Someone Might Trade For Edwards Without A New Contract

It has been presumed that anyone interested in trading for Browns receiver Braylon Edwards faces two hurdles — working out a deal with the Browns, and negotiating a long-term contract with Edwards.
But there’s now chatter that perhaps a team will trade for Edwards without signing him to a new contract.
The wildcard would be the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Without an extension to the CBA, there will be no salary cap in 2010.  And without a salary cap in 2010, a player with fewer than six years of service won’t be an unrestricted free agent next March.
So Edwards, who is entering his fifth NFL season, would be a restricted free agent.  And the team that holds his rights will be able to retain his rights for 110 percent of his 2009 cap number, which as we understand it is in the range of $5 million.
That’s far lower than the franchise number for receivers, which likely will exceed $10 million.
And by applying the highest possible RFA tender, the team that sends a first-round pick and a third-round pick to the Browns for Edwards now could get the first-round pick and the third-round pick back from another team if another team tries to sign him to an offer sheet.

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  1. Would anyone really want to trade a 1st and a 3rd for Edwards? He has yet to prove he can be an elite receiver in the NFL. Why would you give up a 1st and 3rd when you could get Boldin for the same? Granted Edwards is younger than Boldin, but Boldin is light years ahead of Edwards when it comes to talent.

  2. They’d still be left with a receiver who has a problem with receiving.
    Do people understand that?

  3. lol, talk about using a player. But it’s very smart if you think about it. Say a team like the Vikings (or another superbowl contender) feels they are a good WR from really making a push, they could essentially USE Edwards for 1 year and then put the highest tender (1st and 3rd) and get it back. Anyone who knows Edwards knows he only cares for himself. He’ll be playing for a contract so he’ll play out of his mind. This assures the team that gets him will get a solid player and that he’ll certainly put a 1st and 3rd because of how well he did

  4. Read the article, it means that a team could use him for 1 year (since he’s a free agent next year) and then put the highest restricted tender on him. The guy is gonna do as good as he did in 2007 because it’s his contract year. So a contender is gonna get a hell of a receiver AND get the 1st and 3rd back next year because of how well he does. He has a big head and only cares for himself, he’s gonna tear it up this year

  5. Oh God, please someone take him from us…I’ll chip in a 6 pack of POC (Pride of Cleveland) beer, if it will help…

  6. get him out of here already pre season last year he was quoted in an interview with Jim Rome that he wanted no part of being in Cleveland when he was drafted. The guy is a flash in the pan scrub.
    They should learn from the bungals and get as much value for him now before they get stuck with this over rated hack.
    The dude can’t catch and that’s his primary requirement for his job. What a joke.

  7. Yeah Whoo!!!! way to go cleveland they have put there best offensive player on the trading block for no reason. Brady Quinn really hasnt got to prove himself but its okay well put put him on there too!!!!! Well go ahead and keep anderson who did good one year. Mangini and the GM are geniuses. when cleveland is in the top 3 worst teams next year they will know why. unless someone they draft breaks out. Yall are so stupid!!!!

  8. From a business standpoint, that’s a great deal. One year commitment on the part of the team & the player, and the team pays him a moderate sum for a “possible” elite receiver. Then if he plays like he did in 2007, out of his mind (except for the customary 10-15 drops)the team has an option to sign & pay him for the future, or take some high draft picks. It’s pretty much a no lose situation for a team one WR away from a possible Super Bowl run.
    There are worse deals out there for WR’s. Boldin is not one of them, he’s the best option, but the deal may not be as good.

  9. I wonder what makes Braylon smile more…. looking in the mirror or reading all the press clippings and stories about him.
    Thanks for feeding his ego, Mr. Florio.

  10. TeHDruiD says…….Anyone who knows Edwards knows he only cares for himself. …….you are so wrong !!!!
    Anyone who really knows Braylon can and will tell you that he is greatly involved and respected in the community.If all pro players gave back to the community as Braylon has this would be a better world to live in.
    Search the Braylon Foundation. This was started for the kids in the CLEVELAND AREA!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU BRAYLON EDWARDS
    I really hope that the Browns keep him for there a few like him as a caring human being. There is more to life than football.

  11. He took all of his charity work from the Cleveland kids and moved it to Michigan because we boo’ed him for dropping passes. Anyone who goes into a press conference and says “the fans don’t like me because I’m from Michigan” because we boo him for dropping passes only cares about himself. He can’t man up to his mistakes, instead he blames it on others. Yep what a role model he is.

  12. Every one dogging on B Easy because he had a horrible year last year. People seem to forget that he caught 16 td’s 2 seasons ago. He put too much pressure on himself this year to try to better that. He is a very quality wr worth at least a 1st and 5th, and could be worth the 1st and 3rd.

  13. I’d believe that Edwards does have more upside than Anquan; Edwards is not only younger, but he is also taller and was the only target for Anderson in Cleveland.

  14. I’m confused, I thought Cleveland became the Baltimore Ravens? I watch football every sunday and haven’t seen the Browns in years, could someone explain to me what the hell is going on?

  15. If he already is a pain in the a$$ now when having absolutely zero leverage, imagine what his behaviour will be like when he is an RFA (when he will at least pretend to have leverage).
    Would be the dumbest move ever in my eyes for a team to spend a one and a three. BTW: How many drops did he have last year?

  16. trade him already and bring Crabtree to Cleveland
    he pissed off Cleveland fans when he started saying that we dont like him because he played at Michigan – dude we dont like anyone that drops the ball EVERY OTHER TIME
    maybe if he goes to the Giants then Eli will finally show some expression in his face when Braylon averages 3 drops a game – oh I cant wait
    this trade will happen on draft day after the Browns pick Crabtree at 5 and before the Giants pick at 29
    Whats gonna happen if Curry slips to the Browns at 5?

  17. Edwards couldn’t catch a cold, much less a swift-moving spiraling football, and he’s a malcontent besides. Who the hell in their right minds would want them, even if he were a “bargain” next year? A guy with a bad attitude and worse hands isn’t going to help anyone.
    Boldin should move before this guy if there’s ANY sanity left in the league.

  18. Bigdaddy, the fact that he is involved in the community doesn’t mean the guys not a selfish malcontent or a problem in the locker room. Alot of rotten athletes have been great with charity. If anyone follows basketball the name Stephon Marbury immediately comes to mind. Wonderful guy with the community, and a career loser everywhere he went who was basically paid to stay home and stay away from the team.
    That being said, from a business perspective this move makes perfect sense. Normally I would not want to give up a 1st and a 3rd for a guy with shaky hands, but if Edwards will be a restricted free agent and you can get a 1st and a 3rd if someone signs him, then why not trade a 1st and a 3rd for him now? Your basically trying him out for a year with no risk. Im sure he will play well since he will be motivated for a nice contract. But I can’t see Edwards keeping quiet unless he is given a contract as soon as the trade goes through. As much as I love Boldin, Boldin absolutely requires a contract up front and he comes with a little bit of an injury risk.

  19. Even in his”breakout” season he was 2nd in the league in drops. The guy has dropped the ball since day one, including college. His hands are harder than Roberto Durans.( For you young pups, thats a boxer that was known as “Hands of stone”)

  20. Dear Mike,
    Excellent analysis of an incredible insight!
    But what took you so long to come up with this one?
    Was it in a dream? Were you eating a ham sandwich?
    Please share your epiphany.

  21. why do browns fans think edwards is worth a 1st and 3rd, or better.
    these are the same fans who wanted him out of town for dropping balls. you should be lucky and happy to get a 3rd, or maybe a 2nd for him. and if he is the best player on the team why does everyone want to trade him?
    i saw a stat that edwards had 18 dropped balls last year. now i know for a fact that he dropped a ball in every game, and also know that he had a game with 7(3 official) the NFL stat guys are being very generous to him because he had at least 30.

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