Millen Had Handshake Deal With NBC?

When we mentioned the other day that former Lions CEO Matt Millen will be joining ESPN, we wondered aloud whether Millen had an offer to join NBC.
According to our connections in and around Bristol, he did.
And it was more than an offer.
As we hear it, Millen had an agreement in principle to join NBC’s coverage of the NFL.  And, as we understand it, Millen struck the agreement in principle after rejecting an offer from ESPN to become a college football game analyst.  But then, once he had a non-binding deal in place with NBC, ESPN sweetened the pot with the offer to take Emmitt Smith’s place at the Monday Night Football desk constructed at the site of each week’s game.
Though Millen was fully within his rights to shop the NBC non-binding deal and then to renege on it, the question is whether a guy like Millen, on whom NBC took a chance — and a fairly large P.R. hit — earlier this year should have conducted himself differently.
Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether ESPN will be criticized for giving an extensive platform to the man who arguably was one of the worst front-office executives in the history of pro sports.  (Whitlock, where you at?)  It could be that the critics spoke their minds when Millen resurfaced with NBC, and that they’ve all moved on to other windmills now that Millen has been hired by ESPN.
Of course, ESPN might want the criticism, since it would add to the buzz resulting from the decision to bring Millen on board.  So for the same reasons we watched Emmitt to see whether he’d inadvertently expand the English language, we’ll be watching Millen to see if/when he has the nerve to criticize NFL franchises for making stupid draft picks or other misguided personnel moves.
Either way, we’ll be watching — and that’s ultimately what ESPN wants.

35 responses to “Millen Had Handshake Deal With NBC?

  1. Every time that Millen talks they need to bleep it out and put a big Lions symbol over his mouth.

  2. Florio says “According to our connections in and around Bristol…..”
    Another lame character assassination by Florio using sources who could be anybody, maybe a high level exec. or a Bristol janitor. You are so high and mighty about citing sources and hammering SI over integrity, but you hammer Millen’s character but won’t reveal who the sources are or even if they have an real credibility.
    Florio- you will always be a internet hack with a using tabloid methods like this. But hey it works! Why be a good journalist when you can be a sensational mediocre? One that even the NFL Network seems to support. Man, have standards fallen with the internet.
    Wait is the National Enquirer on the line now???

  3. Millen is perfect for ESPN. He spent 8 years creating a terrible product. What is he going to do any differently?

  4. Millen was supposed to be working on a handshake deal with the Lions as well. I believe there are a couple of quotes from him about how he would work until Mr. Ford didn’t want him anymore and then he would walk away. Of course when Ford didn’t want him anymore he quietly sued the team for the balance of his contract.
    In today’s news “Word of a Duechebag Means Nothing”

  5. Matt Millen sucks on multiple levels. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he would go back on his word in a “handshake deal.”
    He could be the most eloquent speaker in the world, but in my opinion he has zero credibility left. He was the worst GM in NFL history, and had no idea what he was doing. Why should we give stock to anything that he says?
    How does he keep falling into these sweetheart deals?

  6. Why should you expect more from someone who clung to his job when everyone, including his dog, knew that a person with integrity and a modicum of self-awareness would have resigned?

  7. eh… they have Steve Phillips doing baseball, and he was brutal running the Mets. Terry Donahue got on at Fox and we all know what he did to the 49ers.

  8. What did Herm Edward ever win. Tim Hasselbeck has 5 CAREER NFL QB STARTS. Where was the uproar when those people were hired? You want someone with credentials? Bring back Emmitt Smith.

  9. millen is and will always be a scumbag.
    what a country we live in though. this dude is constantly stepping into shit and comes out smelling like a rose.
    he is the footbal version of “isaiah thomas”

  10. Being a fan of a team NOT the Lions makes me more objective about Matt Millen.
    I was sorry he left the booth to go to the Lions. I thought he was intelligent, insightful and informative. I learned about football from Matt Millen.
    I never once ever learned anything from that fatass John Madden. “Boom!”, repeated waaaaaaaaaaaaay too often eventually sold to Tinactin. He explained “the wedge” like four thousand times.
    Whore of a man, never met an endorsement he didn’t like. Don’t believe me? Can you spell Rent A Center. Bad crap sold to poor people at exorbitant rates not off-limits to the whoreman John Madden.
    Wouldn’t fly, wouldn’t go into tall buildings but it didn’t stop him from taking an elevator to the skybox to cash those big network checks. Big phoney of a whore man.
    So leave Brittany, errrrrr, Matt Millen alone. He’s no John Madden and thank God for that.

  11. “Whitlock, where you at?”
    Nice English lawyerman.
    Mike Florio getting all hood, and shit.

  12. Dear ESPN boss man,
    Why you replace me with Matt Millen? Sure I never graduated from the Center for Children who can’t read good, but at least I never debacled an entire franchise.

  13. DA, in part it comes from a reference to bill clinton, where it was said he was so lucky he could reach his hand into a pile of manure and pull out a pony.

  14. **to chknbn**
    they gave him a handshake, not a milkshake. If they gave him a milkshake he never would have jumped to ESPN!

  15. Our society places extreme value in glibness, far outweighing the capacity for insight.
    Nothing else could explain how Matt Millen will take Emmitt Smith’s analyst job.

  16. @ JustPlayFootball
    I was gonna give your crappy comment a 1, but the poor grammar and this doozy deserve better:
    “Man, have standards fallen with the internet.”
    Keep trying…

  17. ” (Whitlock, where you at?) ”
    He’s where he’s always at – in the buffet line at Golden Corral.

  18. NBC should have bound Millen by written contract. In turn, Millen should have the honor/class to stand by his original agreement. This just shows that NBC is stupid and Millen is a selfish and classless SOB.

  19. How does this guy keep getting work??
    Seriously, if I messed up at my job as much as he did at his, I would have been fired years ago and wouldnt have had a chance to get a new job. But this guy was paid millions of dollars for several years to run a franchise into the ground. And as his encore set them up to be the losingest team in league history, he’s then sought out by multiple broadcast companies to speak about the game and how talent should be evaluated and how guys should perform on the field.
    If this is a big joke for ESPN I’m not laughing. I will refuse to watch ESPN MNF as long as that moron is apart of it. So you’re definitely wrong on that Florio.

  20. Millen sucked as an executive. A more honourable man would have quit years earlier when it became clear he was both out of his depth and unwilling to put in the extra effort needed to improve. If he reneged on a deal he literally shook hands on the NBC deal then it shows him to be selfish, classless, untrustworthy prick: so pretty much your standard television personality.
    Still, he was on four Super Bowl winning teams, and was a good to above average player for a decade on 3 of the most successful franchises over that period. He still has credibility as a commentator as long as he sticks to commenting on the games and the players.
    He would even be a credible speaker on draft and roster building as long as he sticks to why it was much harder than it looks and what he did wrong. After all he’s got more actual experience of sucking as personnel evaluator than anyone else.


  22. In a related story Mike Brown reached a deal with NBC. Looks like NBC gets the last laugh!

  23. Just gives me one more reason to not watch ESPN. Ever since I switched to satellite a decade ago, I’ve had enough channels to where I don’t think I’ve spent more than 5 minutes on ESPN on game day checking a few scores. I’ll take a re-run of Deadliest Catch or whatever is on the Hitler Channel before listening to 2 seconds of a guy who knows less about football than I do. Seriously, Ford, you could have hired anyone here (except maybe teddybayer who is waiting for Millen’s manseed any moment now) and the team would have at least been 2 or 3 years ahead of where it is now.

  24. It is truly an appealing hallucination of justice that Emmitt Smith will be replaced by Millen who understands English, just not anything remotely resembling business or management.
    (is that good Emmitties?)

  25. Why are people rewarded for failure?
    This guy is a certified dope who has earned the certification through repeated and documented poor performance. There is nothing more irritating than a guy who has proven time and time again his incompetence who talks like some sort of purveyor of wisdom.

  26. I know how Matt Millen keeps getting work, he has pictures of someone’s wife having sex with a monkey.

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