League Explains Christmas Night Game

The Titans are the road team for a controversial regular-season game to be played in New York on Yom Kippur.  The Titans also are the home team for a Christmas night game to be played in Nashville.
During a recent appearance on Sirius NFL Radio, the league’s senior V.P. of broadcasting, Howard Katz, explained the scheduling of a game on Christmas, which falls this year on a Friday.
“The thought process was it is a day when a lot of people are home in front of the television set,” Katz told Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots of the Sirius Blitz.  “The NBA plays five games that day.  We thought it might be an opportunity for us to showcase our game on a day when a lot of people are at home.”
And the league opened the process up, to determine which teams would be willing to open the stadium on December 25.
“We canvassed the clubs to find out which teams might be interested and willing to host a Christmas Day game,” Katz said.  “We wound up with four or five, maybe six, clubs that really wanted to host a game that day.  We pursued the Tennessee Titans and worked things out with them.  This was not done without a great deal of consultation with the club and they think it is a great opportunity for their fans.  It’s late in the day.   A lot of families have finished celebrating Christmas by that time.  We hope it works.  It is an experiment but we think it is a great opportunity for us on television and, as I said, the club was very much involved in the process of scheduling it.”
The selection of the Chargers to face the Titans in Tennessee on Christmas night might also help explain the league’s decision to pick the Raiders over the Chargers for the Thanksgiving Day game due to be played in Texas Stadium and televised on CBS.  With the Cowboys hosting only two AFC teams this year, the Thanksgiving game had to involve one of the two AFC West squads as the road team.

41 responses to “League Explains Christmas Night Game

  1. Is this thing gonna be on NFL network, or is the whole country actually gonna get to watch it?

  2. as a chargers fan, i’m glad we have to play on a friday at the end of the year, rather than thanksgiving
    i just think it’s an easier matchup now that haynesworth is gone
    we’ll see i guess
    hope they don’t break merriman again 🙁

  3. Suck it up. This is why you get paid the big bucks. The players get a good portion of the spring and a portion of summer off. I don’t feel bad when entertainers have to entertain us regular folk.

  4. The thought process was it is a day when a lot of people are home in front of the television set,”
    Good thought process. Of course, it will be on the NFL Network most likely, which only like 30% of the country gets….
    But hey, maybe it will spike DirecTV sales for Christmas!

  5. Whats the under/over on the amount of dads who say “hey Ill build that after the game, I promise”…. And also the amount of extra money husbands are gonna have to shell out to their wives on Christmas day to leave them alone could probably buy Somalia….

  6. So ummm this has been done before… I’m not sure what the big deal is. This will be my 3rd Christmas night game in Nashville, they’re one of the best.

  7. It’s not just the players that are paid to be away from their families. Like someone said, they make the big bucks. Note, the League said they asked who was willing to open their stadium. That means all the concessionaires, ticketakers, parking lot attendants, groundskeepers, etc. who are NOT making big bucks have to be away from their families. Not sitting in front of a tv yelling that kids to shut up while the game is on.
    That said — it is a good tv night, make the most of it.

  8. Oh yeah, while we’re at it, I’m offended there are games on the days of Diwali. It is the festival of lights, so it offends me that the teams that don’t play don’t turn on, and leave, their lights on all night. (All you rednecks can ask a Hindu near you what the hell I’m talking about.)

  9. What’s the big deal? The NFL has always scheduled Christmas games. I will never forget the Houston Oilers beating the 49ers at Candlestick X-Mas 1993. Got lots of cool gifts, but damn, that loss was a tough one.

  10. Absolutely shocked that Florio’s pats are playing Christmas Night.
    Totally. Shocked.

  11. I get NFL Network in my very small town in central PA. I see people complaining all the time about not seeing games on NFLN. This is not NFLN’s fault tell your cheap cable or satellite provider to give you what your paying for.

  12. This game between the chargers and titans in the freezing cold at night on xmas is bullsheet because of the injurys that will occur.
    The chargers titans game will be a war. And very possibly many injuries will come of this game. Which will mean the chargers and titans teams will go into the playoffs hurt. Maybe very hurt.
    The nfl set this game up to purposely try and weaken both teams going into the playoffs so that the nfl’s special teams the pats and stealers can have a leg up in the playoffs. Total bullsheet by the nfl.

  13. Why are all you people whinning about these trivial matters?
    And why isn’t anyone outraged about all the games so callously scheduled on Festivus?

  14. “Christmas is pretty much over after the presents are opened. Praise Jesus and bring on the gladiators.”
    The end of christianity finally. Back to the old Roman model.
    Or is it the rules of holes being ignored. You know, like stop digging.
    And then there’s the upcoming CBA deal. Good thing baseball got rid of roids. Now, if the NBA could figure out a way to horn in on the pending vacuum.
    May the sports gods save us and while you’re at it,give Florio a vasectomy.

  15. what florio? not bothered that this game falls on festivus? gonna have to postpone the “airing of grievences”

  16. Roachk1lla says:
    April 16th, 2009 at 10:03 pm
    I get NFL Network in my very small town in central PA. I see people complaining all the time about not seeing games on NFLN. This is not NFLN’s fault tell your cheap cable or satellite provider to give you what your paying for.
    Actually, they AREN’T paying for NFLN. When the cable company asks them to pay for it, thats when people get uppity. They want it free, but the league wants the cable co’s to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it.

  17. Ya’ll have minds full of soot. No wonder you want away from your wives – and children and friends
    and reality – because you are senile at the same time infantile. Is there nothing greater in your life than yourself ?

  18. “This just goes to show you that the NFL hates the baby Jesus….. ”
    8lb 60z little baby jesus?

  19. Sooo,
    It’s ok to leave the posts on for Christmas but not others. Maybe some of the posters here are “assholes” as Florio points out, but maybe the host is as well.

  20. Once Comcast drops NFLN at the end of the month, its viewership will go from 30 percent of the country to about 5 percent.

  21. I don’t see the big deal, people may attend church then watch the game. The insolent and profane comments are crass and juvenile. I doubt many would say such things apart from a message board. My advice is respect others even if you disagree and repent of you sins and believe in Christ for the forgiveness of sins. Death and judgement will come even if you don’t think it will.

  22. It’s ok for the NFL to play on Christmas, but the Jets can’t play on a single day of Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur, both of which span several days as opposed to the SINGLE day for Christmas? Good thing nothing important is observed on Christmas – like say, the birthday of the God of a good portion of the human race. Isn’t it nice that Mr. Howard Katz of the NFL is “looking into it” in order to appease a vocal minority of Jets fans?
    And Florio turns off the comments on the Jets article, and yet leaves this one about Christmas wide open? I guess there is no controversy in Christian-bashing. It’s the popular thing to do these days…

  23. Once Christmas dinner’s over with, I’m pretty well-lit anyway, so a little NFL is a nice night-cap.

  24. Its all about the nfl putting the chargers and titans in a game where they’ll beat up on each other to get to the playoff and many injuries will probably come from it. Allowing the cheating pats and stealing stealers to have the upper hand in the playoffs yet again.

  25. bulldog1982 – Please elaborate. I enjoy your ever so eloquent words. What, did the mere suggestion of believing in something that didn’t interfere with your football game attendance cause you to consider how much of a joke it is to allow goofy non-secular rules govern your sports viewing life?
    Definitely a double-standard with the deleting of posts with any religious overtones. I thought Florio had a sense of humor. A bad one. But, a sense of humor nonetheless.

  26. As a Nash-villian, I would totally go. Except I’m a Steelers fan and I’ll be back in Pa.

  27. BucsFan09 says:
    “And Florio turns off the comments on the Jets article, and yet leaves this one about Christmas wide open? I guess there is no controversy in Christian-bashing”
    Florio is “Christian bashing” because he leaves comments on under a posting that the NFL has scheduled a game on Xmas? Wow. That’s a pretty impressive leap there. Last I checked, Florio has absolutely nothing to do with the NFL’s scheduling. As for a game on Xmas, it’s tasteless, but not unexpected. Movie theaters, restaurants, stores, etc. have been open on Xmas day for years. If you perceive that as “Christian bashing”, then you are welcome to start a boycott of said establishments. If there was no money in it, they wouldn’t do it.

  28. Trey… Why don’t you take your own advice and respect others rights and stop preaching your rubbish here, it’s a football board, not force your religious views on others.
    It is stupid in this day and age that religion is considered when organising the schedule for the NFL, it should have nothing to do with it. If you are going to start recognising one minority religion(be it Jew or something else) then you sure better start recognising the bigger religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Christianity, and lets be honest, no one wants that. Stop bowing to the vocal minority, in this case less than quarter of the percent of the world, and start using common sense. If a day is a good day to have a game for the majority, then have a game, if it makes sense financially, do it. Stop making poor decisions to avoid offending someone, it is just ridiculous and a direct cause of the majority of the worlds problems.

  29. I am extremely disappointed that the comments were turned off for the Jets article. I like to read comments on controversial things like religion.
    Florio can say whatever he wants here and offends LOTS of people, but we can’t comment on an article that he posted on his blog? Not liking the censorship.

  30. There shouldn’t be games on days that WalMart is closed and when the mail doesn’t deliver.

  31. foober, your posts are the most unintelligent here. and there are some that are quite bigotted (sp?) the game between the chargers and titans is a conspiracy to get them both hurt before the playoffs? wtf are you talking about. the 2 teams hav eto play each other, who care when it happens. no matter who you play in the final weeks of the season injuries are always a risk.

  32. To try and draw a parallel between the game on Christmas and the games on the Jewish Holidays requires some understanding of the differences of those holidays.
    Christmas is certainly a “holy day” for much of the country and I suspect that many people that observe it attend some sort of religious ceremony at some point in the day. But Christmas is also a “holiday”, a day off from work to be with you family and enjoy a variety of possibly non-religious activities. The NFL knows this just as the NBA does and just as most of the major networks that usually have a variety of Christmas specials on TV on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day do. Most people are home looking for enjoyable ways to spend the day.
    The Jewish Holidays in question here are predominantly “Holy Days” where very nearly the entire day is spent in synagogue.
    Many of those that I know that celebrate Christmas would not only consider watching a football game at some point in the day, but most wouldn’t rule out actually going to a game if the the timing was right. But for those that observe the Jewish Holidays, attending a sporting event on either of these days would actually be considered sacrilegious.
    I am not necessarily defending, or supporting the idea of moving the Jets games in respect for their Jewish fans and I actually agree with several of the posters that have suggested that you can’t cater to everyone. But regardless, I do think it’s important to understand the respective meanings (and subsequent differences) of playing games on Christmas versus Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur as opposed to just simply drawing lazy parallels between the two that come off as sounding nothing more than ignorant and ultimately anti-semetic.

  33. Really? The Cowboys are only going to host two AFC teams this year? That’s a big departure from every other year, when they host at least 7 AFC teams.

  34. Some of the comments placed here remind me of some things people here probably still experience…
    1. crying because of bad gas…
    2. falling, scraping their leg, and crying…
    3. getting picked last in flag football…
    4. getting called a doo-doo head and crying..
    5. unable to multitask their life…
    6. just can’t figure out why they cant get promoted….
    7. thinks the world should revolve around them…
    Suggested listening: Cry, Cry, Cry by Johnny Cash.

  35. Hmmm..so why make the Pats host it on 9/20? Robert Kraft is Jewish. Oh yeah…he doesn’t whine like JESTS fans do, I forgot.

  36. 4thand26
    Well thought out and intelligent post- until you used the anti-semitism card.
    Labeling anything that you may not agree with “anti-semitism” immediately stops any meaningful debate in its tracks, and ultimately defeats your cause when there actually ARE instances of anti-semitism.

  37. Interesting to get this far without any comment about Nashville. Or is it a given that, possibly outside of Dallas and Houston (Charlotte?), this is the most Baptist city in the country.

  38. haywood giablommi,nothing like pulling out the ole anti-
    semitism card when things are not going your way.
    florio,what the hell did you expect when you wrote the
    article about the game scheduling.you feign ignorance about
    the situation,i don’t believe you.i think it was a bad idea
    that blew up in your face.what the hell did you think would
    happen.taking the pontius pilate route is really disengenuous.

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