Sundquist's AFC East Draft Needs Are Up

Freshly posted are the draft needs for the teams of the AFC East, as determined by former Broncos G.M. Ted Sundquist.
Ted’s assessment is right here.
Still to come — the two Norths.

7 responses to “Sundquist's AFC East Draft Needs Are Up

  1. It’s hard to imagine the Pats drafting at 23 – they’ll probably end up with multiple trades tomorrow.

  2. Buttquist is a hack. His anal-ysists last year were a joke. Seriously, made me feel like I could be a GM. Do yourself a favor Florio and dump this dipshit. You are way better than this dude, don’t feel like you have to accomodate this guy because he was in the business. You are above and beyond this dude now.

  3. It’s a shame that the national perception is that Miami needs a WR. LOL.
    Talk to any knowledgeable Dolphin fan. WR does not crack the top 3.
    BY FAR the biggest need in Miami is finding some sort of a pass rush outside of Joey Porter. We had NOBODY getting after the QB last year with the exception of Peezy.
    2 and 3 are finding a starter at CB as well as depth at CB, and finding a young NT.
    I’d put finding some sort of depth along the O-line at number 4, because of the injury history of Grove and Smiley, and the fact that we don’t have a back up for Long or Carey.
    WR is not a need….acquiring one would be a luxury. Laugh all you want, it’s the truth. Again, talk to anybody knowledgeable to the situation, other than newspaper writers kissing up to the national media.

  4. @ JP-Phins fan —
    Spot on analysis. If we can see this stuff, how come so many national media analysts get it so wrong? Maybe too busy being celebrities to, you know, actually analyze stuff?

  5. Seriously, as a Pats fan, I’d like to think I know the AFC East teams and their strengths and needs pretty well. Sundquist is SO far off in his analysis of this division, I don’t see much point in reading his analyses of any of the others.

  6. @ JP,
    I totally agree. The Fins have a nice crop of young WRs and I’m looking forward to seeing them develop further. The problem stems from people being so quick to call Ginn a bust despite the fact that he came into the league as an extremely raw route-runner and has steadily improved each of his first 2 years. Couple that with Bess being a rookie, Camarillo being a 1st time starter, and Pennington’s popgun arm and of course the Fins WRs are going to put up numbers like the Cardinals or Patriots. I agree that OLB, CB and NT are the biggest needs, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing an MLB come in to replace Ayodele who always seems to be out of position. That said, I trust the trifecta and look forward to another successful draft.

  7. hilarious, the draft is in a few hours and pft hasn’t even finished putting up the draft needs.
    are we afc north fans supposed to read the article as our teams draft?

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