Davis, Cushing, Matthews Not On Positive List, Either

And so the truth continues to come out regarding the players who supposedly tested positive at the Scouting Combine.
Per a league source, none of the players who reportedly tested positive and then denied testing positive actually tested positive.
This means that Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis did not test positive for marijuana, and that USC linebackers Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing did not test positive for steroids.
And it could mean that Davis and Cushing and Matthews soon could be the new co-owners of NFLDraftBible.com, the site that reported that each of them tested positive.

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  1. I have heard rumors for quite a while that White Nation was going to acquire a controlling interest in NFLDraftBible.com. I guess they were true.

  2. Isn’t an NFL player or potential NFL player NOT being on roids a bad thing and not a good one? Or am i bugging?

  3. Bet if they took the test after tonight the results wouldn’t be the same. Hehe. Ironically enough, my phone just went off. Hope it’s not them saying not to post this comment.

  4. They could’ve done one of those hair follicle drug tests on Matthews, which due to his hair length would have resulted in his mother’s prenatal vitamins showing up.

  5. Yeah what about Harvin and the UTEP kicker? Would be surprised to see if they aren’t on it because of past rumors about their character.

  6. Yeah if I were them I would sue, sue, sue too! I usually am not a big fan of suing, because it is usually overused, but the media needs to learn not to run BS stories off of shaky sources like they are facts. I love seeing things blow up in journalists faces, professionalism has died out for ratings. IMO Journalist should worry more about getting it right then getting it first. Unfortunately it will take many lawsuit like this, to get them to do that.

  7. Problem is…once something is said (true or untrue), the damage is SOMEWHAT already done. These guys should go after DraftBible and those affiliated with the site for every penny they have, and then some.
    Potentially, millions of dollars were lost for these players. Who knows? Maybe less teams were calling them to meet with them before the draft. It all has a trickle-down effect.
    I hate it when websites report false news like that…like Terry Bradshaw dying. 😉

  8. conspiracy…the NFL changed the report and removed the guys that were reported on in order to make it look like they don’t have a leak!

  9. I don’t need a test to prove to me that Cushing uses roids. How could you possibly explain that before and after picture?
    Google those 2 pics of him that make it look like night and day, then google pictures of admitted steriod users before/after. They look identical.
    Obviously it does not matter, there are always ways to circumvent the rules.
    Are they ever tested in the offseason? It seems like you could fit a few cycles in without running the risk of being caught, look like a freakshow for a little bit then slowly lose some of the mass as the offseason ends.

  10. That’s the definition of media these days… “some guy in a pub told me his sister’s boyfriend works with a guy who knows something about a possible scandal of some sort” becomes a reliable source for news. Like CNN… they have that freaking Ireport thing, put it on the main page as if it is actually based on facts, and then proudly admit that it is completely unedited or even researched, as far as the claims contained therein… Whatever happened to, you know, actual research and investigative reporting… Anyway, websites that claim to have the in on the Drafts are daft. It really is like listening to ‘projections’ on wins/losses totals and playoffs/superbowls AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON. A blind squirrel would make an impact, but no “pro” would be able to really predict with certainty what is going to happen…

  11. None of those players failed the drug tests, hmm…
    And in related news:
    Vince Young never scored a 6 on is Wonderlic…
    Terry Bradshaw is dead….

  12. In the spirit of 4-20, and many failed drug tests, The NFL has officially renamed the Superbowl Trophy the Sticky Icky Lombardi

  13. Regarding Cushing and his before/after pics.
    Why hasn’t anyone said anything about Aaron Maybin and his weight/strength gain between the Combines and his Pro Day?
    Unless I’m very wrong (and I’ll be the first to admit), he either didn’t give an F at the combines, then ate 700 Big Macs and gave an F at his Pro Day, or it was roids.
    Either way…this raises red flags on Maybin, for me at least.

  14. dfrooney:
    “conspiracy…the NFL changed the report and removed the guys that were reported on in order to make it look like they don’t have a leak!”
    That’s the first thought that ran through my head.
    The player complains that the NFL broke the confidentiality rule, so the NFL compensates the player by removing him from the list.
    If this is true, I wouldn’t be suprised if the players themselves (or their agents) really are the leaks!

  15. To all you jackasses talking about the Bradshaw incident, there is one major difference here (besides the fact that reports of Bradshaw’s death didn’t lose him any damn money):
    NFLDraftBible.com had MANY, MANY chances to check and recheck their story, confer with their trusted “sources”, retract, clarify, rectify, or any number of corrective courses that were available… but they stuck hard to their story and the credibility of their “source”, and for THIS, they will be burned.
    When you’re going to go on a major story like this, you should definitely independently verify the information before you post it. That is what Florio got wrong once and hasn’t gotten wrong since (yet still manages to be on the forefront of breaking major news, somehow – others could stand to learn something from him)…
    Absent that, which these guys did not do, once the uproar starts and the players themselves (or their agents) come out and say, unequivocally, that the report is FALSE, then, at that point, you REALLY need to go back and be exhaustive in your search for verification. Then, if you’re REALLY sure, the story should stand, but if you are NOT sure, you should at least temporarily withdraw the story – or, like SI.com would do, just act like it was never there.
    These guys screwed up badly, and now they’re going to get it. Rightfully so.

  16. “Too bad – Bengals won’t be able to get ANY of these guys on the cheap now…”
    Thats WEAK SAUCE! Is that all you got???? The Bengals post the 12th rated defense in 08 with everyone coming back….We spent money in FA we have a young team and our QB will be back and we about to go Oline twice in the 1st 3 picks…..Dont worry about us you just make sure your own damn team is doing its job…..

  17. “And it could mean that Davis and Cushing and Matthews soon could be the new co-owners of NFLDraftBible.com, the site that reported that each of them tested positive.”
    Maybe they can do lunch with Terry Bradshaw, the owner of Profootballtalk.com.

  18. “Andre Smith tested positive for donuts and bacon” – Elkay
    Dude, dont spread false rumors like that about the guy.
    It was alfredo sauce and bloomin onions.

  19. 4/3 – PFT posts a report on another site of positive drug tests by Cushing and Matthews.
    4/3 – PFT posts a report saying that the agent who represents Matthews refutes the positive drug test.
    4/3 – PFT posts a report about Pete Carroll refuting the rumors of the positive tests.
    4/3 – PFT posts a report saying that the agent who represents Cushing refutes the positive drug test.
    4/12 – PFT posts a report saying Cushing might be clean because he’s been invited to attend the draft.
    4/16 – PFT posts a report basically alleging that Cushing and Matthews are racists.
    4/19 – PFT posts a report saying Matthews has a black girlfriend and best friend, and therefore couldn’t possibly be a racist. Because racists only come in one color. This is the closest we’ll ever see to an apology.
    4/20 – PFT posts a report saying Matthews and Cushing did not fail the drug test.
    So what have we learned, children? If your only goal is to drive mouse clicks you’ll post whatever garbage you want to that end.

  20. well look at that, the report was true. Just look at the picture of cushing and how both of these guys who rose to stardom so suddenly.

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