The First "Mr. X" Mock Draft

One of our sources likes to do mock drafts.  So instead of posting his mock draft and calling it the PFT mock draft and facing the brunt of the ridicule for it (been there, done that), we’ll credit this one to “Mr. X.”
Before you scoff, “Mr. X” makes his mock draft in consultation with multiple NFL scouts.
So here it is.  We’ll likely post an updated official PFT mock draft later this week.
1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, quarterback, Georgia.
2. St. Louis Rams: Eugene Monroe, tackle, Virginia.
3. Kansas City Chiefs: Aaron Curry, linebacker, Wake Forest.
4. Seattle Seahawks: Jason Smith, tackle, Baylor.
5. Cleveland Browns: Michael Crabtree, receiver, Texas Tech.
6. Cincinnati Bengals: Andre Smith, tackle, Alabama.
7. Oakland Raiders: Darrius Heyward-Bey, receiver, Maryland.
8. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jeremy Maclin, receiver, Missouri.
9. Green Bay Packers: B.J. Raji, defensive tackle, Boston College.
10. San Francisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez, quarterback, USC.
11. Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher, tackle, Mississippi.
12. Denver Broncos: Peria Jerry, defensive tackle, Mississippi.
13. Washington Redskins: Everette Brown, defensive end, Florida State.
14. New Orleans Saints: Malcolm Jenkins, cornerback, Ohio State.
15. Houston Texans: Rey Maualuga, linebacker, USC.
16. San Diego Chargers: Knowshon Moreno, running back, Georgia.
17. New York Jets: Hakeem Nicks, receiver, North Carolina.
18. Denver Broncos (from Chicago Bears): Tyson Jackson, defensive end, LSU.
19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman, quarterback, Kansas State.
20. Detroit Lions (from Dallas Cowboys): Robert Ayers, defensive end, Tennessee.
21. Philadelphia Eagles: Chris Wells, running back, Ohio State.
22. Minnesota Vikings: Clay Mathews, linebacker, USC.
23. New England Patriots: Brian Orakpo, linebacker, Texas.
24. Atlanta Falcons: Brandon Pettigrew, tight end, Oklahoma State.
25. Miami Dolphins: Brian Cushing, linebacker, USC.
26. Baltimore Ravens: Kenny Britt, receiver, Rutgers.
27. Indianapolis Colts: James Laurinaitis, linebacker, Ohio State.
28. Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina Panthers)): Alphonso Smith, cornerback, Wake Forest.
29. New York Giants:  Donald Brown, running back, Connecticut.
30. Tennessee Titans: D.J. Moore, cornerback, Vanderbilt.
31. Arizona Cardinals: Aaron Maybin, defensive end, Penn State.
32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Evander Hood, defensive tackle, Missouri.

109 responses to “The First "Mr. X" Mock Draft

  1. I really think “Mr. X” has the Falcons’ pick a bit off. I know everyone always says they don’t draft to fill a hole, but rather take the “Best Player Available”. In actuality, most teams combine the two, taking the BPA at a position of need (or a position that will be a position of need soon).
    I really think James Laurinaitis at 24 fills a greater need for an outside linebacker, while having better value for the team than upgrading a [barely] serviceable position with Pettigrew.
    While I’d love to have the elite “blocking TE with some receiving skills” in Brandon Pettigrew, I think the Falcons would be better served taking the linebacker (who arguably is going to have more impact for the team and its porous defense) over getting a wee little bit more receiving threat out of the blocker at TE (in the run-based offense, no less).
    P.S. Is it too late to enter the book contest for Monday?

  2. There’s no way that the Bills are going CB two consecutive years.
    And four receivers in the top seventeen, in this class, would be interesting.

  3. This has to be a joke…and I quote: “Clay Mathews, linebacker, USC” to the VIKINGS??????????? LB is not a need, they need a OT, WR, way before a LB, is Matt Millen’s MOCK DRAFT? EJ, CHAD, BEN, yeah the Vikes could use depth, but I don’t think the 1st round is a time to address a depth.

  4. ForceEight hit it on the head: if the Bills go CB yet again, there’ll be riots on Chippewa St.
    Especially with Maybin on the board still.

  5. With Ayers available…there is no way the Bucs take Freeman. D line is just too big of a need. Tampa has too tough of a start to their schedule. All four of the NFC teams in the first five weeks. No rookie qb should be thrown into that….the Bucs will have a better chance of getting through it with Mccown.

  6. The vikings taking Clay Matthews is about as close as the Lions drafting a wideout year after year after year….wait…um…

  7. I don’t think that Orakpo will fall past the Lions at 20.
    He has the size and speed that Schwartz is looking for and would be a nice young player to star to build his defense around. The Lions still need a MLB though.

  8. As a Raider fan, Im pretty confident that they will end up going with Heyward-Bey instead of Maclin.
    Im also pretty confident that the Raiders will end up a game or two below .500.
    Uggh I need to switch teams.

  9. This is all wrong, my team is going to:
    a)pick a much better player
    b)pick a better known player
    c)trade their pick for multiple first round picks
    d)trade their pick for a Pro Bowler who is unhappy with his current team

  10. Mock drafts are all absurd. Show me a draft “expert” who can accurately predict draft day trades and then I’ll listen to him.

  11. definitely one of the better ones i’ve seen. unless the ravens end up with boldin. or if the giants dont trade for edwards.

  12. Heyward-Bey seems like he will be a bust, or has the potential to be one.
    Also, as a Vikings fan I don’t see any scenerio in which they take a LB especially in the 1st round, I think they would trade down before they take Matthews.

  13. Heyward-Bey has proved nothing other than being able to run fast. Even Al Davis wouldn’t pull the trigger on him there. Peria Jerry is a bad fit the the Broncos 3-4 defense at nose tackle. Moreno to the Chargers is nice, but I doubt that happens with Tyson Jackson on the board like he is here. The Colts need a defensive tackle almost as much as Mike Vick needs a conscience, so they won’t go LB in the first round. Giants will draft a running back, but not in the first round.
    Any chance “Mr. X” is a custodian at the NFL corporate offices?

  14. My ass could have came up with a better list then this. Denver broncos take peria jerry at #12? I understand the love for raji and i personally think peria jerry will be a stud but hes a 4-3 DT, the guy is like 6’0 flat he is way too short for a 3-4.
    Kenny britt at 26 lol, has anyone seen him play? hes a 2nd to 3 round guy. If he develops well he we will be a solid #2 in the league.
    I also feel that out of the top 13 teams I really dont think 49ers will be the one to draft Mark Sanchez, Mike Singletary believes in shaun hill.
    Darrius Heyward-Bey to the raiders? wow, darrius is a one trick poney with long strides and average hands. Can you say Troy Williamson?
    Last but not least… Brian Orakpo falls to #23 New England? I can’t even comment on that one. This list is trash.

  15. I’d like to throw congrats your way Florio. This is actually one of the first respectable mock drafts I’ve seen. Go figure it’s not yours. But congrats are in order.
    “Mr. X” should be a contributer

  16. DJ Moore over Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, and Aaron Maybin? Just because he’s from Nashville doesn’t mean we have to waste a pick on him..

  17. Aaron Maybin, defensive end, Penn State at number 31… no chance he last into the 20’s

    is this a joke?
    23. New England Patriots: Brian Orakpo, linebacker, Texas.
    yeah the Pats get the top 3 defensive player in this draft at #23…
    must be nice!

  19. Vikings taking a linebacker 1st round? They usually forget to bring the pick up in time. OOPS…Ziggy Milf is moving them to LA 2011. `

  20. not bad Florio-if you were a complete clueless doofus…oh wait that means……
    if you really want to do a mock, pencil one out with some trades in it.
    and dont use the pencil for anything BUT writing.

  21. how many mock drafts get it so wrong. when and if the eagles draft a rb it will not be wells… they need a rb that is a good receiver. moreno or the conneticut kid will be the pick if they decide to go rb in round one…

  22. Maybin does not last nearly that long. I have Buffalo taking him with their FIRST pick!

  23. I thought that “Staff” would be a good fit for the browns, but “Crabs” would be just as good.

  24. Why would the Bills pass on DE Aaron Maybin and take a CB with the second pick? Also, why is Aaron Maybin available after the Bills 2nd pick?

  25. It’s so funny seeing Vikings fans chime in about the Matthews pick. They are well conditioned to know that the Vikings always draft for need and then when that player turns out to be a bust, they have to overpay in draft picks and $$ to compensate for their draft blunders rather than drafting BPA. See: Jared Allen, Bernard Berrian (Erasmus James, Troy Williamson). It’s a losing battle and no way to build a franchise. That’s why you’ll never see a SB trophy at Winter Park.
    Oh and for those about to use the “genius” of picking Adrian Peterson at #7, don’t even go there. He would have been the #1 pick if he didn’t have the injury prone lable and questions surrounding the full healing of his clavicle, thus requiring surgery and not playing his rookie season.

  26. I like seeing someone throw some ideas out that are different than Mel Kiper’s. How right are the normal mock drafts you see every year?
    I agree Perria Jerry is going higher than people have him listed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jaguars take him really. They struggled mightily without Stroud.
    The Vikes with the OLB is the one pick I have a lot of trouble with. Their starters are pretty solid at LB, but then again they’re pretty solid everywhere except at RT and in the secondary, where there isn’t a lot of great round 1 value.
    Maybin might be a little low, but I could see Orakpo falling after the lack of success with some high profile workout warriors.

  27. OK the Eagles won’t take Wells. He’s not their kind of back by any stretch of the imagination. They want their guys to catch and block as well as run.
    Buffalo does not need a corner.
    Giants don’t need another RB.
    Cards need a RB.
    Jets is way too early for Nicks to go.

  28. Mr. X must be a patriot fan thinking orakpo will fall to 23. If he makes it to the teens, parcells will trade up to get him. Parcells admitted that he thinks orakpo is the next demarcus ware.

  29. The Giants drafting a RB? Are you effing kidding me? Seriously. I repeat. Are you effing kidding me?
    Just stupid dumb.

  30. And Evander Hood isn’t an effing NT. And he damn sure isn’t a 34 DE.
    Did a drunken barley mule make this?

  31. etronsman says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 8:51 pm
    This is as ridiculous as “Moops” being a correct answer in Trivial Pursuit.
    Thats freaking hilarious!

  32. etronsman says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 8:51 pm
    This is as ridiculous as “Moops” being a correct answer in Trivial Pursuit.
    Seinfeld reference, really? You are trying way to hard for that book.

  33. JSS84
    This is EXACTLY what the Vikes need.
    For the last three years a LB has been injured.
    Plus talent indicates that LB is a VERY DEEP
    area in this draft. Take the USC LB and
    deepen an area like RB.
    The Vikes did not NEED AD, but their he was.
    Pick talent over need and you will have a
    better team!

  34. Please donate my winning copy of QBF to Mr. X. He needs to wipe off the shit stains when he removes his head from his rectum after this mock draft.

  35. In some years I could see the Raiders going for a Heyward-Bey, but after the normal off-season they have had, I’d expect them to make a smarter pick. There are good receivers to be had in the second round. This could be the year Al surprises everyone and goes for the best player available.
    Yeah, yeah, I’m laughing too. But it could happen.

  36. why is Monroe going over Jason Smith when Monroe has knee concerns?
    why Heyward-Bey over Macklin?
    why Jerry to Denver when he’s a 4-3 (not a hulking 3-4) tackle? Do you see him playing DE in the 3-4? That’s new…
    Everrette Brown is a 3-4 LB and that’s it. No NFL 4-3 defense wants him as their DE, and this would be a wasted pick for Washington (and they don’t have many to begin with)
    why Maualuga to Texans? Is Ryans moving to OLB?
    Moreno to the Chargers? They’re wondering how to get both LT and Sproles touches; how does this help them? Moreno is not good enough to think you can’t get a better RB next yr should either Sproles/LT walk after the season…
    Matthews to Minny makes very little sense, given their need at RT
    Did Orakpo get caught with cocaine? Why would he last this long?
    Maybin will get picked in the top 20
    Giants taking a 1st rd RB who’ll get 6 touches a game?
    Laurinitis is a slow hulking LB. The Colts basically like free safeties to play LB
    This mock is no better than the rest of Florio’s. Is Florio trying to teach us a lesson on the inaccuracies of mocks??

  37. The Vikings will not draft Clay Matthews at pick #22. Wrong. Bzzt.
    The Vikings are trading their 1st round pick for Anquan Boldin, their 2nd round pick for Braylon Edward, their 3rd round pick for Chad Johnson, and their 5th round pick for the rights to Plexico Burress and a player to be named later. Done deal.

  38. The GIANTS take a running back?????!!!!! Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Danny Ware and BROWN????…. WTF?? They DO NOT need another RB! This mock is ridiculous…. The GIANTS need a WR, they will be taking the BPA at THAT position… not another RB!! (unless of course they trade for B Edwards before hand)

  39. To:
    Please stop smoking the crack pipe.
    You say:”questions surrounding the full
    healing of his clavicle, thus requiring
    surgery and not playing his rookie
    AD played his rookie year, won “Rookie
    of the Year” and set a single game rushing
    record against the Bears.

  40. lol Bills fans would burn down Ralph Wilson Stadium with that pick of a CB at #28 (with Leodis MCKelvin, Terrence McGee, Ashton Youboty and Reggie Corner on the roster)

  41. There are probably 8th graders that will get a higher percentage of picks right than “Mr.X”.
    Seriously, Florio. If I run out of toilet paper, I know what I’m printing out first.

  42. I’m not sure who the Vikings will take in the first round, but it will not be Clay Mathews. If they do take a linebacker in the first round (and they wont) it would be local boy James Laurinaitis.

  43. I just don’t see the Eagles taking Wells in the first. I agree that it’s going to be a running back, but not Beanie, especially with that foot injury thing going around.
    Besides, Moreno or the kid from UConn fit their system better (better pass catchers).

  44. KC is moving to the 3/4. Curry seems to be a better fit ‘size-wise’ for ILB in a 3/4. NT is THE most crucial part of the 3/4 D Line, so I am betting they take Raji instead and move Dorsey to DE which may be a very nice combo. The cheese heads are hoping I am wrong since they are in the exact same predicament….

  45. April 20th 8 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Giants Trade the #29 and #151 picks and next year’s 3rd pick to Browns for Braylon Edwards and next year’s 5th rd pick
    Broncos Trade the #12 and #79 picks to 49ers for #10 pick
    Eagles Trade the #21 and #121 picks to Cleveland for the #36 and #50 picks
    Buccaneers Trade the #19 and #120 picks and next year’s 2nd rd pick to 49ers for the #12 pick
    Lions: Matt Stafford QB
    Rams: Jason Smith OT
    Chiefs: Aaron Curry OLB
    Seahawks: Brian Orakpo DE
    Browns: Michael Crabtree LB
    Bengals: Eugene Monroe OT
    Raiders: BJ Raji DT
    Jaguars: Jeremy Macklin WR
    Packers: Aaron Maybin OLB/DE
    Broncos: Mark Sanchez QB
    Bills: Andre Smith OT
    Buccaneers: Josh Freeman QB
    Redskins: Chris Wells RB
    Saints: Malcolm Jenkins CB
    Texans: Michael Oher OT
    Chargers: Everette Brown DE
    Jets: Tyson Jackson DE
    Broncos: Brian Cushing OLB
    49ers: Peria Jerry DT
    Lions: Eben Britton OT
    Browns: Brandon Pettigrew TE
    Vikings: Alex Mack C
    Patriots: Clay Mathews LB
    Falcons: Fili Moala DT
    Dolphins: Vontae Davis CB
    Ravens: Ray Malauga DE/OLB
    Colts: Sen’Derrick Marks DT
    Bills: Robert Ayers DE
    Browns: Larry English DE/OLB
    Titans: Alphonso Smth CB
    Cardinals: Knowshon Moreno RB
    Steelers: Connor Barwin DE/OLB

  46. Shoot me in the head if my Bucs take Josh Freeman with Orakpo, Maybin, Ayers, Cushing, Matthews, etc. left on the board…

  47. 7. Oakland Raiders: Darrius Heyward-Bey, receiver, Maryland
    really? Heyward-Bey ahead of Maclin? I know its the Raiders but thats a reach if i’ve ever seen one
    11. Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher, tackle, Mississippi.
    too high for Oher, Bills will go DE with #11
    19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Freeman, quarterback, Kansas State.
    I doubt Tampa takes a QB this year especially in the 1st Round
    23. New England Patriots: Brian Orakpo, linebacker, Texas.
    Orakpo falling this far? He won’t get past the Bills at #11, if he even falls that far
    28. Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina Panthers)): Alphonso Smith, cornerback, Wake Forest
    The Bills will not be taking a CB this year, they have positions with bigger need than corner and have enough on the roster as it is.
    31. Arizona Cardinals: Aaron Maybin, defensive end, Penn State.
    another player who doesn’t get out of the top 15 at #31? who is Mr. X and what is he smoking? this is the worst mock draft i’ve seen

  48. WHY would the Vikings take a linebacker in the 1st round?
    That alone makes this mock draft worthy of mocking. There’s a better chance of H.G. Pennypacker purchasing Microsoft from Bill Gates than of the Vikings taking a lb in the first round.

  49. Seriously, stop Bogarting the good stuff… Neither the Eagles nor the Giants will spend a first round pick on a running back. Won’t happen. Shouldn’t happen. In Philly, Andy Reid’s never taken a RB first, and will not.

  50. Some of these picks are ok but some are from left feild Mike …cmon… We ALLL KNOW YOU WROTE THIS!! the Giants are not gonna take an RB when they are desperate for a WR, and if they somehow land a WR in FA, before the draft? Then someone else will have that pick, from a trade..Second, I cant see the Chargers going thru all of this stress with the RB’s and then add to theyre problems by putting another RB in the mix, that shows to be similar to Tomlinson anyways. Ray Maualuga seems to be a better fit in SD, or a DB but it might be a reach. The Broncos need help on the D Line overall, and theyre getting a bigger bang for theyre buck by swinging Orakpo or Everette Brown, rather than a gamble with P. Jerry. And seriously!!?? C. Matthews will not be dawning a Vikes jersey, I honestly feel theres gonna be a major reach for at least one of the USC LB’s within the top 12 picks, and for Matthews it might be the Browns trading back into the 1st round to keep the name in the org. Bottom line, nobody can pick who’s going where, you guys cant predict the future, if you could you wouldnt waist ur time on a fottball webiste haha.

  51. If the Raiders seriously pick Heyward-Bey at #7, I will be furious. I will to some extent completely understand it, but I’ll be furious nonetheless.

  52. The Steelers pick is an interesting one. They usually don’t pick defensive linemen in the first round but who knows? I wish Evander Hood’s 40 yard time (4.83) was a little better. Still, carrying 300 pounds is a lot to motor down the field.

  53. The Vikings have one of the best upcoming LB corps in the league, so I doubt that they take Matthews, especially with his looming racist ordeal. Leber is probably the weakest link, but he’s still a good veteran to have around, and he did really good last hear announcing the plays after E.J. Henderson got injured. Now that Henderson is coming back, you know he’ll be back to full speed and will wreck havoc on all who come to play.
    For that replacement, I vote in Percy Harvin, since I don’t see him anywhere in the 1st round mock draft.

  54. I think there is a better chance of the Vikings bringing back Fran Tarkenton then drafting a linebacker in this draft.

  55. Wow. Thanks Mr. X … this place is smokin’
    Which might explain how you arrived at some of these picks.
    First round reveals an unbalanced draft order. If Clay Mathews is on the Board at #22 could we not expect an auction to commence?

  56. heres my mock with trades included:
    1.Lions ….Jason Smith tackle/baylor
    2.Rams … Aaron Curry linebacker/wake
    3.Chiefs… Eugene Monroe tackle/virginia
    4.1st TRADE/ Jets … Matthew Stafford QB/Georgia
    5.Browns… Mark Sanchez QB /USC
    6.Bengals… Michael Crabtree wr/tex tech
    7.Raiders … Darruis Heyward wr/maryland
    8.Jaguars… BJ Raji DT /Boston College
    9.Packers… Brian Orakpo Lb/tx
    10.49ers … Josh Freeman QB /kanas state
    11.Bills … Michael Oher tackle/Mississippi
    (quinn to denver)… Ray Maualuga LB/ USC
    13.Redskins … Beanie Wells rb/Ohio state
    14.Saints … Robert Ayers De/Tenn
    15.Texans …Knowshon Moreno rb/Georgia
    16.Chargers …Malcolm Jenkins CB/Ohio state
    17.Seahawks… Jerry Maclin wr/Missouri
    18.Broncos…Everette Brown DE/Fl State
    19.Buccaneers…Clay Matthews Jr Lb/USC
    20.Lions… Aaron Maybin De/Penn State
    21.Eagles… Hakeem Nicks wr/NC
    22.Vikings …Tyson Jackson De/LSU
    23.Patriots… Brian Cushing lb/USC
    24.Falcons… Brandon Pettigrew Te/Oklahoma State
    25.Dolphins… Vontae Davis cb/Illinois
    26.TRADE Cardinals…Donald Brown rb/Conn
    27. Colts…James Lauranitis lb/ Ohio State
    28.Bills…Larry English De/Northern ILL
    29.TRADE…Browns…Alex Mack Center/California
    30.Titans…Daruis Butler cb/Conn
    31.Cardinals… Kenny Britt wr/Rutgers
    32.Steelers…William Beatty OT/Conn

  57. not enough big uglies for a first round draft in the nfl. more work in the trenches mysterious mr. x… we’d better find out this Mook’s identity.

  58. Who did Mr. X Consult on the Bucs taking Josh “bust in waiting” Freeman with the 19th Pick, Michael Lombardi of National Football Post, or Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times, or Mel Kiper of BSPN?
    At least Mr. X was not as big of idiot in his Mock Draft, unlike Lombardi…who suggest in his Mock Draft of April 17th he got the Bucs trading with The 49ers and getting Freeman with the 10th Pick ! !
    For anybody who has a Mock Draft out their placing Josh Freeman with the Bucs at 19 is as idiotic as Florio is with his Mock Drafts ! !

  59. Ca_Viking,
    You need to put down the crack pipe and learn how to read. I said don’t call the Vikings geniuses for drafting Peterson at #7. He would have been the top pick of the draft if it wasn’t for the concerns swirling about his injured clavicle being fully healed and his durability from his college years. Do a google search on Adrian Peterson+Draft+clavicle you idiot! There were plenty of questions surrounding whether he needed surgery and that would have meant he would have missed his rookie season. It wasn’t until May 16th to be exact, that word came out that he wouldn’t need surgery. I’m shocked that I have to explain this to you or that you can’t read, but then again, you’re a Vikings fan always seeing what you want to see through your purple tinted glasses.

  60. BigManChili, if the Falcons want to use Laraunitis as an OLB go right ahead, at 4.88 he may then be the slowest OLB in the league. He’s a MLB type, slow like Maualuga, but not the hitter.

  61. Yeah.. Vikings are stacked at Linebacker… I know that the whole draft philosophy is to take the best player available. But I see either taking a tackle or playmaker depending who is on the board at 22. I suspect that Percy Harvin will be the best available at the time. But everyone keeps talking about his Character issues and Childress shy’s away from potential problem players. But something needs to be done about the turnstile they call right tackle.

  62. @ whatthehellisgoingonoutthere
    u stupid tool. 2005 was a different owner, different coach, whole different system. Thanks for bringing up the AP draft pick too, that pick should tell you the Vikes draft the best player available, considering they just signed a RB named C Taylor a year prior…you really should consider thinking before typing.

  63. the Eagles would never draft wells.
    they would draft brown over cuz in reid’s offense, we need a receiveing rb so wells would def not fit.
    n why would the chargers take moreno? the do eventually need a replacement for LT but sproles is good and still young, so if they drafted a rb they’d take him in the mid-rounds.

  64. First off, Mr. Florio please fix your lost password system. I’ve tried four times to get the one that seemed to be lost after your 12th set of hamsters died. Each time it claimed it sent an e-mail and nothing. Thank you.
    Second, I thought every school child in America knew the Colts never take linebackers in the 1st round. Other than that I can’t complain. Since every “mock” draft will be completely off base anyway, this one isn’t any worse than any other.

  65. I think all this chatter about the raiders taking heyward bay at 7 is simply just that….chatter. I’m personally hoping they get crabtree but if he is off the board you gotta go with maclin over heyward bay. BUT is crabtree is gone and either curry or one of the OT is still around then I say go with one of them over maclin. Chances curry falls to 7? Slim to none but anything is possible.

  66. Absolutely no way Buffalo goes O-line at 11!!! Can you say “knee-jerk”! Not happening. Cushing if he’s available or Everette Brown.
    O-line at 28 maybe. But I would go Center with Max Unger before tackle depth.

  67. To the Raiders fan (and I use the term lightly) who whined that he needed to ” find a new team”, see ya, don’t let the door hit you in the ass! With a statement like that you prove that you’re NOT a real fan, nor have you ever been.

  68. The Bucs WILL NOT take Josh Freeman… take a good look at their roster, Florio- I mean, Mr. X- they just signed Leftwich. They need more help on defense- they’ll take a DE or CB first.
    I’ll put this out there: if the Bucs draft Freeman, I’ll buy Florio’s book.

  69. JToad – go ahead and switch teams. The Raider Nation doesn’t need you.
    No way Oakland takes DHB at #7. All of you talking heads are idiots.

  70. There is zero chance the Vikes take a LB in the first round. Aside for D-line, LB is prob their strongest position…

  71. If Buffalo takes Oher it will look like – and make the Owens signing look even more like – a PR move.

  72. Heyward Bey at #7? Why do people keep thinking the Raiders will reach for this guy at 7? They can draft him in the second round. The last two years receivers have fallen out of round 1. They could go defense and get DHB or Robiskie in round 2.
    Anyone who thinks the Riaders will draft DHB at #7 should not be allowed to do a mock draft ever again!

  73. Tyson Jackson will be gone by 18 and peria jerry will still be there broncos are dumb if they take jeria before jackson they are saying jackson might go 3rd overall to kc

  74. stupid mock draft. Bucs aren’t going to draft other qb in Josh Freeman. Stupid Mr. X copied this draft from other website.. Espn Mock Draft. Stupid Mr. X plaguarized someone’s draft. Mr X. guesses stupid one.

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