Delhomme Gets Extension

For some reason, we’re suddenly reminded of the fact that people in certain cultures eat insects.
That thought sprang to mind because, apparently, certain NFL teams think it’s a good thing to generate six turnovers in a winnable home playoff game.
The Panthers have “rewarded” Jake Delhomme for his horrible playoff performance with a five-year contract extension.
The deal, according to Steve Reed of, is worth $42.5 million, with $20 million guaranteed.
“He didn’t want to go into the season with this hanging over his head,” agent Rick Smith said.  “It was a cordial negotiation throughout.  We worked on it the last two weeks and it was finalized today.”
(Rick, shouldn’t you be shopping for bras with Andre Smith?  Boom.  Roasted.)
Anyway, Delhomme is 34.  He missed most of the 2007 season with an elbow injury that required Billy Jack Tommy John surgery. 
So he gets a five-year extension?  With $20 million guaranteed?  Really?
Of course, the deal is a steal in comparison to the likelihood that the Lions will invest $40 million guaranteed in a quarterback who might become Michigan’s version of Ryan Leaf.  But it still seems like a lot of money for a guy whose career passer rating is in the mid-80s, and who has never really fulfilled the potential that he flashed when he led the Panthers to prominence in 2003.

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  1. These guys don’t know how to bargain. I could throw 6 Int’s in a game, too, and I’d only demand about $12 mil guaranteed.

  2. You seemed to miss the most important aspect of this deal for the Panthers, it gives them some desperately needed cap space.

  3. this is retarted… lol first theirs talk of Matt Cassell going there for Peppers, than ppl are sayin he might get cut and/or replaced…And now he gets paid, this league doesnt make sense anymore

  4. How’d they do that? They are barely 2 million under the cap with rookies to sign……

  5. What reasons do you have to justify your assertion that Stafford is going to be a bust?
    It is just as likely that he will turn into an All-pro as it is that he will be a bust.

  6. Wow! That is a horrific move. JD is just about done I think. As a Raider fan I can tell you that he played an AWFUL game against Oakland this year. Of course they still won, but he played like CRAP.

  7. I think it was the right move to resign him, but negotiating isn’t their strong suit apparently. 5 years and that much guaranteed money send a clear message that they think Jake is the long term option, when he really should be keeping the seat warm for someone like Matt Moore.

  8. Jake was scheduled to make 9mil this year. I’m sure the contract is structured to alleviate some space in case they can’t move Peppers.

  9. $20 million guaranteed? The guy has always been a borderline starting QB to begin with, why would they willingly give him that much?

  10. Anybody who’s played more than one season of Madden knows this is a terrible move. Wow. Why invest in an aging, inept QB?

  11. Let me use this time to remind you that the Steelers are the reigning champs. —– and the Panthers say they want to emulate the Steelers. Huh?

  12. He must have pictures of something…
    Six turnovers aside, I could see the team looking past that one game and giving 3 years 12-15M guaranteed. Warner got his $20M for 2 years. Cassel is getting 14M for one year. I think what jumps out most here is the length of the contract (likely meaningless). The $20M is probably his base pay over 3 years. Too much in my opinion but ok if he lasts that long.
    I agree with Florio that the one SB appearance has skewed this guy’s value way too much over the years. The Panthers as well. (Very) good team, yes, but I see decline in their future.

  13. Florio … Remember that last paragraph when Eli Manning gets $100 million for being a QB with a career passer rating in 70s and having thrown more INTs than games played. If it wasn’t for one January run led by his defense, running backs and Plaxico Burress, he’d be called a bust and a choker for his three playoff one-and-dones.

  14. “What reasons do you have to justify your assertion that Stafford is going to be a bust? ”
    Maybe the fact that Stafford underachieved throughout most of his college career?

  15. This is almost as dumb as the Eagles giving up a first rounder, and then giving a huge contract to a LT that gave up 11.5 sacks last year.

  16. Please call it the bro, and if that’s too ethnic then call it a manzier! Bras are for ladies!
    –Frank Costanza

  17. Yeah, that Jake Delhomme playoff performance was one for the ages — in all the wrong ways.
    Saying that, your QB rating argument isn’t all that intelligent. John Elway’s career rating was 79.9.
    A career rating in the mid-80s is really good, actually. Delhomme clearly didn’t deserve that extension, but it’s not because of his qb rating.

  18. I bet the deal is heavily backloaded. The guy is 34, and with his recent injury history, there’s no way he lasts to 39 in the NFL. The idea is to clear cap space.
    At the same time, John Fox also seemed to think that Peppers’ huge 1 year contract was no big deal… so maybe they just don’t understand money…
    In the Madden video game, you can often sign old players to huge, long contracts to clear cap space, knowing they won’t clear the end of it. Think the Panthers front office is getting their money advice from the game?

  19. Carolina would not have made the playoffs last year without Delhomme. You don’t throw someone under the bus because of one horrible game.
    Everyone remembers the Arizona game, but nobody remembers Delhomme leading them to a 12-4 regular season record and the #2 seed in the NFC.

  20. They needed the cap space, & he will NOT see the full term of this contract. Still, 20 mil is a little crazy. They’ll get a young QB in the next 2 years & Jake will groom him to take over. Assuming Matt Moore is not already that guy. Jake had a HORRIBLE game that I am still hurting over…… but, he is not that bad. You tell me who’s better AND available & I’ll take it.

  21. Wow! They might as well keep Peppers because it looks like the Panthers have basically decided to win now or else. I can’t seen Delhomme being as good as he is now two years from now and he ain’t that good right now.

  22. Yes, it’s a bonehead move, but perhaps the reason you’re reminded of people eating insects is today’s news that Rod Blagojovich is happy about his federal indictment, because it means he won’t have to fulfill his commitment to the reality show he’d signed up for…where he’d have to eat bugs.

  23. apes is right, Jake would have been a 9 Mill cap hit this year. I’m sure they gave him the extension to free up some space especially if they can’t deal Peppers.

  24. Wow. The panthers seriously have there thumbs up there ***. thats about 10 million to much total and in guaranteed.

  25. “youngking21 says:
    this is retarted… lol first theirs talk of Matt Cassell going there for Peppers, than ppl are sayin he might get cut and/or replaced…And now he gets paid, this league doesnt make sense anymore ”
    No, I’m pretty sure THIS is “retarted”.

  26. Math not your skill mtomaziefski? It is not even remotely as likely that Stafford will turn All-Pro as it is that he will be a bust. Chances are slim that he’ll be an All Pro and great that he’ll be a bust.
    As for the Delhomme move, clearing the cap space was the big thing here. Jake showed last year that even with the most dominant running game in the NFL he couldn’t get it done. He’s not a top level QB and even in his best years, which are way behind him, he was still in the lower part of the top half of QBs.
    At this point there are fewer worse starting QBs in the league than there are better than Jake.

  27. mtomaziefski says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 3:24 pm
    What reasons do you have to justify your assertion that Stafford is going to be a bust?
    It is just as likely that he will turn into an All-pro as it is that he will be a bust.
    How is it just as likely that he’ll turn into an All-Pro? Let’s look at First rounders who are awesome at QB from 1998 to 2006… Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb
    Now busts since 1998….Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Mike Vick, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, J.P. Losman, Alex Smith, Vince Young, Matt Leinart
    There is some middle ground, as guys like Chad Pennington, Daunte Culpepper, Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers , Aaron Rodgers, and Jay Cutler have shown.
    So that’s 2 All-Pros, 15 complete busts, and 7 average QBs …Percentages don’t favor Stafford being a franchise QB

  28. Instead of a bra, shouldn’t Rick be shopping for a Bro or Manzier for Andre Smith instead?

  29. What a hilarious, horrible move. This franchise is a joke. It makes even worse that they laid off dozens of employees earlier in the offseason because of the poor economy.

  30. the Panthers logic:
    they draft a really good RB every other year or so, but their QBs this decade have been Chris Weinke, Rodney Peete and Jake DelHomme…

  31. Did Delhomme have a terrible playoff game? Yes, without a doubt. Has he had some bad games? Yes, absolutely.
    But, for Florio to bash the guy because he “only” has a career passer rating in the mid 80’s (85.1 according to stats) is a bit much. His career passer rating is only a shade less than Donovan McNabb (85.9 according to stats), who most people would probably agree McNabb is a top 10-15 QB in the NFL. Delhomme has fewer career stats, but that is because he was stuck in New Orleans “backing up” the idiot Aaron Brooks (career rating of 78.5) because the other idiot Jim Haslett could not admit that Jake was a far superior QB.
    All of these guys are way above the magical Kordozo line of Kordell Stewart (70.8 lifetime), the line Florio long ago established as the defacto line that separates the truly average pedestrian QB from a non so bad, but not so good either, starter.
    A career rating of 85.1 is not all that bad and would put him in the top half of the league for starters with at least a few seasons of experience. I do think that $20 million seems a bit high, but the money paid to QB’s always seems a little out of whack.

  32. To those of you that think that money should have been spent on Peppers, They allready offered him a contract that would have made him the highest payed def. player in the league and he turned it down. He doesn’t want to be in Carolina.

  33. offseasons worst move they dont even have enough money to pay peppers lol

  34. Wow, even if you are a diehard Panthers homer, there is no way anyone can justify this move. Absolutely absurd.

  35. It is a shocker, they wanted to get Jake a new deal for a while because of cap issues. Buy 20 million guaranty is just nuts. Maybe 10 guaranteed. I think Jake’s agent knew they had him over a barrell with the cap sitch and took advantage.

  36. Good news for 31 teams.
    mafleish: you make a good point but you undercut it with an average list that contains a bunch of guys that have proven to be worth #1 picks and by forgetting Ben Roethlisburger (or however it is spelled).

  37. So that means Panthers fans are going to suffer a little longer. Last year GoHomme was horrible except the first game in San Diego. NFC South is going to be weak again. I don’t believe in the Falcons. Panthers suck at QB and Bucs will be happy to get 3 wins. Only good team will be the Saints.

  38. This is ridiculous, there is so much ignorance here.
    A career passer rating in the mid-80’s is a GOOD thing. Why is that being pointed out as being bad???
    Yes Delhomme had the one catastrophic playoff game. Does a good career get trashed by ONE BAD GAME? Of course not!
    This whole issue is ridiculous!!! Jake is an above average NFL starting QB, not some bust poor QB as he’s being portrayed on this site.

  39. Runner up to the Kurt Warner contract Arizona foolishly gave him. But not quite as dumb as the Browns expecting a #1 and Kiwi from the Giants for Braylon.

  40. Jake always seemed like a good guy to me, but jeez, any of you Panthers fans that want to see your team contend every year a la the Patriots, those hopes just went in the shitter with this contract.

  41. He has been the starter since 03. He missed the entire 07 season with an injury. He still has gone to 1 SB 2 NFC Champiopnship games
    and 1 conference playoff game as a #2 seed. He must really suck because all he does is win win win. 1 bad playoff game after being out of football for an entire year. Good thing you guys don’t run a team you would have fired one of the Mannings last year.

  42. If it’s true that he was alraedy due 9 mil this season then all this contract guarantees him is 11 mil more. Not sure what his base salary is. They are hurting for cap relief. I guess this helped. He will see that $20 mil but he will be out of Carolina after 2010 season. The contract is not as fat as it sounds. Not that I wouldn’t freaking cry tears of joy for $20 million…..

  43. Wow.. Just wow. I’ve read some stupid shit on Panthers boards from the haters but this beats it all. Just freakin wow.
    They needed to give Jake that extension for much needed cap room.

  44. Cowher is smiling, when he thought it would be 5 years before that job came open – now he only needes to wait 1.5 years. Delhomme is done and now so is John Fox – panthers will finish 4th in 09. Mark my words.

  45. The cap room isn’t that much help. I think I read $1.25M is all they could do with him. Last capped year, nowhere to roll the money to. All the previous bonus money has to hit this year.
    $20M is too much guaranteed. I don’t agree with throwing that figure at him.
    But, he does have a 56-40 regular season record with the Panthers, and 5-3 in the playoffs. Say what you want, but a few teams would be glad to have that.
    I personally would have liked to see some preseason ball out of McClown and Moore before committing this much. In Fox’s system, I think one of them may have been fine. Now, after a bad year because they have NO depth on either line, when Fox/Hurney get fired, the next group will have to deal with Jake and his contract.

  46. In other news Bank of America Stadium has replaced all seats with road cones and imposed a no standing rule in the stadium. This season should be comfortable to watch.

  47. This is a VERY decent contract for the Panthers and Jake. Obviously, most posters on this board don’t understand how contracts are structured. Florio will undoubtably get the details in the next few days and it’s going to essentially be a two year $20 million contract where the guarantees can be spread over 5 years. As such, the 1st year could be $1 million salary, $4 million allocated bonus, for a $5 million cap hit, saving $4 million from the $9 million hit that was in place. The Panthers are basically guaranteeing the 1st 2 years and years 3-5 are fluff for allocation purposes only.

  48. A lot of these comments are from fans of other NFC South teams, they can’t stand the fact that the Panthers went 12-4 with Jake, and every January, they sit home and wait for their team to sign a hot young QB to a much larger contract, with nothing but guesswork behind the decision.
    If he plays two or three more years, with comparable regular season success, it’s worth it. The other teams can sign a Leinert if they wish, Delhomme is a winner, and fans of the lowly Saints can’t stand knowing that their golden boy QB never gets them anywhere.
    Besides, it’s bubble year for Hurney and Fox, they got nothing to lose, and cap space to gain.

  49. BigMikey:
    I like Jake and if you read my earlier post you can see that I stuck up for him. You may recall that Delhomme was a QB for the Saints before he went to Carolina. MANY Saints fans wanted Delhomme to be the starter before he went to Carolina instead of that smiling all the time but couldn’t play for jack excuse of a QB Aaron Brooks.
    But to compare Delhomme (career passer rating 85.1) to Brees (career passer rating 89.4) is a stretch that I would not make. Brees is a far superior QB in my opinion and I doubt that any personnel man in the NFL (including the Panthers) would not hesitate for a second to take Brees over Delhomme. Brees has had the anchor known as the Saints “defense” to carry the last few years. If the Saints defense can somehow get in the top half of the NFL the Saints may make some progress again this year. If not, Brees will probably have another great year and the Saints will hover near .500.
    If the Saints had the Panthers defense the last few years I think Brees would have been in at least one Super Bowl.

  50. Well, we as a nation have little right to criticize the Panthers; after all, we did give George W. Bush a 4 year extension that bankrupted the world.

  51. SFSaintsFan,
    Your points are well made and taken. My point in referencing Brees was partially an acknowledgement of his superiority, and partially to point out that having an absolute top shelf QB is not a guarantee of postseason success. And I’ve had better posts, hopefully.
    Anything I say about Jake is the product of hope, frustration, conviction and emotion. I just want the guy to win it big, just one time, and maybe he’ll go down in history as a good QB.
    If the Chargers had chosen Brees, they would’ve been in a Super Bowl.

  52. Delhomme is a winner…all of the Panthers fans asking for his head clearly do not remember ’07 after he went down…or the Rodney Peete, Chris Weinke years before he became a Panther. What he did last season coming off of Tommy John surgery in about 8 months is a credit to him…and according to Tommy John “specialists”, there are days in the following year of the surgery where the arm is “dead”. Now Delhomme doesn’t make excuses, but I bet there was a little bit of “dead arm” in that playoff loss. Another year removed from the surgery, and the winner Delhomme will get it done. At least the Panthers brass has the loyalty and smarts to recognize what needs to get done to be a contender…the two years…
    ’03 — Super Bowl
    ’04 — 7th string RB plays majority of season and helps team to 7-9 record
    ’05 — NFC Championship
    ’06 — 8-8…record with Delhomme–7-6, without Delhomme–1-2 (scoring 16 total points in 3 games without him!!!)
    ’07 — Delhomme injured in week 3 after being solid prior to injury…7-9
    ’08 — Delhomme healthy…12-4

  53. They probably looked at the JP Losman game tape again and said, “Delhomme ain’t that bad…” Plus they’ve still got David Carr and Chris Weinke on speed dial.

  54. As they say …. You can only make this s**t up …. but in this case its seems its come true !
    I love Delhomme and loved his 2003 Season but that was one hell of a long time ago, Its 2009 !!!! what have you done for me lately ?

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