Schefter Resurfaces As Part Of Sprint's Draft Coverage

Our friend Adam Schefter of NFL Network will resurface in August on ESPN, as we’ve previously reported.
And while he won’t be on the air today, you can still find him.
But only if you have a Sprint handset equipped with NFL Mobile Live.
Adam is blogging today for the Sprint NFL Mobile Live application, and we’ll be checking out his entries and sharing some of the information here.
For starters, Schefter says that the Patriots no longer are considering moving up in the draft.
You can also watch the live feed of NFLN’s draft coverage via your Sprint phone — and only via your Sprint phone.
And Comcast customers who soon will be seeing NFLN leave their cable boxes might want to switch to Sprint soon, so that you’ll still be able to get the only channel dedicated to following the greatest sport on the planet.

6 responses to “Schefter Resurfaces As Part Of Sprint's Draft Coverage

  1. Is he still going with the Ray Lewis is never returing to Baltimore story or did his sources get him fired for looking like a tool shed?

  2. I think Florio should replace Schefter when he leaves NFLN. I am dead serious too. Florio you know that would be a dream job. I wish I could have that job.

  3. They say that Adam Schefter
    negotiated for 2 phone books
    in his chair on all his ESPN shows.

  4. Huh, I was wondering where Schefter was on the networks.. Usually they cut to him every 10 minutes or so.

  5. Did he get fired from NFLN? How long has he been off the air? And who is going to be the new go to news guy on NFLN?

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