Sanchez, Toler On Redskins' Radar

It’s no secret that Washington Redskins team owner Daniel Snyder has grown enamored of USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, according to Jason La Canfora of the Washington Post.
However, the Redskins are also keeping a close eye on St. Pauls (Va.) cornerback Greg Toler, an emerging small-school prospect.
Toler, a Washington, D.C.. native who had a private workout and visit with the NFC East club, is reportedly under consideration for the Redskins’ third-round draft pick.
Toler has 4.37 speed in the 40-yard dash.
Toler has visited virtually half of the NFL teams. Per the report, he has also made a good impression on the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and the New England Patriots.

14 responses to “Sanchez, Toler On Redskins' Radar

  1. That’s just silly. Doesn’t Dannyboy know that Alex Smith is available? He was a first overall pick! Ay Caramba Danito!

  2. What?? The Redskins didn’t trade all of there draft picks this year?? haha
    Someone will have to show them what to do come draft day lol

  3. I find it hard to believe that Sanchez will still be on the board at 13. I don’t think it would be a smart move for washington. They need OL and DL help first. At the same time it would be a huge move a QB with the release of Collins and JC the starter and the battle for the backup spot between Sanchez and Brannen.

  4. If the Skins pick anything but a LB or lineman with their #1 I’m gonna fill barf bags for a solid year.

  5. Nothing like a little dirty sanchez to clean up the snyder-cerrato mess. theres still no line to block for whatever qb the skins start.

  6. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. They have huge needs at OLB, RT, and DE, so lets draft a QB and a corner, two areas where they already have solid players. I hate Dan Snyder! The only hope is that this is a smokescreen to convince someone to trade up with the Redskins for the QB, but I doubt it. Idiots.

  7. there goes dan snyder ruining another thing again… first six flags now this. wow danny boy don’t you know you have colt brennan as a back up on your team as well? Why draft another USC QB that probably won’t pan out. As much as I hate to say it, JC has skill and talent to be a Top Tier QB, you just have to have some stability at the HC position. Isn’t this like his 3 offensive system in 4 years or something

  8. Is Jason Campbell really bad enough to justify taking a QB in the 1? The team had an underqualified first year head coach, was banged up last year and underachieved. Can you really blame that on Campbell? The team has no 2nd Rounder and needs OLB/ Pass Rushing help. The Skins seem to throw draft picks away every year, I guess this year should be no different.

  9. Sanchez is all a ploy to get the Jets to move up. A corner in the 3rd isn’t a bad idea since we lost Springs. We WILL take a DE, SAM or OT in the first round. Hail!!

  10. hmmm is Campbell really that terrible? Why doesnt the redskins try supporting Campbell with some o-liners, running backs and some good wide outs instead. When portis went down it seemed Campbell’s numbers dropped.

  11. well, i think JCampbell sucks but Sanchez would just add to the problems. We need O line help

  12. Smokescreen.
    No way the Skins take a small school corner in the 3rd when the Skins could get a DE like Kruger or possibly Sidbury there.
    Also, anybody who reads LaCanfora lately has noticed that his “breaking” insider info has been few and far between and he’s been out scooped by John Keim of the examiner (he broke the Cutler rumors) and Elfin and O’Halloran of the Washington Times.
    Sanchez however, doesn’t surprise me one bit and that would be typical Snyder. I personally like Sanchez, but I hope he’s gone at #13 and the Skins are smart enough to address the O line in particular if Smith or Oher is there.

  13. Yes,Dan Snyder has been known to make a few bone head desescions in the past.But you have to be kidding me if u people who think grabbing the kid Toler in the third wouldn’t be a steal.Come on fact’s the kid is wanted by all the Top Franchise in the NFL.It’s not a mistake that the kid has been on the radar late,and jumped from 198 on draft scout to now i think hat 20 out of this years DB’s and thats still to low but being he’s from a small school they dont wanna look to foolish about trying to put him amongst some of the best thats comming out this year draft.The guy can hit,his faster than every corner comming out this year and he’s amongst one of the biggest of the corner’s comming out this year.I hear everytime he shows up at a workout with some of the so called D1 top corner’s he shows them up.I may be on this so hard causei study the game to its T,u may just be bloggers with no research tht get on here but please this would be a steal for sure.And far as Campbell he really isn’t that bad.

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