Harvin's Medical Issues Under Microscope

University of Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin is drawing heavy scrutiny for his multiple character issues, including testing positive for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine along with a history of clashing with teammates and coaches.
What has gone largely ignored are Harvin’s durability and medical concerns that may concern NFL decision-makers as much as his behavior, according to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News.
Per the report, Harvin needs to have a surgery to repair a “hole” in his foot bone and he’s already gone under the knife several times in the past to address ankle and foot problems. 
“Oh, yeah, he’s got a bad attitude and tested positive for marijuana at the scouting combine, my sources confirmed,” Cimini writes. “Other than that, he’s a Boy Scout.”
We’ve heard separately from a league source that Harvin’s medical background is raising eyebrows around the league.
Despite his character red flags and medical issues, though, Harvin has a ton of talent and someone will be willing to take the risk.

15 responses to “Harvin's Medical Issues Under Microscope

  1. The more negative press that comes out on this kid, the more you have to think teams want him to fall to them…
    Bad PR before the draft = Front Office Meddlings

  2. I Just heard from Michael Smith on ESPN that Atlanta is very close to acquiring TE Tong Gonzalez from the Chiefs….He said they are finalizing the deal….As a Chiefs fan I think this Sucks

  3. Maybe he could convince teams that it was medicinal marijuana because of his health issues. Take a negative and turn it into a positive!

  4. Harvin needs to have a surgery to repair a “hole” in his foot bone!
    How the hell does he end up with a hole in his foot ?
    Was he using his foot to take bong hits?

  5. Here we go again.. I wasn’t aware he had any arrests. Thats because he hasnt. He does have a chip on his shoulder and an attitude to match. It’s funny because I think a lot of people from the 757 develop this attitude because the level of hate they have to triumph over to succeed. I call it the crabs in a barrell theory. Everyone tryin to pull the most successful person back in when their escaping. Im telling you I know the kid and he is your average guy, just blessed with unique talent and has to deal with haters a lot more than the average person. The kid isn’t really injury prone other than the heel injury that was misdiagnosed out of high school, he has been healthy, except migraines, and having his ankle rolled (which can happen to anyone) This kid is better at 90% than many are at 100% and thats why a team should take him. Ask Oklahoma, he wasn’t even running full speed and breaking away for 40 -50 yd runs. Elite speed and the best 1st step in football are qualities people shouldnt look over. He also can return kicks, which he excelled in high school but didnt have to do in college because Brandon James was there. What Maclin does better than him? Nothing.. he played for a worst team so he had to do a lot more. He is taller but Percy is stronger and faster. This kid is special and I hope he goes where he belongs in the middle of the 1st, but if he slips, I really hope my team will pick him up. He will make every team pay that looked over him

  6. I’ve been wondering why his injury situation hasn’t been discussed more. Over the past couple of years at Florida, it seemed like he either scored a touchdown or got hurt every time he touched the ball.

  7. He’s a perfect fit for the Vikings. They know a thing or two about drafting bust receivers. It will make everyone forget about Troy Williamson picked at #7. That might be the biggest bust of all time given how high he was picked vs. talent. Too bad they fell in love with his 40yd dash time and didn’t realize that the kid had stone hands.

  8. Vikings coach Brad Childress apparently spent all day Wednesday at the University of Florida meeting with Harvin… Concerns or not he could be gone at #22.
    AP + Harvin together could be a POTENTIAL disaster for opposing D’s.
    1998 Vikes draft a WR who fell to them because of “Character Issues” and Mr. Moss paid off big time.
    2007 Vikes draft a RB who fell to them because of “Durability Issues” and Mr. Peterson paid off big time.
    2009 Vikes draft a WR/RB who fell to them because of “Character and Durability Issues” …and Mr. Harvin was a bust.

  9. Seems like this young man has stripes in his future. Either as a Bengal or a convict.
    Maybe both.

  10. I really enjoyed watching this guy as a Gators fan, But seriously to fail a drug test at a combine you know of weeks in advance……
    Here’s what I see, a player who couldn’t really care before he gets the money, why would he care more once he has gauranteed money?
    And usually when a good kid gets in trouble, his coach will come out and stick up for him………..Haven’t heard a thing from Meyer backing Harvin up……………
    It sucks, him and Darius Butler were my two favourite players coming out, but now I really couldn’t care with Harvin or if my team gets him

  11. I guess it’s better to have a hole in your bone than to have a bone in your hole.

  12. “A hole in his foot bone.” That’s a pretty cutting edge diagnosis, Aaron. Do you have any idea how many different bones make up the foot? Exactly which bone is it?

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