ESPN Says Len's Not Leaving, Clayton's Not Being Undermined

In response to Saturday’s report from Deadspin that Len Pasquarelli will be leaving ESPN and our own suggestion that John Clayton will be undermined by the addition of Adam Schefter, we’re told that neither man’s job will be changing in 2009.
According to ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer, Len will continue with in a role similar to his work in 2008, which primarily consisted of podcasts with Jeremy Green.
That said, one source with knowledge of the internal dynamics has suggested that Len might eventually decide to exit ESPN on his own, given the extent of the content available at  But the source emphasized that ESPN will not be eliminating Pasquarelli.
As to Clayton, Hofheimer says that his role and responsibilities will be consistent with his role and responsibilities in past years.  But Hofheimer still has not confirmed the news that Schefter will be joining ESPN.
For Pasquarelli, health issues have kept him from returning to a full workload.  Here’s hoping that he eventually can get back to his past efforts.  ESPN’s coverage simply hasn’t been the same without his work ethic and his insight.

23 responses to “ESPN Says Len's Not Leaving, Clayton's Not Being Undermined

  1. This just in, ESPN sends John Clayton to the minors (AFL) to work on his punctuation skills. In other news, FOX Sports just traded Jay Glazer to ESPN for draft picks (first and third round) and cash consideration.
    This is where your site is leading to.

  2. “ESPN’s simply coverage hasn’t been the same without his work ethic and his insight.”
    For a second I almost thought you were serious……

  3. If I were Adam, I’d stay at NFLN. There’s gotta be a reason that Rich Eisen split when he did. Maybe he’s doing it for the extra coin.

  4. “Oh sarcasm… How you use it so rarely keeps it fresh” ….
    You would almost think that Florio has some of them there IQ points.

  5. So Clayton will keep his current role of “breaking” outdated news and reporting incorrect news?
    Since Schefter and Glazer are really the only two MSM reportes worth a shit, this must be the case.
    Are we still going to depend on Mort for lies and blatantly incorrect reporting?

  6. “For Pasquarelli… ESPN’s simply coverage hasn’t been the same without his work ethic and his insight.”
    For Tiki Barber… the Giants simply haven’t been the same without his selflessness and locker room leadership.

  7. Pasquarelli is awesome, and I hope ESPN keeps him for as long as he wants to be there. Frankly, he’s more of a journalist than 99% of the people ESPN employs. He personifies journalistic integrity.

  8. I love how some people think these draft sites are just awful with unconfirmed reports but nobody gets on ESPN for putting Mort on TV constantly after so many wrong and deceitful reports from him.
    By the way, I happen to know someone who is tight with Schefter and he confirmed to me that Schefter IS coming to ESPN for sure.

  9. The only reason Len Pastabelly isn’t getting enough work,
    is that his main snitch for info Tom Donahoe was fired by
    the bills and Donahoe is too worthless to be hired by another
    team, Pastabelly consistently wrote BS info on
    because he was too ignorant to gather better sources and
    relied too much on Toma Donahoe, and the only reason Tom
    Donahoe got a job, was because Ralph Wilson is so cheap that
    he could hire an old cronie for a good price.

  10. maybe Schefter is going to be Clayton’s new opponent in the Cryptkeeper vs Salisbury Steak battle of the minds….

  11. Damn, such negativity in this crowd!
    I bet you losers hate on Clayton & Pasquarelli because when you go to work everybody makes fun of how you burn yourself using the deep fryer.
    They’re good football analysts and good writers. Get over yourselves!
    Whatever.. I probably used too many big words for you to understand what I’m saying anyway..

  12. Schefter may be small in stature, but he is far and away the most trustworthy source in the biz. Clayton will be undermined in the court of public opinion.

  13. Clayton at least had some interesting information. Pastabelly sucked and was a turd as well. Hey Lenny… Still loving on Todd Pinkston?

  14. Len, Clayton and Adam are useful to those who tune in to pro-football after the baseball season (or who tune out of baseball early). And these are the masses.
    However, pro-football purests don’t need them because their comments lag behind the information on the internet sites and their predictions are run-of-the-mill, unless reaching for some laughs.
    What matters is that they are entertaining.

  15. I would like ESPN to quit spending time defending the “rumo” guys and spend some time getting rid of Tony Kornheiser from Monday Night Football.

  16. No matter what happens, I hope the CryptKeeper will land on his feet so that he can continue to schill for his hometown team, the Pittspuke Stillers.

  17. “I bet you losers hate on Clayton & Pasquarelli because when you go to work everybodty makes fun of how you burn yourself using the deep fryer. ”
    Do you read their respective stuff? Clayton knows his shit. Pasquerelli is a moron. He can’t write, and basically is a glorified agent pimp. Oh, and anything from Pissburgh, he can’t hide his bias there.

  18. Eisen was fired by ESPN…..and was notified on his honeymoon.
    Some of the best guys in the business are local beat guys – Sam Farmer, Rick Gosselin, Bob McGinn, etc.

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