Pats Looking To Get Out Of Round One?

There’s a rumor making the rounds that the Patriots’ reported effort to get into the bottom of the top ten was a ruse, and that the team has no desire to move up.
In fact, we’re hearing that the Patriots are actually considering the possibility of dropping out of round one altogether.  At No. 23, the Pats are in position to dangle the pick to a team that might like to get in position to get a given receiver before a six-pack of teams that need pass-catchers hits the clock:  the Fins at No. 25, the Ravens at No. 26, the Colts at No. 27, the Eagles at No. 28, the Giants at No. 29, and the Titans at No. 30.
[Editor’s note:  Yeah, I know the Eagles traded the 28th pick.  I was looking at an outdated first-round roster when I wrote this.  And because I’ve got a list of like 50 stories I want to post ASAFP, I might make a mistake or two.  So thanks for pointing out the error, to all 234 of you who did.  Now direct that energy toward signing up for the Predict the Pick challenge.]
This would explain the Pats reportedly offering a package to the Jaguars that falls dramatically short of the requirements of the draft trade chart.
And despite talk that the chart should change, the need for change applies at the very top, where the contracts have gone as the kids say in the comments “batsh-t crazy.”   By pick number eight, the craziness subsides, making the current chart still very relevant.
And now that folks like Chris Mortensen are suggesting that the Pats would trade up possibly to pick off receiver Michael Crabtree, we’re wondering whether coach Bill Belichick might be trying to spark a little fire under the fanny of Randy Moss, whose incredible talents from time to time need a lawnmower-style cord pulling in order to fully engage.

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  1. i don’t know if you heard, but the eagles traded the 28th pick for some tackle.

  2. Eagles don’t have the 28th pick anymore..
    the Pats are gonna move down and try to get DBrown in the early-mid second

  3. Eagles should trade the #28 pick to the Pats…. they can re-trade a traded pick? Can’t they?

  4. Now I’m really disillusioned. If you can’t trust a football coach or GM to be honest and truthful leading up to the draft, then who CAN you trust?

  5. Eagles should trade #28 to Pats….Call it #28 B….Unless of course they didn’t already trade the pick to the Bills….an obvious smokescreen by the Front Office

  6. Makes perfect sense to me. Everybody knows there aren’t any must-have players in the first round this year… why NOT trade out of it!? Its so obvious it hurts, and it pains me that I hadn’t thought of this before. Hope the Texans can trade down again…

  7. at what point during his tenure as a patriot has randy moss not been engaged? he has accumulated 35 tds in 2 seasons included in that is the highest td total for a wr ever. the stats speak for themselves.

  8. Good point about Randy Moss, Mike.
    I’m trying to think of some reason why Moss’ production may have fallen off from his 2007 levels last year and I can’t come up with ANY reason why that might be.
    He must have lost his passion and drive.

  9. Why would he be trying to spark Randy Moss? Wouldn’t he be helping him by opening up the other side of the field? Wouldn’t he be, I don’t know, looking towards the future by grabbing his next #1 receiver for when Moss decides to hang it up… which may not be far away, and he’s only under contract until after the 2010-11 season.
    I mean, right now they are throwing Joey Galloway and Greg Lewis on the other side. I don’t think I need to explain how Crabtree would be… better?

  10. I remember this time last year with all the trade rumors. Not a damn thing really happend. I bet its the same way this year but I got my fingers cross. All I know for sure is that Packers will have had more than 9 picks by the end of this draft.

  11. Michael, Michael. Have you not followed the Belichick years in NE? Never, ever, try to figure out what the Pats are going to do on Draft Day.
    On another note….shouldn’t the NFL Draft Day become a national holiday? I’m going to be on little league fields all afternoon? What’s up with that? The nation should come to a stand still for at least the first day of the draft. 🙂

  12. You really didn’t think BB would tip his hand, did you?
    The only offensive player they could’ve been considering would be Andre Smith Ala. from Nick’s Saban’s program. They basically evaluate players the same way.
    It was believable enough to get in print, but then again. Isn’t that the whole point! Now the rumor BB is talking trading out of the first all together! Paaaleeese people. Lying and stealing is allowed today.

  13. the idea that bill belichick would trade out of a position just to prove a point is a ridiculous statement.of all coaches employed in the nfl,this is the one guy who has his eye on the donut not the hole.
    the idea of playing around with draft positions to effect change in randy moss’ play is not belichick’s idea of team first mentality.

  14. Didn’t you just write a story yesterday that the Pats are trying to trade into the top 10? Which is it? Are they trying to trade up or down?

  15. First, the “trading up” rumor:
    It was always highly doubtful that BB would trade up. If he did (does), it would only be for D-line (Raji probably being the only possibility there) or an LT (if the specific one of the top four that BB “must have” dropped to the #8 or the #9.
    I think that the Pats are likely to draft a WR, but he’s more likely to be a good route-runner with good hands (e.g., Robiskie or Austin Collie) than a potential #1 (Randy Moss replacement) type.
    Second, the “trading down” rumor:
    This is only somewhat more credible. Contrary to the common wisdom, I think BB’s perception of team needs runs more to the O-line and ILB than to OLB. For that reason, I think he may take an O-lineman at #23 (perhaps reaching for Max Unger) or Lauriniatis (or Maualuga, if still on the board, or even a smaller, highly-rated OLB prospect who he thinks he can convert to ILB – McKenzie or Sintim). If, however, he thinks he can get both prospects/positions filled early in the second and there’s no player available at #23 that he can’t get later, yeah, I can see him trading out for another second-rounder this year and a first-rounder in 2010.

  16. They have something up their sleeves today just wait. This year the talent is in the 2nd round. I would just load up on a few more seconds, then trade 2 2nds that to Carolina for Peppers. Book it! THis draft is deeper than ppl know.

  17. I gotta believe that if the Pats were going to move up to the top 10 they’d only do it to get Orakpo at 8 before he’s taken at 9 or 10.
    Doing it for Crabtree doesn’t seem like something Belichick would do. Why give up a first and second round pick to get a rookie wideout when you could get a proven player in Anquan Boldin for considerably less?

  18. Its funny, i have heard so many people say the pats are going to to do many different things, thats how big bill rolls. Nobody knows what he wants except him and its going to stay that way until he reveals his master plan, and I know it will be great.

  19. This is a perfect example why all this draft speculation is a complete waste of time.
    Having to put up with college basketball and pre-draft nonsense at this time of year makes this the worst calender period to follow sports.
    Nobody knows what the Patriots are going to do, they’re jerking you.

  20. Your all wrong, I just heard from an “NFL Insider” exactly what BB’s plan is:
    He is going to trade all of his 2009 picks to the Dolphins for Ricky Williams.
    Write it down, lock it up. It’s a done deal.

  21. “I might make a mistake or two. So thanks for pointing out the error, to all 234 of you who did.”
    ..There were 236 people that pointed it out!

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