Chiefs Try To Move To No. 20

Several teams in the top ten are willing to trade down.  To date, no offers to trade up have resulted in a deal being consummated.
But the team that just spent $41 million in guaranteed money on quarterback Matthew Stafford has turned down a chance to spend another big chunk of cash.
According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, the Lions turned down an opportunity to send their second first-round pick (No. 20 overall) and the first pick in round two (No. 33) to the Chiefs for the third overall pick.
The Chiefs made the offer, and it could be proof that the draft trade chart has changed.
Under the current trade chart, there’s a sizable gap.  The third pick is worth 2,200 points; No. 20 is worth 850 and No. 33 is worth 580.
That’s a gap of 770 points, which equates to the midpoint of the No. 22 and No. 23 overall picks in the draft.
And the Chiefs were willing to swallow that gap to get out of the three spot.
[Editor’s note:  We initially misread this one.  We wrote that the Lions made the offer to come up.  Instead, the Chiefs made the offer to move down.  We apologize for the error.  Things are moving too damn fast.]

24 responses to “Chiefs Try To Move To No. 20

  1. Oops, we shoulda signed Curry. Gotta move up and overspend some more money on an unproven rookie.
    How is Ford the only Big 3 car company to NOT take bailout money?

  2. OMG! The lions have the audacity to make a low ball offer? The horror! Their front office should be executed by firing squad.
    Low ball? Who the heck do they think they are? the eagles?

  3. Is that supposed to satisfy the draft Aaron Curry crowd? A half-assed attempt to make a deal for him after wasting the No. 1 on the underachieving Georgia QB?

  4. Florio the article states that the decline came from the lions and that the CHIEFS were looking to deal out

  5. The old chart of pick values is a crock of sh*t these days, please stop using it as a valid measuring tool.

  6. So I guess the Lions’ front office is still inept? Spending near $100 million on two unproven rookies is something only they would do.

  7. Florio, you have it backwards. If you read the link, the Chiefs called Detroit, and offered pick 3 and a 4th for 20 and 33.

  8. So, waitaminute. Has anybody figured out the salaries? I’m not knowledgable enough, but I have a feeling that paying the number 1 and number 3 overall picks in the same draft would result in a sizable chunk of the salary cap being used up. Do the owners think the salary cap won’t ever be back? Or do the Chiefs think the Lions are desparate enough to dedicate an exceedingly large amount of money to two unproven players? Yikes!

  9. that tells me there is a very good chance KC wont be picking 3rd…
    if they are willing to give it up faster than a prom date there will be takers.

  10. This might have been leaked on purpose. Consider if the Rams take a tackle and the Jets still covet Sanchez. Now the Jets know they can deal with KC.

  11. Florio,
    For an attorney you sure don’t check your facts well. Too busy shi**ing the Lions to check matters?

  12. Ford didn’t take the buyout because they already took out a government loan about to years ago for billions. After their #1 pick flops, they will ask for more buyout money. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  13. that’s stupid, the Lions could have locked up an elite left tackle and the quarterback of their choice and been done for the day.

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