Andre Smith To The Bengals Or Packers?

Eyebrows were raised earlier today when 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan suggested that teams might try to trade up to get either USC quarterback Mark Sanchez or Alabama tackle Andre Smith.
Sanchez was no surprise; the shocker was Smith.
Per a league source, the current thinking is that Smith will go to the Bengals at No. 6 or to the Packers at No. 9.  Thus, if someone below spot No. 9 thinks that Smith is the real deal (notwithstanding his Pro Day burlesque show), then they need to get to No. 5 to get him, or to No. 7 or 8 if the Bengals pass.

17 responses to “Andre Smith To The Bengals Or Packers?

  1. I know the kid isn’t very bright, but he’s a beast on the field. I don’t care how he worked out, the film doesn’t lie and for an O lineman to dominate in the SEC, he’s gotta be the real deal. If he goes to a team with strong leadership he can be an impact player.
    Of course if he goes to the Bengals he’ll be out of the league in two years.

  2. Believe none of what you see and a quarter of you hear. Believe most of what you read.

  3. I hope Packer’s GM, Ted Thompson, stays away from the kid. I don’t care if he goes on to be an all-pro, right now, he’s too much of a risk with all this B.S. he’s pulled since the combine.
    ESPN reported that he missed a bunch of team calls recently and responded to only a few of them….and did so by text message. What the hell is this kid thinking? It’s like he doesn’t care, and personally, that’s not the kind of person I’d want to top 10 money on.
    Personally feel they should take Raji or Malcom Jenkins.

  4. mcloughan said that the niners would not trade up. did you mean “that some team might trade to trade up”. it sounds like the niners are the ones trying to trade up in your post

  5. If I had boobs, I wouldn’t have a reason to leave the house, at least he went outside.

  6. They are just blowing smoke, you don;t say this stuff to the media if these are your true plans. All they are trying to do is entice teams below them to trade up with a team and take one of these guys, having a team trade up means you know ahead of time who is being taken and better yet how the board will fall to you. All the teams are doing this thats why it keeps getting crazier and crazier yet I doubt the boards have changed much over the past week. All these reports of gms saying what they want are just smoke to get other teams worried and jump the gun

  7. Did this kid graduate High School or get his degree from his college?
    “I didn’t hear nothing about that…”
    “It don’t make me feel no different …”
    Don’t they teach English anymore?

  8. Well at least everyone knows the Bengals interest is genuine. It would take an actual front office with football acumen to deliver a smokescreen.

  9. If the Bengals could land Andre “My Moobs Swing Like Hanging Manatees” Smith along with Alex Mack in the 2nd, their line would be well suited to protect Carson and to open up lanes for Benson.

  10. It’s possible he believe Buffalo may try to trade up now that they traded Peters and have the ammo to do so.

  11. If teams want to trade up for Smith, they’ll have to get above 7. Everyone knows Davis doesn’t trade down in the first round and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about character issues. He’ll also have Cable chewing on his leg, begging for a guy like Smith.

  12. I think this is smoke screen by the Packers but an NFL insider could be anybody. An NFL insider doesn’t mean it is someone that has inside knowledge of the Packers.

  13. Dear God,
    I know it’s been a while. But if it pleases you please let TT’s pick of Andre Smith be the bookend to Justin Harrell that speeds his way out of a front office job of any NFL team…except Dallas. Amen.

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