Campbell Planning His Next Move

Plotting a potential exit strategy in case the Washington Redskins trade up to draft USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, Redskins starting quarterback Jason Campbell will request a trade if Sanchez winds up in the nation’s capital, according to Steve Wyche of
It’s a fairly safe assumption that Campbell would probably lose any remaining motivation to play for the Redskins if they select a quarterback in the first round on the heels of their unsuccessful offseason pursuit of quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler wound up with the Chicago Bears after the Denver Broncos appeared to be close to trading him to the Redskins.
After the Redskins attempted to acquire Cutler, they made a big point out of trying to mend fences with Campbell through meetings with owner Daniel Snyder and General Manager Vinny Cerrato and also issued a statement.
Although Campbell handled that difficult situation with class, yet another move for a quarterback would seem to make this a fairly untenable situation for him.
Currently holding the 13th overall pick of the draft, though, it’s no lock that the Redskins will manage to trade up to land Sanchez.
Of course, Snyder is one of the most aggressive owners in the league and typically is willing to pay the price to get what he wants.

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  1. The Redskins don’t have any idea what they’re doing, so I don’t blame Campbell if he requests a trade today.

  2. KC needs a TE to replace Gonzo….wonder what Cooley is thinking?
    Snyder is the guy we all laugh at in Fantasy Football…

  3. Just once I would love to see this guy get 2 years with the same system. He is gonna get it this year but its full of distractions. 2 full years with a proven offensive coordinator and a decent O-Line. Is that too much to ask?

  4. I wouldn’t be opposed to see him in a Lions uniform.
    I know nobody and I mean nobody, wants the top pick but would Snyder be crazy enough to trade up to assure himself he gets Mark Sanchez? It’s unlikely but I wouldn’t count anything out when it comes to an owner who craves superstars.

  5. Washington’s efforts were more like crocodile tears. Whether he ever develops into an elite player, Campbell deserves better than that dysfunctional mess. I would say that Snyder doesn’t get it, but his motivation is marketing and influence; winning is secondary. Buzz during the offseason and flash during the season puts asses in the seats and sells merchandise, both of which increase the value of his franchise. With that, he becomes a big man in the business world of the NFL.

  6. I’m really starting to think the brASS in DC doesn’t think JC can handle this offense. Admittingly, JC is not the best fit, but at some point any QB needs an O-line. The brASS is putting his fan base on the line if he deals JC. The natives are getting restless with all the wild moves and it better payoff soon. Oh how I miss The Squire. Hail!

  7. ..and getting what he wants usually results in the failure to be a consistent, winning football team on the field.

  8. See you in Cleveland. Braylon Edwards would be the centerpiece of this deal after the Giants refuse to do the wrong thing and over pay for a BUM! However in classic fashion the Redskins will refuse to NOT overpay for a BUM.
    Who knows maybe they Sweeeeetin the deal by making it…..
    Campbell and Cooley
    Braylon Edwards “Scissors Hands(and fingers)” and Anderson/Quinn

  9. I’m thinking that if Snyder decides to move up and grab Sanchez, Campbell won’t have to request a trade…..he’ll already have one.

  10. None of this matters now, the Skins just signed the legendary Punter Hunter Smith, all this QB drama is over! Quite a sexy move by Dan Snyder. Look for Hunter’s new number, #17…………….

  11. Since he’s not an especially good QB….I don’t think his feelings should be too badly hurt.
    Maybe he’d strive in a better situation….but I can’t see him actually starting on more than 2 or 3 teams.
    And, keeping that in mind, I agree with nelson1337…..he would DEFINATELY fit in in Minny.

  12. First, I do not think the Skins need another QB. Give Campbell his 2nd year in Zorn’s system and make him fight for a new contract.
    Second, if this is true I find it a little ironic. When Campbell was drafted there was another young, former 1st round QB, on the Skins roster in Patrick Ramsey. You can say what you want about Ramsey but he didn’t bitch and moan for a trade after Campbell was selected. I would suggest Campbell handle himself in the same way.

  13. Can anyone think of a QB that people made excuses for (needs consistency in the OC, the line is terrible, etc.) who ended up actually being good when they got what everyone said they needed?
    I’m not being standoffish in this, I really curious. Has a marginal QB ever become good with a better offensive line, or a better system? All we hear about is how changing systems or OCs turn good QBs into mediocre ones (Duante, Vick, etc)….but when has a system turned a proven mediocre QB into a good one?

  14. Huh, maybe this guy should STFU and play under the contract he is signed to for the team that owns it. Maybe he should stop undermining the team. Right, all you guys outraged at Sheldon Brown?

  15. As a Redskins fan, our front office and Ownership is clueless. They don’t know anymore than I do in how to run a franchise. Hell, I guess this is really just a really high buy in price for Fantasy Football. It sucks when you always have the best names on the roster that never produce.
    Not as bad as Dallas though. We’ve got a hell of a better playoff record than they do in the last 10 years.

  16. BuckFutter says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 9:00 pm
    Can anyone think of a QB that people made excuses for (needs consistency in the OC, the line is terrible, etc.)
    Randall Cunningham when he went from the school yard offense of Buddy Ryan, to the you must be a pocket passer even though you are the best mobile QB ever to play the game (at the time) of Rich Kotite to the almost perfect season in Minnesota.

  17. campbell doesnt have it. collins took them to the playoffs, not campbell.
    campbell needs it all just to go 8 and 8.
    at some point, it isnt potential anymore. it boils down to whether the qb can take a team to the next level or keep them operating at a high level no matter what the system. campbell has had more chances with more talent around him than ramsey got.
    campbell doesnt have it. as a result, he has nothing to be offended about. if he has IT he will show IT whether the skins draft sanchez or not.

  18. “Smush Rodrigez says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 9:39 pm
    BuckFutter says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 9:00 pm
    Can anyone think of a QB that people made excuses for (needs consistency in the OC, the line is terrible, etc.)
    Randall Cunningham when he went from the school yard offense of Buddy Ryan, to the you must be a pocket passer even though you are the best mobile QB ever to play the game (at the time) of Rich Kotite to the almost perfect season in Minnesota. ”
    Did…..ummm…..did you really stop reading after that exact word? Because it kind of seems like you did….because the way you answered it makes sense….if that had actually been what I was asking.
    Read the rest of the post. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the plot twist in Act 2.

  19. washington never treats their black QBs well, Doug williams won
    a superbowl and they got rid of him quickly, Jason should holdout and
    move to another NFC team so he can get payback on wonderboy snyder and his cousin vinny.

  20. The Redskins don’t have a 2 or a 4 this year, so even if they ship Cooley somewhere they will still have to cough up a high future pick to move up. I hope it happens.

  21. D. Snyder keep doing a fine job as owner. I love the fact you tried to sell the Redskin fans and NFL fans on Jason Cambell. NFL fans knew when Cambell was drafted what a joke and a flop he was. D. Snyder THANK YOU AGAIN, your franchise is a JOKE!!

  22. As a long-time Redskin fan it’s a crime what they are doing to a good young QB that has character. If Campbell goes, so do I. Tired of being a fan of someone on that team to have them get traded or want to leave.
    And someone tell Snyder, the Redskins won superbowls with a great offensive line first.

  23. Well if Campbell step up to the plate he wouldn’t be in this situation, granted the line didn’t help much in the second half of the season, but again this is a business.

  24. Campbell isn’t the problem in DC. He’d be better off elsewhere than on that dysfunctional franchise.

  25. How would you handle a situation if your boss all but told you that they didn’t want you and you were expendable via the media, more than once. You would leave, but they are locked into a contract so they have to ask for a trade.
    I don’t care how much money you make, not being wanted by you boss and the establishment you work for is one of the worst feeling you could have and your a liar if you say different.
    JC has handled this with class and being an Eagle fan I’d be glad to see him gone from the NFC east.
    Study how these franchises handle business but the players are wrong for turning the table?
    You guys are morons

  26. buckfutter: Boom roasted. That twist in act 2 really threw me. You got me. I didn’t follow that you were being rhetorical in a sarcastic way saying that Campbell actually is mediocre and will never be good… I think?

  27. can someone please explain to me why everyone is in love with dirty sanchez he has got to be the most hyped overrated qb ever he has only one year playing experience on a team loaded with offensive weapons at usc he’s gonna suck mark my words remember matt lienart hahahahahahahaha

  28. I agree that Campbell doesn’t have it, but
    He should at least get another year under Zorn to try and get it.

  29. Campbell has zero leverage so he just needs to keep his mouth shut…. I’m not a skins fan but his comments don’t really matter… If the skins trade for Sanchez they will probably try to deal campbell… Even if they decide against it Campbell still has no leverage… he is in a contact year… If the Skins say sorry we aren’t trading you… well tough luck to him because he hasn’t done enough. He still has to play hard and try because well he is a FA after the year is up and he hasn’t done enough as a starter to do anything. So Campbell has zero leverage against the skins. Should he want a trade? yes. can he demand one? no.

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