Cardinals Lower Asking Price For Boldin

It’s not exactly a total fire sale just yet, but the Arizona Cardinals have just dropped their asking price for Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin, according to Sal Paolantonio of
Now, the Cardinals are looking for a second-round draft pick as well as other compensation in exchange for Boldin. Previously, Arizona team officials were seeking a first-round pick and a third-round pick for Boldin.
This sudden willingness to move Boldin at a reduced price has reportedly spurred renewed interest from the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and the New York Jets. The report doesn’t label anyone as the frontrunner for Boldin, though.
The Baltimore Ravens have also been linked to the Boldin discussions, and the Tennessee Titans recently emerged as a potential player in the Boldin sweepstakes. The Titans have 10 draft picks, so they have some ability to maneuver.
Tennessee made a bid for veteran wide receiver Torry Holt who recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

83 responses to “Cardinals Lower Asking Price For Boldin

  1. alright eagles fans, get out your loose change. I’ve got $20! Go get em Andy. Give them the 2nd we have and one of our 5th’s Then go get Knowshon. That offense will be the best Eagles offense ever!!!

  2. Do it Reinfeldt! Do it! Pull the trigger! Sweeten the deal by offering the 30th pick… hell give them all 10 picks for all I care. Do it!

  3. still not cheap enough for the Fins!!! too bad tho, he’d be an excellent addition to the sorry WR corps!!! GO FINS2009!!!

  4. Eagles, get it done…NOW! Of course you won’t, Joe Banner is to busy counting the pennies and won’t see this article in time.

  5. Come on Vikes, pick up the damn phone. Is Boldin worth a 2? Hell yeah, barring anything we as rubes don’t know. (or if his degenerative hip is real)

  6. Come on Philly do it! Give up the 2nd round pick…use the first to get kno moreno…boy we would be set!

  7. any team needing a #1 WR would be foolish not to move a 2nd rounder and some scraps for this guy.

  8. Any team thinking of drafting a receiver should jump at this. I don’t understand how Roy Williams is worth all those picks yet a more proven, superior receiver like Boldin can’t even net a first round pick.

  9. A 2nd and Sheldon Brown would get Bolden in Philly. Not sure Philly will deal Brown though…

  10. Maybe this will in turn lower the price for Braylon Edwards. At this point, the Giants should get one of these guys.

  11. Titans – overrated team, lost Haynesworth, Kerry Collins is horrible
    Eagles – McNabb throwing at feet/getting injured every other year, Andy Reid eating cheesesteaks, horrible fans
    Ravens – unibrow QB and a murderer on defense, can’t beat the Steelers, 4-12 this year
    Jets – no QB, no QB, no QB
    that only really leaves the Giants…I’d say for a 2, 4, and a 5

  12. 2nd round pick starting point might get more teams bidding, I can see many teams offering their 2nd. Who will offer their 2nd round with a 3rd or 4th rounder to get the deal done.Teams with a later 2nd round will have to trump other offers somehow.

  13. That is bull!!!!!!!!!Sal Pal is making that sh!t up. The Cardinals are NOT shopping Boldin. They are listening to offers for him but not actively seeking out a trade for him.
    Amazing how the media can get all these lies started and then just stand back and claim “free speech”
    What a bunch of BULLSH!T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. The Titans don’t do much in the way of big trades or contracts. They should do this one! Drafted recievers are hard to predict, so the Titans won’t take a chance on a high pick talent. Boldin is a proven, so doesn’t that make him worth a draft pick and 8mil a year?
    Do This Tennesseee!!

  15. Lower the asking price to create a bidding war to in turn drive the price up! genius… look how many teams bit!

  16. I was hesitant for the Birds’ to trade for Boldin for a first rounder but for a second and “considerations” I think they should jump on this ASAP. I’ll be pissed if he ends up getting traded for a second and its not the Birds who land him…..

  17. i’m not an eagles fan by any stretch, but it seems to me that they’re complete idiots if they don’t make a serious try for boldin.

  18. If Philly has any brains at all, they just bought Boldin. Unless ‘other considerations’ means Lurie running nekkid through downtown Phoenix, Boldin is an Eagle TONIGHT.
    Much as I’d love my Vikings to step up, I refuse to hold my breath here. Even if Visanthe Shiancoe (sp?) has already auditioned to make that run, and on live TV no less, I can’t see Spielman and Major Dad stepping up here. I can dream, but I won’t rent a boat or anything until it happens. Then again I didn’t expect Jared Allen to be a Viking, either.
    IF it happens, I’d love to hear what the cheeseheads say about it. Probably that Boldin is going to have a mediocre year and that he’s not really a consistent pro bowler. Unless, with their vast experience in the bowling lanes, they’ve seen Anquan bowl.

  19. If you can get Boldin for a 2nd this year and a 3rd next year any team would be foolish NOT to do it!

  20. Switch the 7 to Buffalo for the 11 and 28 and send Fargas and the #28 to Az for Boldin!

  21. The Madden Curse on Larry Fitzgerald begins…
    If the Cardinals are lowering their asking price, is it possible that all the teams will low-ball them since they know the Cards are looking to get rid of him in the hopes of driving their price even lower?
    Come on Eagles, you’ve got a 2nd and 4 5th rounders. Get something done. Give them a pick next year, just get it done.

  22. oh and you can cross the Giants and ravens off that list. They don’t have the cap space to do it and renegotiate his deal.

  23. How can the Giants have already knocked locked this up? A 2nd round pick and a receiver, maybe Manningham, maybe moss, maybe a 2 and a 5? Done. Pair Boldin with Steve Smith, look to draft a wideout with your other 2nd round pick (they do have two), and they’re set on offense.
    What is the delay?

  24. their’s gonna be some kind of lockout in the NFL soon, too many players trying to dictate where they wanna play and what they deserve to get paid that the nfl/owners/teams and nflpa will have to come to some kind of agreement on the guaranteed money and contract situations so that players dont keep behaving like they’re 5 yr old kids when they dont get their way

  25. I see someone jumping on this deal quick. This is a steal! Please Philly just do it already!

  26. If I’m an NFL exec working for a franchise located in Philadelphia, PA……..I’ve just traded a second round pick for Boldin……….more likely, this will incite more interest and thus increase the bidding war for Boldin putting the Cards back to where they wanted to be in the first place………

  27. as a smart eagles fan i’m rooting for any other team but the giants to get him. i know the birds won’t do it so it’s the second best option.

  28. Good news for Giants fans, even if we don’t get Boldin. This will establish a true market value for receivers who will be traded and we can stop the madness caused by the Roy Williams trade. Jerry sure got debacled in that one.

  29. This whole situation should remind teams why you can’t have 2 #1 WR’s on the same team.

  30. the eagles gotta take this guy
    a second rounder and sheldon brown or reggie brown or both idc
    then take moreno in the first… yeah baby

  31. That makes Martin Mayhew look even more genius-like in getting a 1st and 3d Rd pick for Roy Williams, who isn’t as good a WR as Boldin.

  32. The Giants have to pull the trigger, enough is enough; get a proven wide out and can easily get back to the super bowl WTF….

  33. The pats need to get in there too.
    can you imagine a 4 wr formation with Moss, Welker, Boldin, and Galloway. Plus they’ve got an extra 2nd round pick.

  34. This is insane. The Eagles are staring a superbowl in the face and refuse to pull the trigger. Boldin comes to Philly and stays healthy=eagles in superbowl XLIV

  35. How come the team with the greatest need at WR, the Raiders, are never mentioned in the Boldin hunt? Cap issues? I can’t imagine a better veteran WR to go out and get.

  36. Make a move Eagles! He’ll be better than anyone else who we’d take at 21.

  37. Let the greedy a-hole rot on the bench! Its come to the players running the league. its not enough they make millions to play a game, they have to decide who they play for. What a joke!

  38. I wonder what exactly the Cardinals are looking for in “other compensation.” They seem to have compromised greatly by asking for only a 2nd rounder, but it could be a form of bait-and-switch in that the Cardinals could be asking for an up and coming player rather than another draft pick.

  39. I think I read Philly offered Lito Sheppard, Reggie Brown, and a second rounder last year and they turned it down. Maybe they can get a similar deal this time.

  40. Hey Rex ,give em a 2nd this year and a conditional next year,,, and throw in Stuckey

  41. Anyone who doesn’t throw up a 2nd rounder or a late first for Boldin is just stupid

  42. As a long time Eagles fan, if the Eagles FO honestly thinks that we’re going to get someone better than Boldin’s talent in the second round…then they’ll prove to be just who we thought they were.

  43. That’s not what they are telling us in Phoenix. They haven’t dropped their demands, and they are discussing re-structuring Fitzgerald and taking up Warner on his offer to give Boldin 2 million off of his deal to contribute to what will amount to a raise for next season.

  44. Hey Rex, Give ’em a 2nd this year and a conditional next year get this done we really could use a #1 receiver hell throw in stuckey they can have ’em

  45. Uncle Joe and Cousin Jeff: if you buy me this one thing, I promise to never, ever ask you to buy me anything else for the rest of my life. Honest.
    Your nephew, Smiler Grogan

  46. NOoooooooooooooooooo!!! Don’t LOWER the price Rod Graves! If teams don’t want to cough up a #1 and something, then let’s keep Boldin. He is a stud. -Cardinals Fans

  47. Does Boldin rank in your current top 5 WR’s in the NFL? I had this discussion with someone the other day.

  48. They lowered the asking price. Now, give them Kevin Curtis and 2nd rounder for Boldin.

  49. Ridiculous. All they want for one of the most productive pass catchers of the last 6 years is a second rounder? I would give up a 2 and another 2 next year if neccessary. Would look great with the Colts, Vikings, Bears, Texans, Chargers, you name the team and he is a great addition. Fierce competitor that plays hurt, an above average run blocker….Why isn’t every team in the league lining up to grab him? An available talent like this does not become available for such a small bounty everyday…..There is not a WR with maybe the exception of Crabtree that I would want ahead of Boldin, I would even give up a mid to low #1 for him.

  50. Now that I think about it…..
    Vikings give their #1 up for Boldin…..
    Vikings give their #2 or #3 for Jason Campbell
    Vikings give up their #1 or #2 next year for Braylon Edwards
    Voila, instant offensive turnaround, all relatively young players with manageable contracts to help build around Adrian Peterson….

  51. I don’t beleive that Graves and Whisenhunt have lowered their asking price for Boldin. The Cards have wanted to shape this situation through the media to suit their purpose. Meaning, this process was started with Graves saying they will listen but are not actively seeking a trade. Then they float they will take a one and a three . Next we hear ” teams have called but no firm offers”. Then Grvaes gives a interview with a local ARIZONA station that one team called with a firm offer fo “Q”. Now they’ll take a second. Remember people these are are the Arizona Cardinals invovled here. Poor track record historically. Boldin is a TOP TEN reciever in this league. Dominate between the hash marks and in the RED ZONE. If other GM’s around the league don’t go get Boldin then they don’t really want to WIN. Their being disengenuos to their respective fan bases. What in the hell are they waiting for ?

  52. Per ESPN Titans just offered a #2 and an undisclosed player if anyone else is going to get in this (where are you Philly) they better step up quick otherwise if Cards are serious he may be a Titan by end of day

  53. Local ABC said Eagles offered this years 2nd and next year’s 2nd plus Winston Justice. Good trade for both teams!

  54. Lol at that Flacco unibrow comment, what a comment slob, of course he would be good in bmore.. 4-12 to steelers?.. number one everyone knows that steelers get away with murder cant wait till they get fined a million dollars next year and second… ravens had 22 rookies playing at some point.. 19 on IR.. rookie regime and coaches… And steelers had 1 rookie playing and barely won the afc title.. Sad story.

  55. What a great opportunity for the Vikings to become a contender….Trade the second round pick along with a future 3rd or current, then they dont have to pick Harvin or any other WR they were looking at, just take OT. That would fill huge voids in their offense.

  56. not sure where boldin ends up but dont think the eagles will pull the trigger,there happy with there wr corp and if they want moreno they have to move up to 15th because san diego will take him at 16,now more important,im a die hard giants fan but i dont want boldin,i want edwards,down the field,tall and can jump that’s what eli needs and reese knows that,boldin will not be a giant..repeat boldin will not be a giant..9 hrs til the draft

  57. I know I may be biased being an Eagles phan…..but I just don’t see him as a good fit with the Giants unless they get a speed reciever in the draft. They need a guy that can stretch the field. I don’t see the Eagles pulling the trigger either. I think they pick up Pettigrew at 21 (possibly move back a couple spots to do it). Then trade up in the second and grab D. Brown.

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