Waters, Gonzalez Not At Chiefs' Minicamp

The Kansas City Chiefs’ roll call at minicamp today didn’t include either offensive guard Brian Waters or tight end Tony Gonzalez raising their hands and exclaiming:  “Here!”
According to a Twitter report from Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star, neither Waters nor Gonzalez is at practice.
Both players have expressed their respective displeasure with the Chiefs this offseason.
Meanwhile, as expected, running back Larry Johnson is participating in the minicamp.

27 responses to “Waters, Gonzalez Not At Chiefs' Minicamp

  1. They probably didn’t exclaim “Here!” either, seeing as they weren’t there. I’m not entirely sure why anyone would exclaim “Hear!”, even if they were there.

  2. I have a friend claiming to the high heavens that Tony G will be an Atlanta Falcon before the start of the season

  3. Maybe you mean “here”?
    That Twitter is pretty…dead, too. Seems really strange that anything credible would be “twittered” to 40 people.

  4. At a roll call isn’t it spelled “Here!”, as in “Yeah, I’m here”? “Hear” could be used also I suppose, as in “Yeah, I hear you asking if I am present and accounted for, and am acknowledging you”.

  5. That pisses me off. Tony G. knew what he was getting into when he signed that fat contract extension. Waters ”feelings are hurt” because the new GM and Head Coach wouldn’t meet with him. No offense…they’re a little busy. Neither of them are getting traded because KC won’t get equal value for them. Wipe away your tears, shut your mouth, show up and play…

  6. Whats worse someone messing up on a word or 10 people writing about the same mistake?

  7. Someone messing up on a word is worse. 10 people wouldn’t have corrected it if our resident slappy Mike Florio was on the ball and posting comments in a timely manner. He’s too busy gallivanting around the northeast but he’ll soon get back to his normal “life”, writing about Pat White, his favorite quarterback of the future.

  8. and how many seasons out of the last 5 have either of those players attended VOLUNTARY mini camp?? maybe it’s relevant, maybe it’s not…but it might be helpful if you plan on making a big deal out of it.

  9. Amen, “bringbacktheglory.” FWIW, I’ve voiced this complaint here a number of times. Time to email Florio, I guess. I can’t believe that it takes so long for comments to get posted here. I refuse to read the comments over at tWWL anymore because of all the under educated and barely literate people that post there, but at least when you submit a comment it’s posted immediately.

  10. What’s even worse than 10-or 20-people commenting on a grammatical error is the author going back and correcting it. And if comments weren’t posted via pony express, I doubt so many people would comment on it.

  11. trade tony gonzalez and brian waters to the eagles
    for reggie brown, aj feely, and a draft pick. The eagles
    need TG to be their lights out tight end, and waters could
    step in to play left guard, and we can trade todd herremans
    for a high draft pick.

  12. Hey Asshole!
    Why didn’t you post my comment?
    Maybe because it was counter to the way you are trying to spin this story?
    You people here are way to arrogant, what gives you the right to pick and choose what comments your going to post ?

  13. What do you think the chances are the Chiefs will trade their
    #3 pick to Denver for their #12th and #18th,so Denver can possibly get Mark Sanchez.If they don’t trade down will they pick Aaron
    Curry or Eugene Monroe??

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