Sources: Schefter To ESPN

Several league and industry sources have told us that Adam Schefter, who still is under contract with NFL Network, will join ESPN later this year.
Schefter is still under contract with NFLN, but he has not appeared on the air since early March.  Schefter told Neil Best of Newsday on March 23 that he remains under contract with NFL Network until the middle of August.
It remains to be seen whether and to what extent Schefter’s arrival affects the current NFL insider lineup at ESPN.  At a minimum, it could make for a spirited-to-the-point-of-awkward in-house rivalry between Schefter, Chris Mortensen, John Clayton, Michael Smith, and the army of beat-writers-turned-bloggers who compete to break news.
UPDATE:  We’ve heard it from yet another source.  However, ESPN Bill Hofheimer told us via e-mail Wednesday night that he cannot confirm the report.

62 responses to “Sources: Schefter To ESPN

  1. Lord, what is NFLn doing? It looks like they are replacing Schefter with consistently wrong and late Lombardi. God is he awful.

  2. he also hasn’t posted a blog update since March 6th. I guess the hiring freeze at ESPN is a subjective freeze.

  3. Well that sucks, if they bring him on board, either mort or clayton or how bout both become expendable..

  4. Also the nfl network lost its best in touch with a pulse man.. Too bad Shefter goes there, because just like the rest of us, the Pats hate espn as much as anybody..

  5. Will be interesting to see what kind of scoops Schefter can dig up now that he won’t have the league office spoon-feeding him everything.

  6. Looks like Schefter won’t have to work hard to become ESPN’s best. He’ll get that tag as soon as he walks through the door.

  7. I dont know what Schefter makes with the NFL, but really how could you possibly leave that job??
    Unless it is for an ungodly amount of money I just dont get it. That being said, I really like Lombardi, and I believe he will at the very least be as good as that Midget Adam S.

  8. Beat Writter turned Blooger…hummm… how about
    Florio: Ravens fan turned un-biased nfl news scooper????

  9. fire up he 68 VW Bus for a trip to NFL Studios. thanks for the laughs florio it was fun while it lasted.

  10. Get rid of Mortensen in my book… won’t happen though. He is over the top too many times… like Florio.

  11. Tomorrow’s headline on PFT:
    NFLn looks to file tampering charges with the FCC against ESPN
    Stay tuned.

  12. What a shame, you would think that the NFLN and its deep pockets would want to keep one of their best talent. They should have done everything they can to keep him, his reports are often spot on and he has earned the raise that he’s likely asking for. I think you pay for two things with reporters, their talents (writing, etc.) and their sources, and while you can replace talent, its hard to replace good sources, and he has some great ones. What a mistake by NFLN. I have to think that this is indicative of a bigger problem at NFLN, perhaps morale is sinking there as they continue to lose distribution, or maybe Schefter knows that the only way to further his career is by jumping off the sinking ship that is the NFLN, or both. Or maybe they’re just thinking they’ll get a compensatory pick if he leaves.



  15. Schefter pisses on Mort, Clayton and the rest of them. Plus he never had a secret love affair with Tom Donahoe for which he still holds a grudge.
    Maybe he sees the writing on the wall that the NFLN days are numbered. I love the concept of it, but you can’t keep a full network afloat if no one can see your programming.

  16. although if i were espn i’d can Michael Smith. My god he’s terrible. its like a small kid at the grown ups table.

  17. I can just hear the conversation in the Bristol boardroom:
    “If we hire EVERY guy who reports on the NFL, then we’ll have to be the first to break something!”
    “You know that could work. If we do that, maybe someone will even pay for our Insider content on the web.”
    “Ok, start with Shefter. He’s always beating us. We’ll work on Glazer next.”
    “Done. Who does that leave?”
    “Some guy at yahoo and…um….”
    “What is it?”

  18. In return, the NFL network will receive a 1st round, a 4th round, and Merril Hodge.

  19. Lombardi didnt replace Schefter, smartguys. Lombardi is and will always be just an out of work former front office executive who was fired by three teams during his time in the league (Browns, Raiders, Broncos).
    Steve Wyche is the journalist who has replaced Schefter on NFLN.

  20. What is going on here? It’s like the guy dropped an F-Bomb and has been blackballed from NFLN appearances. Strange.

  21. Well, Schefter, whatever dignity you had left, just went. ESPN is a joke, and now your part of it.
    @ bradysheroes
    How can Patsie fans hate ESPN, when it’s their flagship network? Nobody licks Mr. Kraft’s balls more than they do. The only others who comes close, is the NFL itself, but I don’t know, it seems your team is no longer their favorite Chia Pet, so maybe you guys do have a reason.

  22. Schefter’s info is good but he seems to be a smug prick to me. Oh well. Since viewing PFT, Total Access hardly tells me anything new.

  23. we have dramatized the NFL so much that we are discussing writers being “traded.” On top of that we make a spectacle of a sport announcing the schedules of its teams…who won’t be playing for anouther five months. we have hit an all time low.

  24. He’s a smart guy, always has the most up to date information….too bad his IQ will drop 50 points by working at ESPN, he’ll have to play catch up with the other guys and get an annoying catch phrase and just repeat it over and over
    ‘back back back back!’ we get it…it’s a home run

  25. I’m not a huge ESPN fan, but so far this NFL offseason ESPN has released Emmitt Smith and added Adam Schefter.
    I think it’s safe to say they’ve done the right thing.

  26. The best that come out of this is hopefully they replace that hack Flor… I mean Chris Mortensen.

  27. This sucks. NFLN is the best. All ESPN talks about in the NFL is the Cowboys and how many times Jerry Jones went to the bathroom that day. Schefter was one of my favorite guys on NFLN and it’s a shame he’s selling out to the worst sports network on TV.

  28. My respect for Schefter just went down the crapper. ESPN? Seriously?
    They must be offering major $$$ for him to overlook how obviously shitty that network is.
    Too bad for the NFLN. Schefter was one of the bright spots there, and if Lombardi gets more face time because of this it’ll be two kicks to the junk, one for each testicle.

  29. ketchup says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 10:41 pm
    This sucks. NFLN is the best. All ESPN talks about in the NFL is the Cowboys and how many times Jerry Jones went to the bathroom that day. Schefter was one of my favorite guys on NFLN and it’s a shame he’s selling out to the worst sports network on TV.
    Hey thats the only reason i watch ESPN.

  30. Schefter is on the clock who will draft him read the book old floria put out will all be on the clock go sprint

  31. Great, yet another guy to cram into ESPN. Meanwhile, a guy who’s generally good at his job gets to go to a network with almost no legitimacy or credibility. I’ve gotten so tired of ESPN. Its just a bunch of braying morons any more. ESPN is one of the main reasons I started visiting PFT. Hell, I even started watching PFTV because it was more useful to me than ESPN.

  32. Schefter seems like a smug little prick because he is a smug little prick. The one thing that I though was good about NFLN being taken off comcast completely was that I wouldn’t have to watch that guy any more. So much for that.

  33. That’s a bummer. I like Schefter and trust his reports. Bummer he’s going to that crappy network.

  34. i stopped caring about which idiots espn brings in as soon as they hired emmitt “blowed out” smith.

  35. Raiders 757, what a joke, just because its not 1977 anymore and no one cares about the raiders.. Espn hates the pats, they will kiss there ass for the first game this year but that is it..

  36. Well if Espn would drop the following talent
    Mort, Clayton ,Mark Schlerith, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson, Meril Hodge, steve young, Mike Golic, Mike Greenberg, they would become watchable again
    Smart Hires the last couple years, Trent Dillfer, and now Adam Schefter, but someone else has to go from that god awful talent above before I consider watching espn again, the worst network on tv.

  37. Mortensen and Clayton better watch out! Schefter is as good as there is for bringing in news. The NFLN is now a complete joke. That Mayock makes me want to put a pistol in my mouth.

  38. Shefter was great for the Denver Post, and he was great for the NFL Network. Even as a Broncos fan, I can’t stomach Terrell Davis on that network. Perhaps Shef will bring some dignity and professionalism to ESPN, too.

  39. Raiders757
    How can Patsie fans hate ESPN, when it’s their flagship network?
    You’re joking, right?
    this is the same network that took it upon itself to run token stories (some with rampant speculation proven to be flat out wrong) about the ‘gate which shall not be named- for a_year_and_a_half_straight- just to push their agenda and generate ratings by pandering to the masses who were looking for any excuse to bury the Patriots organization.
    The same network that employs Tom Jackson and Mark Schlereth, who have publicly spewed their anti-Patriot anti-Belichi9ck propaganda for years now? So much so that the coach refuses to speak to their network.
    And that’s why ESPN (and the media, even in Boston) hate the Patriots…they don’t allow the access that other teams do. End of story. Just wait and see what happens in Cleveland and Denver this year.

  40. Dear lord, I was thinking this exact same thing.
    Smith never has any inside news, he just gives his lame opinion on what he thinks may happen.
    The guy is horrible.
    “NDCowboysfan says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    although if i were espn i’d can Michael Smith. My god he’s terrible. its like a small kid at the grown ups table. “

  41. @ bradysheroes
    Nowhere in my post did I mention the Raiders.
    …but since you had to go and mention them. “No one cares about the Raiders”? You do know they have a larger fan base than your beloved Patriots, don’t you? They have one of the largest fan bases in all of sports, so yea, there are a lot of people that do care about them. Maybe not in your little world, but do remember that the rest of us don’t live in it with you.
    My only point was I never saw where ESPN rendered the Pats any sort of hatred. Sorry to have offended you. I could be wrong, as I have stopped watching that pathetic excuse of a tabloid channel quite some time ago.

  42. “”Patch says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 9:09 am
    Dear lord, I was thinking this exact same thing.
    Smith never has any inside news, he just gives his lame opinion on what he thinks may happen.
    The guy is horrible.
    “NDCowboysfan says:
    April 15th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    although if i were espn i’d can Michael Smith. My god he’s terrible. its like a small kid at the grown ups table. “ “”
    All he does is confirm other peoples reports and speculate on what may happen once in awhile all the while not giving credit where credit is due to whomever broke the story in the first place. The code of ESPN.

  43. I heard NFL Network was only willing to give him a 100 thousand dollar raise and he wanted to get paid a million a year like the Buffoon’s Mortensen from ESPN and Glazer from Fox. Apparently ESPN bucked up and he got his money. The little known beat righter or the Donkeys that got the dream job then gave it up to go work for ESPN. terrible just terrbile. I may now have to tune in more to ESPN against my will.

  44. Pages of comments on a story about a beat reporter getting a new employer? Something tells me NFLN is making a m-m-m-mistake…
    Back in the day, Schef was the ONLY reliable source for Broncos news. When he landed the NFLN job it was a great thing for everybody – especially the rest of the teams’ fans. Now… Well… Uh… Does anyone actually watch ESPN anymore?

  45. Well, there goes Adam Schefter’s credibilty. He’ll have to become a tabloid, rumor-monger to fit in at ESPN.
    No offense Florio, you don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

  46. I was wondering what happened to Schefter long ago and was curious why there was no post about it weeks ago…actually I realized it when Steve Wyche was posted as reporting about the Jay Cutler trade…Schefter ruined the draft a couple of years for me so I had to stop watching b/c he always reported the picks 5 minutes before they were selected…you have this long draft and the only suspense is Goodell saying “with the so and so pick your team selects” and here’s Schefter telling you 5 minutes before the pick has been made who it will be…

  47. Suck, I really liked Schefter on the NFLN… at least now there is one voice to respect on ESPN.

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