Jets Have Discussed Signing Plaxico

Need more evidence that Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum knows he needs to win now or else?
According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the Jets have talked internally about signing receiver Plaxico Burress.
Per Mort, nothing’s imminent and the acquisition is currently unlikely.  But the Jets have talked about keeping Burress in New York.
The Jets need a wideout, given that Laveranues Coles gave up $6 million in guaranteed salary for his freedom, and then signed with the Bengals.
Plaxico’s freedom is likely the main impediment to serious consideration of his services.  He faces charges that could put him away for a mandatory minimum of 3.5 years, and we’ve heard that he has rejected plea arrangements that would require any jail time.

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  1. The Jets desperately could use a quality WR. The only immediate options appear to be Burress and Matt Jones. Burress may still work out a deal where he could serve jail time during the offseason.
    Both Burress and Jones are likely looking at a suspension.
    But I agree with Florio that Tannemdumb is looking to save his job and do so he needs to win now. Tannendumb along with Parcells put tthe Jets in cap hell in the early part of this decade $28 million over the salary cap in 2002. The Jets lost a great deal of players and coaches because of the cap situation. Beleichick refused to coach the Jets because of the cap problems. It took until 2006 to get the Jets out of cap hell. Each year having to extend contracts pushing their deficit out another year.
    The Jets suffered gwere unable to resign many players until the new CBA erased the deficit in 2006. Once the Jets were fiscally solvent Tannendumb started overspending again last year. Eventually the bill will come due. Sanchez will likely get a $65 million dollar contract. If he fails the Jets will be bankrupt for the next 10+ years. But if he pans out Tannendumb will get all the credit. Florio is right Tannendumb is desperate and he needs to give Sanchez the tools to succeed immediately. Sanchez does not need a lot of help the Jets return 7 pro bowl players plus 5 pro bowl alternates easily the most of any team in the league. The Jets have the talent and now hopefully they have some good coaching.
    Yes Tannendumb is desperate and he is gambling but if he is going roll the dice on Sanchez please go all the way and give him the weapons to succeed. I am all for Burris or Matt Jones.

  2. Plaxico should reject a plea bargain. Beyond the merits/demerits of his case, juries are notoriously weak on celebrities — especially a sporting hero who’s never been on trial before. Michael Vick got very bad legal advice. His defense attorneys gave up Vick’s biggest advantage — his fame before a jury and placed himself at the mercy of a judge who had every incentive to protect his reputation as a tough judge. If Plaxico makes a deal, he puts himself at the mercy of the NY legal establishment which would love to make a name for themselves by showing what happens to even famous citizens who bear arms.

  3. He’ll be suspended for a year by Goodell anyway, so signing him isn’t going to help the Jets win now anyway.

  4. Zinn says:
    “Burress may still work out a deal where he could serve jail time during the offseason.”
    The NY DA’s office has already offered that and Plax turned it down.
    LenSp1 says:
    “Beyond the merits/demerits of his case, juries are notoriously weak on celebrities”
    Normally, I would agree with you 100%, but now that Plax is no longer a NY Giant, his ace in the hole is gone. The folks that were all set to give him a free pass, now want his a** in jail so he doesn’t end up on another NFC East team. It’s the “if we can’t have him, no one can” attitude that may end up being Plax’s biggest nightmare.

  5. Why not, its not like he a pompous ass, who shot himself in the leg and is going to jail.

  6. Sanchez to Burress! TD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Bowl L is over!!!!! . Wahooooo! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You suck, Jets.

  7. “the Jets have talked about keeping Burress in New York.”
    Must be a trend. NY has talked about keeping Burress in New York too.

  8. Zinn, you conveniently gloss over the fact that Tannenbaum was the one who got the Jets out of salary cap hell–in fact, it’s the main reason that he secured the GM job. Just look at this offseason; Florio was not the only one declaring that the Jets would be screwed over cap wise, but Tannenbaum successfully cleared enough space to bring in some impact players and a top 5 pick. If there’s any area where he’s earned confidence it’s managing the salary cap.
    As for Burress, it’s just another case of trying to get the best guy on the market. If he can play he’s leaps and bounds better than any other free agent receiver, so why not kick the tires and see if there’s a fit? Plax isn’t exactly the only dumb player who’s been in trouble with the law in the NFL, and he’d sure as hell help Mark Sanchez develop under center.

  9. Tannendumb did not get the Jets out of cap hell he and Parcells put us there. It was only the new CBA that got us out of cap hell that and getting rid of our players, not resigning our players and not signing many FA’s. In regards to this year all he did to get us under the cap was have Favre retire, mutually agree to release Coles and restructured a few contracts pushing our bill to be paid out in the future. But the problem and the reason why we were in trouble is because of Tannedumb’s spending last year.
    Tannendumb is not someone to be trusted to with money as he will spend it and then let the next regime have to deal with the consequences. He and Parcells moprtaged the Jets future in the late 90’s. The Jets future was so bleak that no one wanted to coach the Jets as they had no future. We went through 4 coaches ina one year period.
    I know Bradway is not popular but he saved the franchise. Most GM’s would have mortgaged the future like Tannemdumb is doing now but Bradway did not spend until 2005. Rather he restrained spending even though it left us with limited talent and little immediate future. But he gave us a long term future and started the rebuilding process and got us to up the CBA where we got cap relief. He should be commended most all GM’s would have tried to save their job by spending tommorow’s money like Tannendumb is doing now.
    At some point the Jets will have to pay the bill for Tannedumb’s spending which will include Sanchez’s $65+ million dollar contract. I will agree with you Tannedumb is smart but his actions are done for his own self interest not for the Jets. After he is long gone and in another job someone else will have to come in and clean up his mess. Hopefully Sanchez will work out because if he does not the Jets are salary cap bankrupt for the next 10+ years.
    The point I am trying to make hear is Tannendumb is spending future cap dollars to keep his job and leaving us in much worse shape. The crazy thing is the financial end is supposed to be his strength as he is not a football man and has nothing to do with the drafting and acquiring of players. He depends on Bradway for scouting and his coaches for the drafting of players and their recommendations. Complicating matters even worse Tannedumb seems to share in many fo the same character issues as Magini where one cannot believe anything he said. Either he has an early case of Alzheimer’s or he is a complete liar that cannot be trusted. In other words Tannendumb is complete sham, worthless and not to be trusted. He offers nothing to the Jets but future bills and headaches.

  10. this post is dead so I’m just letting you know mikey that next week I’m posting a play-by-play of the celebrity apprentice right here on our PFT(not the fruity juice.)
    I still can’t believe you haven’t tuned in. best show on tv. period. full stop. end of sentence…. dot

  11. Tannenbaum’s days are numbered no matter what. I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.
    Most likely, Rex Ryan shows him up all the time when it comes toassessing player personnel because Tannenbaum came up throught the ranks as a capologist, not a keen evaluator of players.
    Because of this, Edwards and mangini were handicapped by Tannenbaum — but Rex won’y let that happen.

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