Jets Want Bulger?

Well, if the Rams’ reported purchase of a plane ticket to St. Louis means that the Rams are thinking about drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, it also could mean that Marc Bulger would be available in trade.
And the Jets would be interested, according to Albert Breer of
The same dynamic that unfolded in Denver could be happening in St. Louis — a new coach and new offensive staff might want a new quarterback.
The Rams would have their work cut out for them, however, if they choose to go with Sanchez and trade Bulger.  At less than $11 million under the salary cap, the Rams would likely take a fairly large charge by moving Bulger, whose current contract contained $27 million guaranteed and became effective less than two years ago.
Depending on the manner in which the Sanchez sweepstakes unfold, the Jets could be pursuing Browns quarterback Brady Quinn and/or Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell.
And it’s not surprising.  After spending tens of millions at other positions over the past two years, the Jets have no current answer at the most important position on the field.  As Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News pointed out Friday, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum’s job could be hinging on his ability to emerge from draft weekend with a good quarterback.

16 responses to “Jets Want Bulger?

  1. The rams wouldn’t let go of bulger if they do select sanchez he will be holding a clipboard all year

  2. shouldn’t his job already be gone since he does not have a qb on the roster?

  3. You guys will see – Ryan and Tannenbaum are goinig to revolutionize the game with an “all defense all the time” approach to the game that doesn’t require a quarterback at all.

  4. If the J-E-T-S – – – – JETS, JETS, JETS grab Bulger, they’ll continue to S-U-C-K – – – – SUCK, SUCK, SUCK.

  5. Oh you mean that Ainge/Clemons/Ratlif consortium suck ala Hoover? Shocking.

  6. the rams are blowing smoke to get snyder to throw in more picks to so the redskins can move up to 2 overall and draft sanchez.

  7. If they get Bulger who’s he going to throw the ball to, a double-covered Jerricho Cotchery? It may not matter who they have at quarterback, the Jets have become the Baltimore Ravens.

  8. There is no way the Rams draft Sanchez and keep Bulger. There’s too much money involved to have a high profile draft pick sitting the bench or vice versa. Bulger would get unloaded, and the Rams would hope for a Matt Ryan situation to emerge where the quarterback isn’t awful and can perform just enough to keep them in games. Of course, no one would know because Sanchez would be spending most of his time on his back since the Rams have absolutely noone to protect his backside.

  9. Would Mangini allow Quinn to go to the Jets if there’s a chance Quinn would be a successful QB?

  10. Can the Jets make up their mind? They always talk about how a QB has to have a strong arm to play in the wind up there, but they supposedly want to trade for noddle armed Bulger?

  11. Since the Jets tend to play as though they lack a pair, their interest in a Bulger is entirely understandable. But does prosthetic manliness cover for a lack of it in actuality?
    In the (modified and) immortal words of Dr. Peter Venkman, “This team has no balls.”

  12. So the Jets have been reportedly interested in Campbell, Quinn, Cutler and now Bulger. Who aren’t the Jets interested in at QB?? All Their QBs suck. They say in the papers they love Clemens, but their actions say otherwise. Maybe they should call Boomer Esiason and see if he’ll come out of retirement!! LOL. Jets are such a joke of a franchise.

  13. 101 ESPN in St Louis reports its not a smoke screen. Rams will select Sanchez in year one of Spags tenure. Offensive tackle will come in round two since its a tackle rich draft. Granted the only time coaches/GMs lie this time of year is when their lips are moving.

  14. Shouldn’t Tannenbaum already be fired after trading for a bad decision maker with a strong arm and releasing the good decision maker with a weak arm (who, incidentally, won the division)? Tannenbaum doesn’t know talent and Mangini forced players into offensive and defensive systems that didn’t fit them. I feel bad for Rex Ryan. He has no chance until Tannenbaum is gone.
    By the way, does anyone else get Johnny Mathis’s “O Tannenbaum” stuck in their head every time they read the Jets’ GMs’ name?

  15. i heard about a QB named Chad Pennington. maybe they can get him? oh shit thats right they had him but thought he sucked and they just cut him loose for nothing. instead they gave up the farm for some old fart that cant play in cold weather anymore and values the football less than anyone else in history. and the GM keeps his job. what a country.

  16. I *love* the Jets!
    They have been linked to every single QB in the league that might even be remotely become available at some point in the future.
    …but at the same time everyone keeps insisting that Clemens or Ratliff and their “open competition” will produce the kind of QB they need with their new “violent” defense.
    I just never get tired of seeing the Jets try and fail. I’m so glad they are in the AFC East with the Patriots.

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