Titans Talking To Cardinals About Boldin

The Tennessee Titans are exploring the possibility of a trade for Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin, making inquiries with the Arizona Cardinals about a prospective deal, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.
Citing sources, the report states that the two sides aren’t on the verge of striking a deal two days prior to the NFL Draft.
The Titans could definitely use a proven wide receiver to boost a dormant passing game. Tennessee recently made a bid for Torry Holt, but he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Holding 10 draft picks, the Titans are capable of wheeling and dealing to try to obtain Boldin.
“It’s safe to say we’re always trying to get the team better, so we’ll continue to monitor various situations,’’ Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt said. “But there’s a numbers of players that are discussed at this point and time, that’s kind of the way it works.”
Other receivers that are reportedly of interest to the Titans via trade: Braylon Edwards, Roscoe Parrish and Chad Johnson. 
“There’s always that potential,’’ Reinfeldt said. “I wouldn’t rule it out. … It would have to be a situation of equity and you’d consider it then.’’
The Titans signed former Pittsburgh Steelers third wide receiver Nate Washington to a free agent deal this offseason, but want to continue to bolster their receiving corps with a potential No. 1 wideout.

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  1. I’m thinking that the reason Bolden hasn’t been traded yet has a lot to do with the fact the best offers have come from NFC teams. I’m guessing that Arizona would demand less from an AFC team, in order to avoid facing Bolden in the playoffs.

  2. Yikes.
    I thought the Titans would fall off this year.
    We already know what Anquan brings to the table. Nate Washington has just enough talent to be pretty freaking dangerous lined up across from someone like Boldin.

  3. As a Titans fan, let me just say that this will never happen. Not for a 1st and a 3rd, probably not even for a 1st. If the Cardinals want our 2nd and Justin Gage, it’s still probably not happening. Titans love draft picks.

  4. this makes too much sense so it wont happen, jeff fisher is too cheap
    to get a decent wideout, tennessee only likes to waste money
    on over-the-hill busts like bobby wade, justin mccariens, eric moulds,etc.

  5. wow, they already have a very good stretch the field guy in Gage, adding Boldin as the underneath RAC guy would be insane. And Nate Washington is a very nice #3. From Gage and no one to Boldin,Gage,Washington, wow.

  6. Wonder how the Eagle fans would take it if the Titans got Boldin for less than they gave for Peters…

  7. Boldin would be a good pickup for the Titans. They need a good #1, and I think he is as capable as anyone out there who is available.

  8. So Collins has one decent year behind a stout D, along with the emergence of C. Johnson, who could have flopped big time just as Chris Henry did for them, and all of a sudden the Titans reward Collins, not Young, with N. Washington and the possibility of adding Boldin? Wow, so the reluctance of adding WR’s to help the THIRD overall pick four years ago results in him getting benched, but then the sudden inkling to add them to help a veteran journeyman? I don’t get it. I understand that Collins throws a better ball than Young etc., but what is this franchise exactly looking for out of both the QB and WR position? It’s way confusing.

  9. boldin is not leaving az. it would take a heck of alot more than the titans late 1st and late 3rd, just for the trade.

  10. That would be quite a receiving duo, the only problem is the poor Titans don’t have a decent QB to throw them the ball….too bad.

  11. KC’s trade of Gonzalez for a second round pick has set the bar for Boldin. You can’t tell me he is worth more to a team then a 2nd, if that’s what KC got….

  12. Moving up just one spot is not enticing, so hopefully a good player would be in the package.

  13. They must think Boldin is a running back.
    Scratch that.. everybody knows he’s one of the best WRs in the game. Kerry Collins must be pretty happy with this.

  14. the Titans said the same things about Michael Turner last year…
    talking to and exploring aren’t the same thing as pulling the trigger…
    this is much ado about nothing…

  15. How are Tony Gonzalez and Anquan Boldin equals in trade value? Gonzalez is 33 and maybe has 1-2 years left. Boldin is a 28 year old pro-bowler. Why would the Giants or Titans consider drafting Kenny Britt, Derrious Heyward-Bey, etc with the pick that they could trade for a top 10 WR.

  16. Wow how much would this suck if the titans actually got boldin?!?!?!?! I would HATE to see him twice a year, as a colts fan i was ecstatic of haynesworth going to the ‘skins, now this………. wow please tell me it won’t be done please god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anquan Boldin, Chad Johnson, Braylon Edwards and…Roscoe Parrish.
    Reminds me of the Sesame Street skit “Three of these things belong together, one of these things does not belong…”

  18. Hey dmrocs Anquan Boldin’s value was set by Roy Williams (the WR not the safety) not Tony Gonzalez.
    There is a huge difference in value between 33 year old tight ends and 28 year old legitimate #1 wide receivers.

  19. Boldin has a LOT more mileage left on him than Tony G. The 1 and a 3 asking price is absolutely the least the Cards should take for him.. or a combo of player(s) and pick(s).
    More teams need to do what the Steelers have done – have an iron clad policy that NOBODY’S deal gets reworked until the last year of the contract, period/exclamation point. Their players know this and don’t even attempt to pull this all-too-common BS like Boldin’s pulling, where with multiple years left under the deal that HE signed, he now “needs” a new deal to be “happy”. I say hang onto him and make him play, or sit out if he’s stupid enough to go that route.

  20. ForceEight says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 11:23 pm
    Don’t count out the Ravens. I honestly think a Boldin for Suggs deal is in the works.
    Then you are a moron. We are not trading Suggs for anyone.

  21. Reinfeldt and Coach Fisher we have to make this deal and get him in here. If we get ANQUAN BOLDIN it is over I REPEAT if we get ANQUAN BOLDIN it is over. The TITANS will hoist that LOMBARDI TROPHY!!!!!

  22. This will not happen. The cardinals want too many good picks and we love our draft picks and boldin will want a new fat contract. We are a draft and develop team and a move like this would be a complete and utter surprise to all or us titans fans. And indikid you should fear us regardless of who we get and who we lose. The tables have turned in the afc south and we are back on top where we belong

  23. i’m convinced the Eagles won’t get Boldin. Arizona if they see us as their NFC competition won’t want to strengthen us while weakening themselves and because of that they’ll try to overcharge us for him and Banner and Co have always shown they won’t overpay for anyone. Oh and I don’t want Edwards (don’t need 2 field stretchers). I think we should stay with Knowshown at pick 21 and look to bolster the secondary later in the draft. Eagles don’t need another #2 WR since we have two already in Jackson and Curtis.

  24. Such a tease. Plz let this happen, plz!!
    I’m guessing they are trying to get it down to a 1st & 4th, since they have 2 4th rounders.
    Why do the football gods tease us Titans fans. We will never get a top flight WR again.(D.Mason)

  25. Chad or Edwards are more likely. Whichever team gets Crabtree is the team the Titans will be calling to try and work a trade.
    Boldin would cost too many picks, too much money in a contract and he’s got too many injury questions b/c of his physical style.

  26. This would make sense as to why they weren’t aggressive with Torry Holt. The Titans should give up Alge Crumpler and a 2010 1st rounder for Boldin. Boldin is a physical wide-out who takes pride in his blocking ability, perfect fit for Tennessee.

  27. collins can get him the ball, esp if boldin is the rac guy.
    in oakland collins did pretty well. too bad the rest of the team sucked.
    short term, uncle rico isnt getting the ball to anyone.

  28. “short term, uncle rico isnt getting the ball to anyone.”
    long term, uncle rico isn’t getting the ball to anyone.

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