$41.7 Million Guaranteed For Stafford

It’s done.
The Lions have agreed to terms with quarterback Matthew Stafford.
According to Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com, Stafford’s deal is worth $78 million over six years, with $41.7 million guaranteed.
UPDATE:   Peter King of SI.com has the base at $72 million, with a maximum value of $78 million based on incentives.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN says the max is $74 million.  All have the guarantee at $41.7 million.

155 responses to “$41.7 Million Guaranteed For Stafford

  1. wow that’s just nuts. I’ll bet going in he makes more than a ton of very good to great quarterbacks in this league and he hasn’t played and down and likely won’t all year.
    rookie wage scale here we come.

  2. Thanks from all the Bears fans in Chicago!
    Two more easy wins a year thanks to yet another boneheaded move by Lions front office.
    Glade we won’t have to see Curry twice a year now.

  3. That makes no sense to me. They could have got a higher percentage position and paid much less. Jezz these rookie contracts are crazy!

  4. As a recovering Lions fan is for 41 Million guaranteed, it is a good thing he can through laying on is back… Because that is where he will be. That Rocket ARM had better have a 1 second fuse.

  5. Once again I hate the Lions, if I request it, do you think I could get the Lions front office to just punch me in the face? I feel so empty.

  6. This is just getting out of hand. On a side note, I wish I would’ve never quit football

  7. Wow. Just ridiculous. The sad fact is that the Lions have to pay a little more because they are the Lions. Maybe this will help. It is worth an extra 2 or 3 Million guaranteed to be done with it.
    As for the amount; this is ridiculous. Brady didn’t even get that when he signed his big contract.

  8. Insane. How does the cap go up by 3% or so but the guarantee goes up by guarantee money go up by almost 20%? In a down economy no less!!!

  9. Ripoff…thank god the Lions are always dumb. Stafford should sign the deal then retire…Haha.

  10. How are the Lions ever going to get out of the doormat status after Stafford proves to be another bust in a long line of Detroit busts and they are saddled with that kind of cap number after they cut or trade him? He’s a bust waiting to happen and in a weak draft class on top of everything else. Poor Lions…..

  11. Like they say if you don’t have one get one. A potential franchise QB.
    Can anybody really hate on the Lions. Cut’em some slack.
    It’s not like they’ve been beating down on anyone….Ever…

  12. “shidders says:
    April 24th, 2009 at 11:01 pm
    Wow. I guess Ford Motor Corp. did have a good qtr ”
    If you consider losing $1.4 billion a good quarter….
    then yeah, they did fantastic. Slightly better than the Lions anyways, I think.

  13. This is idiotic. They could have had a better player at a much needed position for less money.
    It’s not like Stafford was considered a surefire thing as QB that everyone wanted him.

  14. Rookie money is just stupid. Being worst in the league is a curse for more than just being the league doormat. Then you have to pay a disgusting amount of money and crush your cap space for someone who has never taken a snap and may be a colassal bust.
    Get some sanity and institute a rookie pay scale. I’ll bet there would be far fewer first round busts if they had to work to earn the big money deal.

  15. On behalf of the entire NFL fanbase, I would like to extend a hearty “We’re sorry” to all the Detroit Lions fans out there.
    Sometimes life just does not stop kickin’ your ass.

  16. Dumb. They had all the leverage in the world and a great backup plan and they pay Stafford 42 Million guaranteed?????? That’s 7 million more than Ryan got last year and he was a much better prospect to boot. These kind of errors can set your franchise back significantly. Damn, even if he pans out he is still going to be overpaid. What a joke…

  17. And what happens if Culpepper plays well? Suppose the Lions win 7 games and Culpepper plays well. Isn’t it then like Leinart and Warner? Stupid move by Detroit. Stupid stupid stupid. Stoooopid

  18. Yyyyyyyeah, I meant to take the word “million” out of the number of copies of QBF he can buy.
    So much for me getting a free one, now.

  19. I feel like I could be sick. What a great time to be a Lion’s fan – I had such high hopes for Schwartz and Mayhew, and I feel like they were just setting me up for a kick in the gut. Do we get a patch for 0 – 32 or something? Anything?

  20. what else were they going to do? this is the sign of the times…..Stafford couldn’t hold the jock of 80% of the starting QB’s right now….no pressure.

  21. Suddenly alot of other quarterbacks who haven’t done anything in the NFL are going to want raises like Tony Romo.

  22. Didn’t Peyton Manning get $35 mill guaranteed when he signed his contract? And Stafford gets more and has never taken a snap in the NFL? This should convince any remaining players that were against a wage scale that it might be a good thing after all.

  23. Being a Lion’s fan sucks.
    What little hope I had has now been flattened.
    I don’t understand this decision.
    The first pick is a financial anchor. Curry came out and said he would sign for less than Long did last year, effectively throwing the Lions a life saver.
    I am pissed. I am going down with the ship.


  25. EFF the lions organization……….they will not get another effin dime from me!!!!

  26. The Lions just drafted this year’s version of Jeff George.
    He’ll be around a few years, but you’ll always be saying “Damn, why did he throw that?”

  27. At least we won’t be waiting for 15 minutes at the start of the draft for them to announce their pick and we can get closer to teams that have a clue a little bit earlier.
    YAY for tomorrow!!!!!!!

  28. Wow! Not even the story about bringing a 12 year old Leukiema survivor to the draft could get the Lions to make the right decision and draft Curry.

  29. By far the richest kid my age. If i ever run into you Matt, your buying the drinks.

  30. Maybe he’s just getting a good job because of his education. Talented Speech Communication majors are in high demand, I hear.

  31. I can’t remember the last time in NFL history when drafting a QB when it is such an obvious need…yet nobody will be happy. KEEP HOPE ALIVE. Draft Curry!

  32. Martin Mayhew… has turned out to be a very, very stupid man. Had me fooled for a while.
    I’m ok with the pick, but to pay so much for a guy that probably would have slipped out of the top 10 if they didn’t pick him, and to give in completely to the demands of Tom Condom when he had very little leverage, speaks volumes of the idiots calling the shots in Detroit,

  33. Dude if they don’t input a wage scale it’s gonna be 100 million guaranteed by 2015!!

  34. and people thought it was absurd when the redskins gave haynesworth 40 mill guarenteed. Now the lions are giving more than that to a rookie

  35. Why do you cause me so much pain. It is so hard to be a Lions Fan. At least the home games will be blacked out so I don’t have to watch.

  36. Nice bluff on the Curry contract. Without it, the Lions would have had to give him 50 million guaranteed.

  37. Just wait until the QB’s that are actually good that didn’t come out this year are going to get next year. Insane.

  38. They must have really needed to sell another Ford Truck. 41.7 million is quite an incentive.

  39. lol. They should’ve drafted the much needed tackle. I can’t wait to see Stafford, Kevin Smith, and Megatron play.

  40. “Suddenly alot of other quarterbacks who haven’t done anything in the NFL are going to want raises like Tony Romo. ”
    Romo’s got a winning record as a starter. There are plenty of QBs in the NFL that can’t say that, including most of the QBs drafted in the first round in the last 10 years.

  41. as an ex lions fan – it makes me sick to my stomach…..
    this is excally why i did not renew my season tickets this year –
    He is going to spend more time on his back then a cheap whore…..wtf are they thinking.

  42. Bottom line is this is a very bad team with many holes and wasn’t going to compete this year anyhow. They have an amazing young WR in Johnson and now a QB that throws a great deep ball. If they don’t screw up their remaining picks they just may be in a position to improve dramatically. So when Stafford is ready, they could have some players around him to help him succeed. Who knows what to believe when it comes to these guys and all the hype or how their skills will translate. I watched Ryan last year in college and his numbers weren’t that good and he was babied in Atlanta, but he had a decent team so he was a success. As a Steelers’ fan, when Ben stepped in he had a SB caliber D, running game, WR, and offensive line so he was able to do it as well. When I saw Stafford in college I saw him make throws that I have only seen done by Favre and Ben. Things you can’t teach, just raw talent. He will be very good as long as he isn’t thrown in too soon, or at least as long as they can protect him with better players in rest of draft. Like another poster said, give the Lions a break, it isn’t like they are hurting your team, and if it fails then they will continue to NOT hurt your team. As far as the money…yeah, time for a rookie salary cap. If I was their GM I would have taken Curry (thus building a great LB corp like Steelers) and drafted D rest of the way. Lose this year and get your QB then. But still, I understand why they did it.

  43. $41.7 Million Guaranteed .. wowza
    So,many “poor folks” in Detroit right now …
    Kick me in the “nuts” ,, we’ll call it a day ..

    This will set the Lions back another 10 years. I am always right, and this guy is a BUST. 78MIL???????? Bring bak Matt Million.

  45. People who keep mentioning Brady as a reference can stop… Look more towards the McNabb, Vick, and Manning deals as references. Brady took a major pay cut to help the Patriots, as well as, stay with the Patriots… It’s easy to point out his contract when trying to validate this argument, but his contract is irrelevant… This is the way rookie contracts are and they aren’t that bad…
    Would you rather have no salary cap ??? You either have rookie salary caps or league salary caps… No salary caps and you have all guaranteed deals like baseball…
    Pick your poison because the players association will not allow both rookie caps and league wide caps to happen…

  46. I am no longer a shareholder of Ford. They are going to file chapter 11. It’s too bad you cant short stocks under $5. I am selling all my shares of Ford, and as an Executive of Morgan Stanley, I advise all my football family here at at PFT to do the same.

  47. This just in: Toby Keith is recording a new song called “I should have been a lion”

  48. you know this is gonna piss McNabb off. Which oughta be good, considering how he was making fun of Eagirls fans last year. What’s it gonna take, another $100 million to keep Kolb off the field?

  49. A rookie pay scale has to be at the top of things Goodell needs to address ASAP.
    You cant blame veteran players that have proven themselves for wanting huge contracts, when rookies get so much money for not even stepping on the field.

  50. <>
    I dunno, I think you got the number correct, but that’s only if Stafford is crazy enough to spend a few thousand dollars for multiple copies of the book! Then again, he say he wanted to play for the Lions.
    That’s an insane contract, and especially for a guy who has issues with accuracy and making the right decision. I’m a diehard Lions fan, and this is a total downer. Stafford looks like the next Jeff George — big arm, lotsa potential, and useless.

  51. someone should of warned the lions that you never go full retard…. plain ridiculous…

  52. The only way I saw Stafford as a good move is if they put him on the bench 2 years to develop and draft some good linemen. I don’t know if they can bench him now and after seeing that much money I seriously wonder if they are smart enough to bring in good players for the OL.

  53. With that kind of cash, Matty better start in Week 1. The Lions ought to solidify that o-line and add more weapons to keep defenses off Megatron.

  54. As a Lions fan I am pissed. What a waste.
    I will bet a million dollars that the pan away to Ford Field during the draft shows nothing but boos when this prick gets announced.
    The surveys were 3 to 1 in Detroit against drafting Stafford. This will kill ticket sales even more.

  55. something has got to be done about these rookie contracts, this is starting to get a little out of hand

  56. I am a lions fan; we have been screaming all week not to take stafford, JUST ANYONE BESIDES STAFFORD. I can’t wait to watch this press conference tomorrow; i hope killer and the other media members absolutely take Mayhew to task. This makes me sick.

  57. Hmmm…..
    I wouldve drafted a waterboy number 1 and used all the money I saved to sign Albert Haynesworth (41 million guaranteed). At least you have a pretty good idea about what youre getting with Haynesworth.
    The Lions had a year to wait on next year’s qb class which should be superior anyways……

  58. Eh. I can’t really complain too much about this. I’ll wait and grade the Lions draft as a whole, from top to bottom. They said they didn’t wanna pay over 40 mil in guaranteed for him, and they only went 1 million over that mark so I can’t fault them there. They basically got what they wanted from a guy who was seen as everyone as the can’t miss #1 pick, so I don’t get how anyone is crying about Mayhew at this point.
    It would have been nice to take Curry but that’s a pointless move unless you absolutely need him after picking up Julian Peterson a couple months ago. You’re gonna take the first pick, an OLB, sign him and expect him to succeed at a position he’s never played in college? Eh.
    Only real argument I can take here is that they should have gone OT with the first pick. Even then, they need a guard more than an OT and if they think that one of these rookies won’t be better than Backus (thus allowing htem to move Backus to guard) then why would you take one this high?

  59. We knew this was coming at some point, but 41.7 Million in guaranteed money? We need a rookie salary cap. Without playing a single NFL snap Stafford is already making more money than Matt Ryan. If Stafford is a bust the Lions will be set back for 6 years.

  60. All I can say is, from this point forward, I want to see Lions fans rally behind this kid. If we all come out rooting for Stafford to fail because we wanted Curry, then we deserved to be branded with 0-16.
    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  61. So much for my season again. I was hoping for an OT or Curry. Guess I can watch C-pep C-suck until the fans scream for Stafford then wonder why he pulls a Harrington with no OL.
    Calvin won’t make the HoF with this team, maybe he’ll get lucky and get out like Roy.

  62. Here’s some mental cud for the chewing:
    Here’s the guaranteed portion of a few established QBs’ 2nd contracts:
    Peyton Manning: $34.5m, 7 yrs
    Tom Brady: $34m, 6 yrs
    Carson Palmer: $22m, 7 yrs
    Tony Romo: $30m, 6 years
    Ben Roethlisberger: $36m, 8 yrs
    I figured McNabb belonged on this list but he apparently got $20.5m up front on his 8 yr extension and is the only franchise QB playing on a non-guaranteed contract, however that happens.
    and here’s the guaranteed portion of these QBs’ rookie contracts (except Vick):
    Stafford obviously
    Matt Ryan: $34.5m, 6 yrs (Flacco ‘only’ got $8.75m)
    JaMarcus Russell: $31.5, 6 yrs
    Vince Young: $25.7m, 5 yrs
    Alex Smith: $24m, 6 yrs
    *cough* Mike Vick: $37m, 10 yrs
    So yeah pretty ridiculous – hopefully DeMaurice Smith et al come up with a much better system this go-round.

  63. You really want to give THAT much money for Stafford at #1 overall when you could have had Matt Cassel for HALF that amount and the #20 overall? That’s ridiculous.

  64. unbelievable. stafford isnt even THAT good. i could see that knda money for a manning, brady, or roth. but my god. the lions have to be the dumbest team in the world. hopefully people will back off my raiders after seeing this. so sad. PLEASE GOODELL, GET A ROOKIE WAGE SCALE!!!!

  65. Staford has a bullet arm which he uses to throw balls into the ground with great intensity. He might be decent in a good organization, like the patriots, but the lions will surround him with crap and a culture of losing and he will be laying on top of Joey Harrington’s Piano in less than 3 years.
    Horrid pick for the joke of the league, so happy I live in Michigan and will be forced to watch these clowns lose every Sunday.

  66. (John Madden circles Stafford on the teleprompter)
    “Now here’s a guy who just made a lot of money.”

  67. The Lions will be the next corp. to ask for a “Bailout”…rookie cap here we come!
    F’n unreal!?!?!?!

  68. LOL @ the Lions. Man. Stafford is gonna get killed this year. Should have played it smart, got a lineman or Curry. This is why teams like the Lions constantly fail.

  69. The argument against a rookie wage scale has been that in the CBA there are provisions limiting future contracts to percentages of old ones. The guys who were picked early don’t want to risk getting that second big contract. Simple solution: rookie wage scale and the second contract can be anything the player and the team agree to. That way, a really good player who was taken late is not stuck with set percentage raise on a lowball contract and the player taken high has to earn a major raise on contract number two.

  70. Mike Golic already called to tell Fatt Stafford how many months of NutriSystem that will buy.

  71. “$41.7 Million Guaranteed For Stafford”
    For that kind of money they SHOULD put his ass to work from Day 1
    Coldpecker can back him up!

  72. 50-50 chance of top 10 QB bust and a higher contract…
    LT and high, high chance of success and less money…
    Why am I not shocked they went QB.
    Also where have I heard this before: Strong armed QB, but not as accurate as you would like…Morons.
    Joey H. part Deux

  73. hahahahahahahah I love it I thought my raiders were the worst franchise in the nfl this is why you will always suck forever lions didnt you already draft a so called “FRANCHISE QB” a few years ago in harrington you just don’t learn do you.Stafford will be a bust and curry will go on to be pro bowler for years, you guys are idiots 41 mill are you kidding me hahahahahahahaha

  74. what happened to the 31% majority that said the Lions should take Stafford on the poll? You guys out there? So they could have saved 4 million taking a linebacker, if they really think he’s going to be a franchise qb 4 to 10 million nfl dollars shouldn’t matter. if they win 4 games this year with him starting that’s huge.

  75. They’d have been way better off trading for Cutler. LOL. Stafford <Eric Hipple. MARK IT DOWN!

  76. i bet the lions could have traded the #1 and a linebacker to the broncos for cutler….. but what do i know i have no common sense, i am just a vikings fan that just ate a giant wedge of cheese that turned out to be foam

  77. What a complete joke this is…the economy is down, but the salaries continue to soar…you’re telling me that stafford is getting more money than matt ryan did last year?? unbelievable…

  78. Well Lions, I’m done with you. I was raised a Lions fan, but I live in Southern California. I’ll be rooting for the Chargers now. You can go F yourselves. I hope Curry falls to Green Bay and spends two games per year reminding the Lions of how stupid they are.
    Mayhew/Schwartz/Lewand/William Clay Ford/Matt Stafford-
    I hope you go 0-48.

  79. Until NFL salaries are guaranteed there should be no rookie cap. Goodell also wants a rookie cap to keep “money within the system,” according to ESPN. Florio, want the hell does that mean? Is this management speak for we only want to pay for proven NFL products?

  80. I’m 21, and I currently make around $130 a week and over the summer it’ll be estimated around $577 per week.
    Mister big shot 5 months younger than me got … $41.7 million guaranteed.

  81. —-Thanks from all the Bears fans in Chicago!
    Two more easy wins a year thanks to yet another boneheaded move by Lions front office.
    Glade we won’t have to see Curry twice a year now. —-
    Ya instead you have a young QB who can throw deep to Calvin for the next 10 years…I don’t care if he’s a avg QB aslong as he can air it out to calvin points will be scored…

  82. No… hey.. shit NO!
    I’m not going to say it!
    Well, I guess someone has to…


  83. Son, Go in the back yard and throw the football around when you get home from school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I love to laugh at the Lions. I grew up and lived in Minneapolis for 25 years, then lived in Michigan for 14 years. I think the Lions have done the right things since the hiring of Schwartz. The money to rookies is ridiculous, but I think Stafford is the right move here.
    Schwartz will turn the Lions around. Won’t be shocked to see the Lions win 6 games this year.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

  85. For that money, you could get yourself an above average veteran free agent QB.
    Stafford won’t hit the average level for 2 to 3 years. And that is assuming he will eventually become a good NFL QB which is no guarantee. Detroit should have traded down and gotten more picks. The whole drafting at the top hasnt worked for them. They might as well go for quantity and hope that half of their picks pan out.

  86. Every year the league has to find a quarterback or two to vault to the top of the draft whether they deserve to be there or not. This draft is a lot like 2002 when there were no quarterbacks worthy of 1st round status.

  87. Rams front office just exploded. Now they are going to have to give a offensive tackle or linebacker 39 million guaranteed! Ticket prices are going up.

  88. I think it was stupid for the lions to draft stafford they shoud agot aaron cuury…… thats alot of money.

  89. yowzah! hopefully the lions will let the kid sit for a year and draft some protection for him next year. if not, $40 mil is still worth getting your head bounced off of astroturf 50 or 60 times a year. rookie pay scale is the only future for the NFL.

  90. How would that be a smokescreen when every team in the league wants the Lions to make that pick and no one covets Stafford like they do Sanchez?

  91. pullpecker isnt getting anyone to 7 wins, especially the lions.
    if the lions dont improve drastically on their 32.2 points allowed per game, it wont matter that much who plays QB anyway. if thery were going to draft offense first, and i still dont see why they should have, they should have gotten some OL help.
    jo-ey? jo-ey isnt why the lions kept losing. altho this pick reeks of old man ford. his mani goal is to put butts in the seats and be middle of the road and exciting. if they were a perennial playoff team he might lose “control” of the team.
    the lions wont be “set back” for 6 more years. just more situation normal… snafu.
    thye also didnt have a “linebacker” to trade with a pick for cutler. altho they do have 2 #1s. ernie sims looks to be in the mold of chris claiborne. team tackle leader, well maybe. while on his back getting creamed again.
    romo is like 9-8 in his last 17 starts. the cowboys are 10-10 in their last 20 games. lets end the dynasty talk for them.
    and a lot of the “poor people” in detroit were poor long before the latest economic situation. they keep crying poverty so someone will just keep the dole spigot flowing.

  92. Move over … Pamela Anderson – step aside … Dolly Parton ,,
    “the most-expensive Bust ever” … now resides in Detroit.

  93. So what was all of the secrecy and negotiating tactics about? Certainly I would think they could have signed a deal like this even if they’d fawned all over the guy and openly declared he was there target from the beginning.

  94. i hope Staff-Infection knows how to do construction work….because after he is selected the fans down at Ford Field for the free draft party are gonna tear the place down…

  95. i wanna say let the kid have a chance but c’mon its the lions until they do a total house cleaning ie stop hiring puppets from within, its guna be the same old story. im a die hard lions fan and every year around this time a little more of me dies on the inside

  96. It’s a match made in heaven, A QB that looks like Corky, and a front office that acts like him. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, Life goes on, bra
    La la how the life goes on …

  97. Ah yes, the reason the Lions are the Lions. Thank you Lions brass for giving the Vikes two more wins. Poor Stafford, nothing like a big arm QB with no talent around to go down in flames with the worst team in the league… again.. .for 78 million.

  98. Hey Lions fans! Why you so pissed? You all knew the guaranteed money would be about $40M this year. And there is usually a premium for QB. This was going to be the number! Maybe $2M less, but now there is no worry about whether he gets signed. If the rest of the draft goes well for them, then they may field a decent team. You have Calvin Johnson for Christ’s sake. I think Curry may have been a better choice considering he said he would take less, but really, what difference is $37M. If that is the guy they want they have to pay that, and you knew going in, so just be happy you got the guy. Too bad it wasn’t Jake Long or Mario Williams. See Miami paid $36M guaranteed to Long, and they got a franchise left tackle. And their odds of a LT going first being successful far outweigh the QB’s odds. Long was the first rookie number one overall pick to go to the pro bowl since 1981. This system needs fixing, but you guys knew this was coming. They just wanted to pay it and move on with rebuilding this team! Kudos to the Lions for getting it done early. That is the smartest thing they did in 30 years.

  99. to the guy who mentioned inflation:
    Inflation is about 10-12% over the last 15 years. The raise from $36M to 41.7M in one year is not inflationary. This is 20% over what future HOF got a few years ago after winning three Super Bowls (or was it after 2?)

  100. Stafford cruises around NYC in a limo in the days before the draft, visiting a psychic and waiting for his agent to call and tell him how much money he’s going to get. Meanwhile, Curry brings a kid who’s leukemia is in remission and his dad to NYC to have a chance to see the draft. Stafford was proclaimed a future #1 pick by Kiper coming out of high school, has all the physical tools in the world, but seems content to have played the role of “anointed one.” Curry didn’t rest on his natural abilities, but worked hard to transform himself into the best, can’t-miss defensive prospect in the draft. Looking ahead five years, Stafford will probably be putting up decent numbers on teams that finish in the 6-10 to 10-6 range, and will be satisfied by his stats that he did everything he could. Curry will lead everyone else on his defense to work harder on every play, and will consistently be part of one of the league’s top five defenses.
    Maybe Detroit – the franchise and the city – needs an instant “superstar,” because as they say, nothing breeds success like success. It’s probably the best business decision, since Stafford will help sell more season tickets and jerseys – but they won’t have a winning record for at least 3-4 more years, by which time Stafford will probably be whining his way to a “contender.”

  101. FYI, Ford Motor Company (the folks who make the cars) do not own the Lions. William Clay Ford Sr owns the Lions… WCF hasn’t been involved in FMC in a long time (many, many years).

  102. They had to pay him more than they should have, that’s how they forced him to be there for 6 years, when he really wanted just 4.

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