt a sensitive baby like Cutler he can handle it….Who in the hell are the Steelers alledgedly eyeing for their next qb????? I love this site but this posting is def odd.

  24. dawk20db says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Best young franchise QB?? Yikes.
    Let’s see, 5 years played, 2 rings. The only QB to reach 50 wins his first 5 years in all of NFL history. More 4th-quarter comeback wins than you can shake a stick at.
    Yeah, yikes, Einstein.
    Like the other poster said, the Steelers don’t sniff the Bowl without Ben. Are people here really this dumb?

  25. The teams that focus on the offense side of things when they have good qbs are, with the exception of Zona last year, doomed to failure. Witness Denver, SD and the Boys.
    You’re saying Dallas has a good QB?
    Since when?

  26. I know it’s popular to accuse Florio of Steelers hate, but I don’t really see it.
    But, Mike…
    There is zero evidence that Roethlisberger is going anywhere.
    The game-winning drive stats alone are enough alone to keep him as a complement to that defense.
    Just because he’s staked his claim to a top-3-QB-in-the-league spot doesn’t mean there needs to be some silly drama.

  27. no such thing as over spending when it comes to the Steelers, even if they go over the salary cap the league will look the other way just as they do everything Steelers.

  28. While I agree with your take on the Harrison signing, are you actually trying to stir up the pot by saying Big Ben and the Steelers may part ways? Are you serious Florio?
    The Steelers know they had good teams with mediocre QB’s during the 90’s, did they win a Super Bowl? No
    Along comes Big Ben and they get over that hump and win 2, it’s no coincidence. I actually think Tomlin and Big Ben get along much better than Cowher and Ben did. More importantly, the Rooneys know now they need a franchise QB to win Super Bowls rather than run-of-the-mill mid round draft picks (i.e Stewart and O’Donnell) that had meltdowns in the playoffs.

  29. When will Big Ben get the respect he deserves. HE HAS MORE PLAYOFF/SB WINS THAN PEYTON MANNING, and people still dont respect. Also, i clearly remember that when Brady won those two SB mvp’s, he never threw the winning TD pass, he just brought them to FG range. Big Ben’s gonna get at the very least one more ring. Who knows, he could even get 4, or 5 when hes done.

  30. dawk20db says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Best young franchise QB?? Yikes.
    How isn’t he?

  31. @ Frank Burns:
    Big Jen is great, but the defense *cough-AndTheRefs-cough* had a larger role in those Championships than Jen. That’s not debatable.

  32. Ben is not even a top 10 QB. He is fantastic in clutch situation and as much as I hate to admit it, I admire him for it, but statistically, he is not that far up there. He has a great defense, a few weapons, and referee’s. Now if you are saying he is one of the top 3 QB’s to put his face through a windshield, then yes, I agree

  33. Steelers paid Harrison who is on top of his game. Ravens paid Ray Lewis who has been living on reputation for at least 2 seasons. Which team spent more wisely?

  34. shaunypoo says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:44 pm
    Ben is not even a top 10 QB. He is fantastic in clutch situation and as much as I hate to admit it, I admire him for it, but statistically, he is not that far up there. He has a great defense, a few weapons, and referee’s. Now if you are saying he is one of the top 3 QB’s to put his face through a windshield, then yes, I agree
    Um, in 07 he had a 104 QB rating, and he had 34 TD’s. Maybe his stats werent as good this year because they had the TOUGHEST schedule in the NFL. Ifany other QB was on the Steelers, then they would not have even made it to the SB. No one moves around like he does in the pocket. Put any other QB on the 88 yard drive at the end of the SB, and i guarantee that they do not score a TD, they would get sacked, and not have even gone down to FG range.

  35. bmore nostyles & shaunypoopoo, must be sad to be you.
    ben’s not going any where. 3 more rings at least. mark it down.

  36. If they don’t win it this year, he will not get anymore, cause they are going to have to blow up the team.
    And Stealtwin, get your head out of Bens ass. I think that there is a possibility that other QB’s could have got that done, and even though the Stealers got it done on the last drive, there chances to do so were in the minority. I think there was only a 20-25% chance that they would even get to field goal range. To their credit, they got it done, and it wasn’t all Ben.

  37. Bmore Styles says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 7:14 pm
    @ Frank Burns:
    Big Jen is great, but the defense *cough-AndTheRefs-cough* had a larger role in those Championships than Jen. That’s not debatable.
    Uh, debatable to the max, chum. Refs? Yeah, the Steelers getting all the penalties called against them in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl is sure evidence of being helped by the zebras, huh? God you people are crybabies and fools.
    What defense by the way — the one that blew the big lead and needed Roethlisberger to bail it out with one of the greatest TD drives in history? That defense?
    Problem is, you don’t know what a franchise QB is all about, because your team doesn’t have one. Like Shaunypoo, who has Palmer the ultimate big-game choker. So he wouldn’t know a real QB from a hole in the ground.
    Roethlisberger is on his way to the Hall of Fame. You clowns are on your way to jobs as cocktail waitresses in male strip clubs.

  38. P.S. Shaunypoo — better get your hands on a replay tape. Check out the first play of the drive, where Ben eludes a sure sack and hits the receiver dead on to dig the Steelers out of the first-and-twenty hole. Then check out the way he suckered Francisco out of his jock to free Holmes on the big pass play down to the 4. Then tell me how many other QBs in football make those kinds of plays.
    Learn the game, fool.

  39. I don’t have any idea what you know about football, but I can speak from experience, while you can speak from the gloryhole you occupy in the mens restroom of your favorite dive in pittsburgh. Ben is good, I can acknowledge that, but he hasn’t done it alone, and isn’t, by far, the best QB out there. To get to the league and start is an accomplishment and that plenty of guys can make plays, or they wouldn’t be there.
    I haven’t always been a Bengal fan, just a transplant who has taken to them. I was a Skins fan from back in the day when I lived in Fairfax and they won 3 Super Bowls. I know good football, and good football players.
    I also know good fans, and it is guys like you that help everyone else label Pittsburgh fans as assbags. Are the rest of us jealous of the success the Steelers have had? Yes. Are we going to try to tear down the best in the league? Of course. But you, sir, are a poor excuse for a fan and am glad, as I am sure you are, that you do not like the same team as I do. There are fools who root for every team, and you are a prime example. I enjoy the intelligent debates I have had with some Steeler fans, too bad there are so few of you.

  40. Florio, I was with you till you mentioned the Tomlin/Roethlisberger tension that’s gonna push Big Ben out. Idiot.
    On Harrison’s age, I think a lot of people miss a certain point. 30 is not old, as we know, but it is to a player because of the abuse they take. Well, Harrison has only been starting for two years. Relatively speaking, he may have as much left as a 25 year-old, in which case a six year deal is perfect.

  41. Florio… you are a complete idiot. there is absolutely NO tension. Ben himself, admits to holding the ball to long. You completely fabricate stories, Your site is basicly a gossip rag and your career is a joke. Stick to real reporting instead of making things up. Since you hate the steelers so much maybe you just stop writing about them all together.

  42. Florio, you’re a moron. Yeah, the Steelers are going to dump Ben and depend on their solid OL & running game.
    JFC, you can’t be serious.

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