More On The Clay Matthews "White Nation" Issue

Our recent dusting off of the whole “White Nation” Facebook controversy involving two former USC players in the current NFL draft class prompted coverage of the issue by various major outlets.
So we’re compelled to present the other side of the story with some facts we have picked up since posting the initial story.
For starters, it appears clear to us that the whole thing was a joke.  Though it wasn’t the kind of joke that will result in Stu Chermak or Jay Crespi suggesting a possible pilot with NBC, it was a joke.
As we now understand it, the “White Nation” label was given to the white special teams players by assistant USC coach Todd McNair, who is black.
Matthews’ former roommate at USC and one of his best friends is Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers, who is black.
Matthews’ long-time girlfriend is black.
Finally, and as several readers have pointed out, Matthews’ wouldn’t have survived for two years in a locker room including multiple black players if Matthews were a closet racist.
So while the joke was in our view stupid and unfunny, it wasn’t the product of a racist mindset.  And it shouldn’t affect Matthews’ draft stock.
Unless a team is trying to replace the in-house comedian who signed elsewhere during free agency.

41 responses to “More On The Clay Matthews "White Nation" Issue

  1. I wonder how the joke is going over with his black girlfriend, but as I’ve stated before just a really stupid joke and anyone with a brain could see that. I’m sure if it hurts his draft stock at all, it will be because of how stupid it was, not because teams believe they are racist.

  2. yeah maybe you should have had the FACTS before you wrote anything about it.
    go ahead throw someone under the bus
    tell the world they are a racist
    and then come back with an
    “oh by the way’ comment about how its alot of journalistic unprofessionalism (not just you florio, all parties)
    anyone could have checked on any one of those facts
    ie the girlfriend, the special teams coach etc and known it was
    a load of crap.
    thanks for clearing it up
    well after rumormongers tried to throw him under the bus
    without the least bit of fact checking PRIOR to printing something.
    does anyone out there have any journalistic standards anymore or is the new axiom,
    print it first then check the facts then issue a quasi attempt at dealing in the facts!!

  3. Just imagine the uproar if the white special teams coach labeled some players “black nation”. He’d be suspended, fired and blackballed (no pun intended) from ever coaching again.

  4. It was beyond “unfunny and stupid”. Rip Kurt Warner on assumptions and justify something concrete. Florio, in your own words, you’re a douche.

  5. So this wasn’t a big deal at all? Living in W.V., I hear far worse racial insults and slurs on a daily basis.
    A racial mind-set? I don’t think so. I think it was a harmless joke. It’s the kind of stuff that one would hear in a locker room between coaches and players.
    I am a full believer in the right to joke about races. There is a difference between an insult and a joke. Richard Pryor is a great example of that.

  6. Oooohhh……………. I see now.
    It’s fine to use the term “White Nation” as long as a black man is saying it. Clearly excused.
    Sorry… As a white man I really have to learn what people will
    tolerate from me.
    If “Black Nation” was used. I can only imagine.
    And the whole girlfriend is black and he has a black friend thing…
    When everyone thought Matthews said it there was damn near
    an outcry. But now…Not so much.
    Now don’t lose your b–s Florio.
    If you’re gonna post the story post the comments too.
    It was all just a joke after all.

  7. Of course he’s not a racist. Only thing to knock Matthews of is his sense of humor. Dumb politically correct society we live in. People are so quick to pull the “racist” card and of course everyone is so easily offended now a days, i wouldn’t be surprised if there were people outraged at this story.

  8. PC society that has no citizens only robots.Nothing is humorous no matter it’s context.Think of Data from Star Trek.His quest to understand human humor itself was funny.This is the ultimate goal of todays gotcha culture.If we can point out enough flaws in our citizens,then real human behavior will stop.The real crime is people like you always looking for somebody to hang.Yes I said hang.An opinion that is not accepted by your or the PC society needs to be villafied.You must point out the monsters to make your lifestyle the correct one.The thing is Florio,there is no correct way to behave.We have laws that govern us from killing,raping,and stealing from one another.
    The laws that your ilk are trying to apply to society are not worthy ones.I do not wish to live in a world of your liking.You need to look in the mirror at whoever it is you are so jealous of in life and let others live their own lives.Jilted lover?Stolen job?What happened to you that makes you question people?

  9. “So while the joke was in our view both stupid and funny, it wasn’t the product of a racist mindset. And it shouldn’t affect Matthews’ draft stock.”
    There, fixed that for ya.

  10. Welcome to lib america where
    White people can’t make jokes
    Stand up for themselves
    To hell with what the liberals and commies have done and are doing to this country.
    And with the libs and commies too…

  11. “Finally, and as several readers have pointed out, Matthews’ wouldn’t have survived for two years in a locker room including multiple black players if Matthews were a closet racist.”
    Doesn’t seem to have hurt Kerry Collins at all. Except that time that Norberto Garrido punched him in the face for calling him a wetback or beaner or whatever the hell it was.

  12. “Florio, what is more stupid is that you make a story out of this.”
    And now thanks to the original story minus these additional facts, the idiot liberal media, which already treats Obama as “the GOD president”, will make Matthews and others in this whole “White Nation” thing out like they are hardcore KKK members
    Way to go Mikey

  13. >>INVAIDUH says:
    April 19th, 2009 at 1:05 pm
    Oooohhh……………. I see now.
    It’s fine to use the term “White Nation” as long as a black man is saying it. Clearly excused.<<
    Oh of course. I’m surprised they don’t teach kids in schools that double standards and racial discrimination are allowed by everyone, so long as they aren’t white.

  14. Is this your version of a mea culpa, Mike? It’s pretty pathetic. I fully understand you need to post multiple worthless stories and rumors to drum up traffic, but this crap goes too far. You took a harmless lockerroom joke and tried to paint these guys as racists. These kids have a lot to lose and when nimrods like you try to sully their image for your own gain it’s just sad.

  15. How does Todd McNair get away with such a racist comment?
    Does he hate white people?
    Is he trying to demean the white race?
    He should lose his job over this.

  16. Personally I enjoyed watching the PC bullies come out of the closet here and sully Matthews’ reputation with only the tiniest bit of “cause”. It’s not Florio’s fault for writing the story. The press isn’t responsible for ensuring the public is fed the equivalent of prechewed baby food. People need to get off that teat and take some personal responsibility for the judgments they make. And those PC nazis? Now they’ve outed themselves as assholes to everyone. Classic.

  17. First, kudos to Florio for updating his original story. Although I was disappointed he reported it in the first place, at least he had the integrity to add the relevant facts. And yes he should have researched the relevant facts before he ever wrote the story to begin with (that was his USC bias that got the best of him and he wrote yet another post about USC that later proved wrong).
    The fact that the entore stroy is 2 years old and it never made the national media should have been clue that there really wasn’t a story. There was nothing new to any Trojans fans and I assume UCLA fans as this quickly became a big local story in So Cal. It also quickly became a non-story when in less than 24 hours when the facts surfaced quickly.
    Neither Matthews nor McNair are racist (same for the other players involved and there were several). It was nothing more than locker room banter. And it goes on in every locker room. The poor judgment was on Matthew’s decision to post the information to a public website! It was extremely poor judgment, but that is as far as this story goes. That being said, I was and still am shocked that he didn’t forsee the eventual reaction to posting those statements online for the entire student body to see (joke or not) – maybe it was poor judgment with a dash of stupidity on top!

  18. It is Florios fault for writing the article VonClause. Any journalist is responsiable for fact checking and double checking sources and not writing stuff based on emotion and heresay.
    Things like this are why teams dont like media around, clearly people outside of their situation cant understand the dynamics of their relationships and shouldnt have to.(its none of their/our business in the first place…)

  19. It is clear to me that Americans are the most whiny and ignorant people in the world. Your nation lacks respect for yourselves and each other. There is one race. The human race. Until you learn to respect that fact, words will continue to pierce like swords. Other more respectful and responsible people will suffer because of your little “jokes” become fuel for riot fire.
    The reality is the people responsible are the players and coaches. Indirectly, American society is responsible because you refuse to learn respect. Thirdly, the little rat(s) who ran this “joke” to the media are partially responsible for bringing it to the world’s attention.
    Lastly, I take offense that the players came up with the “White Nation” facebook gag, and that the coaches and other players didn’t squash it before it got out of hand. When your on a national stage, and 90 percent of your audience is a whiny ignorant America, they should have know better.
    This isn’t a tale of racism, the is tale of third party harassment. The party being harassed is the Americans who try to turn every thing into something big. So until Americans can learn how to react to things without bias and with respect, it would be good to keep the jokes in house and ethnically respectful.

  20. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion.
    It’s not racist. We’ve all seen the same thing all the time. This is why what stays in the lockerroom stays in the lockerroom. Because people outside of that lockerroom just won’t understand. I bet whatever team he joins will start calling him “white nation.”
    This is the anti-racist. You don’t think that at any point these guys would have said “hey don’t call me that” and not CREATE A FACEBOOK PROFILE FOR IT!!!! They’re obviously claiming it so its just a joke. That’s called bonding. What would you rather be as a white person on a majority black team (don’t know the ratio of white to black on the team) given a nickname and be a part of the team or ridiculed and shunned just because you are white. If the roles were reversed I wouldn’t mind.
    I’ve been called “spook” and “hot caramel” “token” all the time in white circles and I didn’t care but other people who would see that would scream racism but I don’t care because I know who its coming from and its no harm.
    Also, that whole black girlfriend, black friend, non-sense IS PRICELESS aside from this situation it has nothing to do with how racist a person is.

  21. Please Florio, please I beg you don’t talk about race issues ever again… Everytime you do out come the poor repressed disenfranchised White guy rants…..
    The whole:
    “You can’t say this or that because we’re White and it’s the PC/LIBERAL media’s fault. By the way Black guys this and that and Obama too…”
    screeds get old quick……
    Did you notice how quickly you had to shut down the Jets Schedule comments off because of the Anti-Semite comments? It just goes to show you how everyone is a tough guy behind the anonymity of the internet….

  22. Frankly, I say who gives a flying WHO DAT!
    Why during draft season do all these stories magically pop up?
    It’s because teams want players to fall to them. Duh.
    This isn’t a story, just another brick in the wall.
    And yes I did just quote Pink Floyd.

  23. “Oooohhh……………. I see now.
    It’s fine to use the term ‘White Nation’as long as a black man is saying it. Clearly excused.
    Oh of course. I’m surprised they don’t teach kids in schools that double standards and racial discrimination are allowed by everyone, so long as they aren’t white.”
    Actually they do teach this in public schools now. Indirectly and very effectively. Policies and curricula uphold this. And it comes straight from the Department of Education in Washington DC. And so this why public school students are forced to read books like “Night” by Elie Weasel & “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” instead of exceptional books by the best authors like the currently ousted Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway, to name a few. This is one of the first steps in the indoctrination of the American citizen in this modern age. After public schooling this only gets worse for the citizen, as he or she is subjected to the Zionest-controlled PC Gestapo with its tentacles now corrupting all areas of our once-great culture. And so this is the direction of the United State of America as a society. And it will be our ruin.
    The mass media only encourages this and is its most powerful advocate. Aspiring mass media agents, like Florio, can only conform to this crippling mindset, else they will be marginalized.

  24. As a black man I will tell you this was a stupid young college kid posting something on facebook that should have been kept private, what goes on in the locker room stays in the locker room. Todd McNair didn’t post the facebook page but as an adult should be mindful of what comes out of mouth. Lastly why is everyone so damn sensitive anything anyone says is run through the ringer looking for non pc words or phrases geez.

  25. this whole “double standard” argument is getting kind of old… if you were born and/or raised in America, or ever took some sort of American history class, you should know why that double standard exists… rules for certain groups are different for those w/ power and those w/o any… e.g. it’s ok for this black coach to make racial jokes, but if it were the other way around, it wouldn’t be because we’ve never really leveled out whiteness and blackness to be equal in this country (oh, but i forgot, we have a black president, so everything is cool, right? lol)
    … and sure it’s frustrating, but that’s the world we were born into.. some groups are going to catch sh*t for some things while others won’t and vice versa, depending on the situation… and if you really hate it, instead of whining about it, do something to help get everyone on the same level so we can all be equally accountable for our actions/make jokes that aren’t scrutinized (and this goes for everyone)… but yea, if you can’t understand why there’s a double standard, you’re either stupid or you don’t want to “get it”

  26. I’d like to hear what swervinmervin and tek9 have to say on this “issue” now. Even bleeding heart Mike says it was a joke.

  27. The whole “I’m not racist I have 3 black friends” defense makes you sound more like a racist. I don’t know why people still use this defense.

  28. A double standard doesn’t get fixed by creating another double standard. That’s the path to idiocy.

  29. Upon further review, it turns out Mathews has a black friend and is shagging a black chick, so it’s all good. Thanks, Florio. I feel I now have a firmer grasp on race relations.

  30. Todd Mcnair is an idiot and shouldn’t be in a position where he is able to shape the minds of young people. And besides, he’s a crappy coach that has benefitted from being surrounded by talented players. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a racist, but I can easily say he’s the biggest douchebag I’ve ever met.

  31. I voted for Obama, listen to Jimi Hendrix, would do Halle Berry in a second and I hate Country music. I could not care less if gay people get married to each other. I am an Atheist and do not want religion in public schools.
    On the other hand I think that Jesse Jackson is a jag off, don’t find Martin Lawrence or Chris Rock funny at all, think Whoopie Goldberg is a troll and I hate rap.
    I am against affirmative action and believe that the immigration situation is out of control.
    Am I a PC blinded liberal or a redneck KKK raciest?
    This is all such bullshit.

  32. Wasn’t it obvious from the first story about the subject that it was a joke?

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