Eisen Tweets That Jets Are Trying To Get To No. 2

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, who along with several other NFL personalities and execs are tweeting more than a battalion full of chili addicts, says on his Twitter account that the Jets are trying to move up to No. 2 with the Rams.
The Rams have acknowledged that they’re listening to offers, and the Jets are believed to be anxious to get Mark Sanchez.
Under the current trade chart, the No. 2 pick is worth 2,600 points, and the No. 17 pick (held by the Jets) is worth only 950.  So the Jets might have to do a Ditka-style move of giving up their entire draft and maybe a first-rounder or second-rounder from 2010 to make the move, unless the Rams agree to take less than the trade chart requires.

11 responses to “Eisen Tweets That Jets Are Trying To Get To No. 2

  1. This will be interesting if it happens. After all, it was the Jets who traded with the Rams in 1997 and the Rams got the #1 pick overall. The player? Orlando Pace.

  2. just take sanchez and forget the picks. the new era needs a new face for the team. sanchez is that guy!

  3. tannenbaum is going for it,he’s pushing all his chips into the middle
    of the table.good luck,if it doesn’t work out,the jets wil be behind the eight ball for another five years.
    ernie acorsi did it with eli,but ernie is a lot,lot,lot smarter that ole

  4. Unreal – please don’t let this happen. Tannenbaum is concerned with winning now b/c if we don’t he’s out of a job. This reminds me of Bradway and Herm moving up for Dwayne Robertson at 4…that turned out just great. This doesn’t seem like a very Rex Ryan-like move to me…

  5. but if the rams aren’t able to take sanchez how are they going to be able to return his plane ticket???

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