More Questions About Crabtree

Earlier today, one of the members of the ESPN lineup echoed on the air concerns that the Browns reportedly have developed regarding receiver Michael Crabtree.
And, ironically, the information came from a receiver who was widely known during his NFL playing days as a bit of a loudmouth blowhard diva.
Cris Carter of ESPN offered up this observation regarding Crabtree:  “Some people had some things to say about how he conducted himself here during his interviews along the set.”
The problem, as we’ve previously explained (but will do so again), is that the receiver position attracts divas.  Stardom at the college level only makes them worse.  Making them first-round draft picks only makes them even worse.

12 responses to “More Questions About Crabtree

  1. Mna…….when Cris Carter talks about character as a young player……Who can debate that……..Please

  2. It’s definately true that no position in pro sports has a higher percentage of problem players and douchebags.
    It’s funny too, because on a game-by-game basis, there are very few consistent WRs. They are only sporadically game changers. Even the great ones are just as likely to put up 30 yards as they are 130.

  3. I think he will still go on to have a really good career. WR’s are always going to bw a little cocky as long as he doesnt cry and complain for the ball or get himself in trouble off the field. So far all he is is an arrogant kid with some talent, he hasnt done anything wrong

  4. I hope we get some more media reports about this guy being a diva. He will slide and be steal in the draft if this keeps happening. Forget about what they are saying and look at that catch he made. Seriously it was that good.

  5. Chris Carter misbehaved so much he got traded to the Vikings and never won anything.
    Why aren’t you watching NFL network??

  6. remember all this questions and then some regarding randy moss,its a risk reward thing- i would draft him in a heart beat

  7. I hope he falls to the Steelers.
    James Harrison, Hines Ward, James Farrior and Casey Hampton will knock the diva right out of him. If that doesn’t work, a few minutes in Tomlin’s office should do the trick. 🙂

  8. “Bob_Nelson says:
    April 25th, 2009 at 1:37 pm
    Chris Carter misbehaved so much he got traded to the Vikings and never won anything. ”
    You realize he went to the Vikings FROM the Eagles, right? He was screwed either way.

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