Pats Trying To Move Into Top Ten

Amid a dearth of pre-draft rumors (for now), Peter King of reports that the Patriots are trying to move into the top ten.
Per King, executives from two different teams said that the Pats have offered their first-round pick and one of their three second-rounders (No. 47 overall) to move into the No. 8 spot, currently held by Jacksonville.  Jags G.M. Gene Smith declined the offer.
King says that the Pats might also be trying to trade up to No. 9 with the Packers.
Under the original draft trade chart, the Pats’ first-round pick (No. 23 overall) is worth 760 points.  The 47th pick is worth 430.  The total (I need more toes) is 1,190.
But under the original draft trade chart, the No. 8 spot has a value of 1,400 points.  The ninth spot is worth 1,350.
Teams don’t trade up simply for the privilege of having a higher pick; they do it because there’s a certain player they want. 
Presently, the Pats’ target isn’t known.
Given that the Patriots apparently hope to cut the line in front of the 49ers at No. 10, the target could be a tackle, like Andre Smith.  Or perhaps an outside linebacker, like Brian Cushing.
One thing is clear:  The Patriots will do everything they can to keep any possible deal quiet until the pick they want is on the clock.  That way, the Pats won’t have to worry about being leapfrogged. 

60 responses to “Pats Trying To Move Into Top Ten

  1. That means Pats are trying to trade down or stay put and there is nobody interesting in first round for them.

  2. That would be a shocker. I hardly think there is anyone in this draft that is really worth two picks. That said, I don’t run a football tam.

  3. maybe the patriots are trying to make a pre draft trade and hope sanchez or crabtree fall into their laps and can either (1) hold another team ransom and get more value than they gave up in terms of picks or (2) if they dont fall, maybe they have 8 or 9 players rated as elite and would be fine selecting one of them if the first scenario doesnt work out

  4. PK also said he wanted an offensive player. Um…Percy Harvin? Versatility? Check. Ties to the school? Check. Anybody agree? Disagree?

  5. I think Malcolm Jenkins could be a great addition to the patriots. Andre Smith doesn’t seem like a Belichick type.

  6. That means they are trying to trade for someone who is a position of need, definatly not a top 5 pick and could be targeted around 9-11. Im thinking they are trying to jump the Packers to get Malcolm Jenkins. Dammit I was hoping the Steelers were going to do this for Jenkins…

  7. I don’t think they’re after Jenkins. They could just wait for their pick to get him really. This is going to be interesting. I’m thinking they want Curry, who’s slated to drop if Detroit signs Stafford. Curry and Mayo would make a good, solid young LB corps.

  8. Maybe they just figure that Sanchez is still gonna be on the board then and it’s a strategic move. Either squeeze out a few picks for him or have him backup Brady.

  9. Or possibly, are they going for Orakpo? I know there’s been rumors of them trading for Peppers. Orakpo had impressiven numbers at the combine and could simply be their cheaper, just as effective, version of Peppers.

  10. BJ Raji???
    Who here remembers what Ted Washington did for that defense? I’ve heard a few “experts” claim Ted should been Super Bowl MVP (forget which year).
    The Pats are pros at plugging average Joes into their system, but you can’t fake 340 lbs. This makes perfect sense to me…

  11. I think if they’re going that high, I say they’re going pass-rusher. Unless they’re absolutely IN LOVE with a corner, they’re not going for that position, I don’t think. None of them seem elite to me. They can still have one of the top three corners if they wait until the second round, but they’ll have to settle with the sixth or seventh DE/OLB if they til the end of the first if you believe any of the mock drafts. Most have Tyson Jackson, Aaron Curry, Brian Orakpo, Brian Cushing, Robert Ayers, Aaron Maybin, Everette Brown and even Maualuga (ILB, I know) gone by the time the Pats pick at 23… I say DE/OLB, but I’ve never guessed Belichick correctly.

  12. They have Wilfork and Seymour as Free Agents next year.
    Look for them to take Raji or Tyson Jackson out of LSU

  13. Sounds like a smoke screen to me…Knowing how dumb our Bills are, The Patriots are probably trying to scare the Bills into trading up to prevent the Pats from stealing their guy. After the Bills trade up to get Smith, Bill Belicheck will laugh and say “hah, they fell for it again!”

  14. I am confused by this news. I would have thought Belichick was loving the draft position he’s in this year, given he did everything just to move 3 spots down last year.
    At the top of the draft, OL would be my quick thought, but none of the top 3 seem to possess that quickness/versility to get out for screens that he covets so much. But it would be nice to get a new franchise LT, and move Light to RT, and finally get rid of Kazcur.
    Harvin would be the only playmaker worth the move, but I would much rather draft him at 23 if he drops, and would not lose any sleep if he is snagged up before that.
    I’ve been thinking for months that Tyson Jackson would be the Chiefs pick, and start the defense like the Pats did with Seymour at 6 overall, and build the d-line from there. Perhaps, Jackson is the guy the BB is looking at, if he drops, and ultimately replace Seymour (and then can easily extend Wilfork in the offseason). Or the Pats runs a deadly 4-3 D for a year, that would suffocate any QB.
    Anyway I look at it, I still would like the Pats to sit tight and pick up 4 solid picks in the first two rounds.

  15. If they wanted to be in the top ten why didn’t they trade cassel for #1, #3, or #12. Then move up or move down.

  16. This rumor makes no sense. The Patriots could have had the Broncos 12th pick in a Cassel trade but “did not want to have to pay that kind of money to that high of a pick” and instead elected to take a 2nd round pick from the Chiefs. Now you are saying they are willing to package their 2nd round pick to move up into the top ten. This rumor is pure smoke. If it is not, then the Patriots made a major blunder and have cost themselves a ton as moving up from 34 is obviously more costly than moving into the top 10 from pick 12.


  18. Umm . . . guys?
    Please keep in mind that it’s Peter King reporting this. Have you seen his mock draft? The guy is seriously in need of an Aricept prescription.
    On the off chance that King is getting good info and having a lucid moment, the only positions that Pat would be trading up for in this draft would be OT (Oher – likely the only one left on the board at #8 out of the top four) or NT (Raji – to replace Wilfork??!!), with an outside possibility of BB seeking a true 3-4 DE (??).
    Okay, and maybe a way, WAAaaaaaayyy outside possibility of going after Curry to play next to Mayo on the inside.
    About the only other thing you can be certain of is that, if BB moves up to take a guy, he’s the real deal.

  19. If the trade offer was really pre-draft (and not just exploratory to see if they had what was needed to get there if they wanted), then the Patriots find value in that pick vs. what they will give up. I think given the compensation they are offering shows they are trying to move up at a low cost. They can’t be targeting a specific player because no one knows how the picks before that play out.

  20. Miller, that’s interesting. I could see BB using more 4-3, now that he’s got the rest of the league switching to a 3-4. Seems like something he would do, to stay ahead of the pack and keep everyone else confused…

  21. they currently have 11 draft picks… they know they simply don’t have the room to sign all of those players. My best guess would be BJ Raji (assuming he falls that far). They have Logan Mankins, Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork in the last year of their contracts. Wilfork has been asking for a new deal, but they han’t even talked… My guess is they bring in his replacement this year, and trade him away for picks next year (or a player). Tons of teams are looking for a new 3-4 Nose Tackle (Denver, KC, Green Bay, Cleveland, etc). Doing this would also free up even more cap room to bring in a Jason Taylor or trade for Julius Peppers. Win Win Win all around imo.

  22. My best guess is that Belichick figures he could retrade the pick if the guy he wanted wasn’t there, and the guy he would most likely be hoping to drop is Aaron Curry. Curry would slot in perfectly next to Mayo, Curry’s one supposed weakness is rushing the passer which our ILBs don’t tend to do, and Curry has the versatility BB loves in a linebacker. I don’t see any other linebacker being good enough for them to trade up for. Curry, if that is who the potential target is, would be worth the money if Belichick likes him as much as most do.

  23. Peter King was the one that said the Pats didn’t try to get more for Cassel because they didn’t want a high pick. Not sure who they would be targeting but if they can move up for only their 1st and lower 2nd than it’s worth it.

  24. The want Malcolm Jenkins. Didn’t Rodney Harrison go down with a possible career ending injury?

  25. The Pats need pass rush, they’ll try to move where they can get a pass rusher who is a good value for the spot.
    lack of pass rush has been killing them for the last 1 and 1/2 years
    A D lineman is always a possibility as well, planet principle.
    70% a guy who will be a 3-4 OLB
    25% D line
    5 % anything else

  26. They won’t go Raji there, they already have Vince Wilfork at NT and he doesn’t have T-Rex arms like B.J. They most likely want to jump the Packers because out of the DE/OLB guys of Maybin, Curry, Tyson Jackson, and Orakpo only Curry is likely going top 4 and with the Packers drafting for a 3-4 edge rusher, they probably want to beat the Pack to the punch and get their guy first. The Patriots can’t really go wrong with any of those four but I think Maybin is their guy.

  27. @sirsupersouther:
    Vince Wilfork is no average Joe and is easily pushing 340 himself.
    I think they are targeting either Rey Maualalgjaojaoga or Orakpo…
    I don’t see them actually having this come to fruition though and BB is doing what he does best, uncover every stone out there.
    Also, BB did this to the Jets a few years back to scare the Jets into trading up for Dwyane Robertson…

  28. The Patriots first, second, fifth, and a used video camera should seal the deal.

  29. this is just another example of belichick cheating. roger ‘j-e-t-s’ goodell needs to throw him out of the league.
    –g. easterbrook

  30. @ clintdogg —
    Best rationale I’ve heard so far for the Pats going after Raji. Trade Wilfork for someone like Kampmann or Poppinga (for the inside next to Mayo?) and a pick (or picks) in 2010. Get them to throw in 6’4″/220# WR Ruvell Martin (who can also play QB) and I’d take that deal.
    Or, trade to Denver for picks plus Wesley Woodyard (to replace Rodney Harrison).
    Not sure there’s anyone I’d want from the KC roster. Maybe Larry Johnson if he came with a really good pick or two. Actually, I’d kinda like to see what he could do behind a, you know, actually GOOD O-line.

  31. Do it.
    Better to have one or two high quality guys who can make the team rather than 10 JAGS that get cut and scooped up off waivers before they can reach the practice squad.
    The genius of Belichick continues to amaze.
    FWIW – pick # 35 is worth 550, so moving up can be done easily.

  32. what about the Pats and the raiders pulling off a trade. The Raiders and Pats have made several trades for picks in recent years: Mario Henderson was selected by the raiders with the Pats pick in 07 trade. Doug Gabriel and moss were also traded to the pats.
    My point is that the Raiders and pats have a working history together.
    There is a lot of noise about DHB being selected at # 7 which is crazy even for Al but makes a lot more sense at New england’s pick.

  33. I say the Pats are trying to move up for one of the four OT’s or a dynamic playmaker.
    Cushing doesn’t make sense.
    Rey Maualauau whatever makes a lot more sense to me.

  34. More likely Bill does what he usually does, trade a pick or two for a higher value pick in ’10.
    Seems like every year he flips one ahead for next year’s seed.

  35. nedirect said: “the rich get richer.”
    Posts like this are the reason I never feel sorry for Patriots fans when they start crying about people bringing up Spygate.

  36. Polishhawk,
    If you were really in the know, you’d know that you can’t trade anyone who isn’t signed to a contract.

  37. Buff2487 says:
    April 24th, 2009 at 1:59 pm
    Sounds like a smoke screen to me…Knowing how dumb our Bills are, The Patriots are probably trying to scare the Bills into trading up to prevent the Pats from stealing their guy. After the Bills trade up to get Smith, Bill Belicheck will laugh and say “hah, they fell for it again!”
    Please insert the jets here. Just trying to make the 8th pick more costly to them. The jets are sooo dumb.

  38. ANYONE NE drafts in top 10 will play for them like Mayo did.
    Theres only 2 positions available which is ILB & OLB…so it’s one of those…IF …this is true….which it isn’t.
    LOL, every draft, love to watch them do something to eff up the jets for a few more years….The Gholsten charade was hilarious

  39. @ kinematik & mborz:
    It’s gettin old, girls.
    And at least try to make it funny.

  40. I just find it hard to believe that Belichick&Co. would give up the goods to move into the top 10. Unless, of course, they are completely sold on what would have to be a prospect that would provide an immediate impact, be it either offensively or defensively. The Patriots have a great track record of finding good value later in the first rounds of the draft.

  41. tj.52 said “And at least try to make it funny”
    I’m not here for your entertainment, I’m here for mine.

  42. The Jets have made it obvious that their desperately seeking Sanchez.
    I wouldn’t put it past BB if he’s just floating the possibility of the Pats moving up…..just to give the Jets an ulcer. He LIVES to screw the Jets. LOL
    If it’s for real then my guess is the pick would be Tyson Jackson….Seymours replacement when they let him walk next year. BB values the D-line higher than other positions.

  43. “I didn’t realize that any 35 year-old DBs were expected to go in the top 10.” To poster DarnSkippy, this is one Pats fan who found your statement hysterical. I’ve thought all along the Pats will either maneuver for an elite tackle or DE. They have too many starting defensive linemen whose contracts are up, and the right side of their o-line is some combination of aging and injury-prone (Neal), or under-talented and drug addicted (Kaczur). Grab a top LT and move Light to the right side, or draft a DE because Seymour hasn’t done a thing in three years. Wilfork stays because he’s the type who’ll take the Ty Warren hometown discount.

  44. There’s 2 that would make sense, Maualuga and/or Everitt Brown…
    Both could start right away…. I’d give the nod to Maualuga
    Junior can’t play for ever.

  45. @ GR365 —
    Ahem. Junior? As in “Seau”?! He hasn’t been on the Pats’ roster since the end of last season. He was only brought back for the final four games of 2008 because pretty much everybody else was on IR. Try to keep up, eh?
    Oh, BTW, in those four games, at 112 years of age, Seau STILL out-performed about 75% of the LBs in the NFL. So, yeah, he probably COULD play forever, but I think he’d rather surf, thenkyewverrahmuch.

  46. The Patriots don’t play fair – they’ve got Belichick, rings, power, ingenuity, uniquely terrific QB, great vets, fierce fans, and about a kajillion picks. Now they’re trading UP to get some top ten guy that could mean actual survival for a less-“gifted” team. Yuk.
    And if they’re successful in their sneaky efforts – which they WILL be, because they’re the Pats – we can look forward to yet another Monday on which 7,294 sports commentators across the country will be replaying just HOW successful they were in the draft, and how successful they’re gonna be in the season.
    DonWannaHearAboudid, I tell you – not when I’m going to have to live with TT and “the best player on the board at the time”. Just once in my lifetime I’d like to see headlines startling the world with the boldness and ingenuity and overall wonderfulness of Green Bay’s draft, telling us how they managed to acquire the Very Best Immediate Impact Player There Ever Ever Was …

  47. Belichick who seldom says much specific about anything publicly has outright stated several times that when teams trade up in the first they are looking ONLY for a specific player. That said, I can’t see them trading INTO the top 9 for anyone, but you never know with them. Last year they could have stayed put and taken Mayo @ 7 but they traded down with NO and took him 10 and it saved them a buck or two.

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