NFL Monitoring How Teams Handle Draft Announcements

In another push-and-pull over how to disseminate and control draft information through new media, the NFL plans to monitor how teams are using Twitter and their respective Web sites to announce draft picks prior to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stepping to the podium to the announce the pick.
“After the draft, we will review how the teams are announcing their picks and determine whether we need to develop a policy,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said.
The New England Patriots and the San Diego Chargers are among the teams using technology to jump the gun on making it public as to which player they’re picking.
The Chargers have said they were going to put the information about which player they’ve picked as soon as they hand in the card to the league, which would probably have the information up prior to Goodell.
And the Patriots have said they were going to use Twitter to tweet their picks as they make them.
“We might even get a few draft picks out via Twitter before they are announced on TV, so any Patriots fans following the draft closely are encouraged to begin following RealPatriots on Twitter,” Patriots team spokesman Stacey James said. “Of course, this is the first time we are attempting this, so it should be interesting.”

11 responses to “NFL Monitoring How Teams Handle Draft Announcements

  1. Oh well, there goes or 2010 1st round pick….. we weren’t going to use it anyway…..

  2. ESPN gives it away even before that by showing the players on the damn phone and their families getting all happy. Mark Sanchez had his Jets hat on a good minute before Goodell announced him. The actual announcement now is anti-climactic.

  3. So what? ESPN and NFLN take all the oomph out of the commissioner’s announcement by showing dudes on the phone before the pick is officially made.

  4. People on the Pats twitter list were posting the picks on message boards a few seconds before they were announced, but it was no dramatic difference. Within 30 seconds or so afterwards they were announced on TV.

  5. It wasn’t the teams giving it away. It was ESPN showing the player the teams pick happy on the phone and killing all the suspense.

  6. What the hell??? Everybody and their brother knew the Jets were taking Sanchez before Goodell annouced it just by watching the NFLN braodcast. Most of these drafts picks are on the phone with the drafting team before they annouce it. It’s obvious who that they’re being drafted.

  7. Well if the league really wants to have it be a huge surprise when the commish walks up to the microphone, then they also need to stop ESPN and NFL Network from showing pictures of a certain player cheering with all his family hugging him 30 seconds before the commishoner’s announcement. That “ruined the surprise” for millions of viewers, versus the very minimal number of viewers who both to have a Twitter feed from NE or SD.

  8. Even if they don’t show the player, the washed-up Berman has been tipping picks for years – which is why I don’t watch ESPN anymore.

  9. I signed up for the Eagles’ text messaging announcements of their picks. And the texts come about 10 minutes AFTER the pick is made, so no problem there apparently…

  10. Yeah, confiscate the cell phones, not the twittering. You knew the pick when you saw the celebrating. And the talking heads switched from general blather about who might be taken to specific blather about the pick.

  11. bobobiz, you should have been watching Eagles Live. They got the picks WELL before they were announced on TV. The MaClin pick was 3 or 4 minutes before TV.

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