A New Kind Of Fathead

The folks at NFLN, perhaps recognizing that the lengthy draft process benefits from some periodic comic relief, have been using from time to time a camera distortion trick that creates the impression that a guy’s head is incredibly large.
(They do it at ESPN when Trent Dilfer or Mel Kiper are on the screen, but without any technical gimmickery.)
So since we had the Sprint phone handy, and now that we’ve figured out how to send the pictures for use on the official PFT Macbook, we’ll post a few of them.


 “Bring me the broomstick of the Witch of the West.”


 “Heh, heh-heh.  He said, ‘Loose in the hips.'”


 “I will kill Vernon Davis with my second mouth.”


 “I will trade this pick for one billion dollars.”