Raiders Shopping Burgess

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Oakland Raiders are shopping defensive end Derrick Burgess.
Burgess, who spent four years with the Eagles before signing with the Raiders and spending four seasons there, could end up being traded back to Philly, per Mort.
Another potential target is the Panthers.
Burgess is entering the final year of his contract.  According to NFLPA records, he’s due to earn a base salary of only $2 million in 2009.

11 responses to “Raiders Shopping Burgess

  1. Nice, Eagles, bring back a guy that either did nto sign your longterm deal or deemed not good enough to offer. I really cannot remember and do not feel like looking. I actually like the guy but is he tht muchdifferent than Clemmons? Oh, and we will have to extend his contract…. I would rather garauntee all of Sheldon’s money. He is more valuable to this team.

  2. As a Chiefs fan I follow AFC west teams and the Raiders did get a good deal on this guy. I believe they signed him through free agency several years back. Glad he might be leaving our division.

  3. Would like to see him back in Philly, if they are only offering a 3rd for Boldin though I can’t wait to see what they offer here.

  4. Joe Banner is offering a 10 minute session on how to manage the salsry cap for Derrick Burgess.

  5. Yeah, IDK. With OAK, Burgess had two exceptional years, followed by a decent year (somewhat injury-shortened), followed by a mediocre year (seriously injury-shortened). Might be worth a 4th-rounder, 3rd-rounder max.

  6. panthers should go after him. good rush guy that cant take on the load of julius peppers. he may not be as goo as peppers but he can give u 8 to 10 sacks. which is very respectable. peppers to raiders for 2nd and burgess

  7. Why trade a healthy guy on a salary drive for his last contract for a pick around 100?? Makes zero sense. Burgess has a decent year and cashes out the compensatory pick is probably around the same number they get by dealing him now.

  8. Derek1991 says:
    peppers to raiders for 2nd and burgess
    Thats horrible value, Panthers would be better off sitting on Peppers. Not to mention this guy is a couple years older than Pep, and Pep would have to OK this trade. Sorry, but Pep wants to seem to play for a contender.

  9. smush,
    derrick was the one that got away. He was injured a bit and Banner and Co likely bet that he wouldn’t stay healthy long enough to warrant the contract Oakland ended up offering. Joe was wrong on that one and I’d LOVE to see him back. More fastballs on D.

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