AFC East Draft Review

The Buffalo Bills:  If the eleventh overall pick of the 2009 draft (Aaron Maybin) can have a similar impact to the eleventh overall pick of the 2002 draft (Dwight Freeney), the Bills will have had a stellar selection process in the last year of the first decade of the 21st century.  But Maybin is three inches taller and 19 pounds lighter than the pass-rush specialist who was regarded as a potential liability in the running game.  So stay tuned.
Failure to address the gaping hole at left tackle could be even more problematic, a circumstance with which the aforementioned Freeney might have a field day in Week Seventeen.
The selection of center Eric Wood with the pick from the Jason Peters trade blocked the Colts and the Steelers from getting him.  But, again, Wood isn’t a left tackle.
As noted during the Saturday Live Blog, the selection of guard Andy Levitre in round two could put him in line for an endorsement of Viagro.
The Miami Dolphins:  For the fifth time in five years, a second-round pick was devoted to the quarterback position.  This time, the Fins might have something special in Pat White, who’ll run the Wildcat offense — and who could at some point become the captain of the base offense.
Otherwise, the Dolphins focused on areas of need:  defensive back (Vontae Davis and Sean Smith) and receiver (Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline).
A solid showing, which could become spectacular if White becomes the new prototype of NFL quarterbacks.
The New England Patriots:  Coach Bill Belichick didn’t think much of the top of this draft, so he traded down.  In the end, he compiled a dozen guys who could become contributors down the line.
The most intriguing pick is North Carolina receiver Brandon Tate, who when healthy could be the short-term answer in the three-receiver formation and the long-term successor to Randy Moss.
If Tate can avoid the siren song of the “Blue Moon.”
The New York Jets:  The Jets needed a quarterback.  And so they got the best one they could from the 2009 draft class, given that the Lions opted to squat on Matt Stafford.  But how did Mark Sanchez become such a hot commodity while playing in no football games since January 1?  The Matt Ryan/Joe Flacco phenomenon pushed the Jets — desperate to generate interest in the team and desperate to address the weakest position on the field and desperate to save the career of Mike Tannenbaum — to move for Sanchez.
They actually got a good deal, giving up only a second-round pick and three assorted slappies.  But the question is whether Sanchez becomes Joe Namath or Browning Nagle or something in between.  If he doesn’t play closer to Namath sooner than later, the move will be regarded as a failure.
Unless in the interims all the PSLs for the new stadium are sold.
The other big-name pick was Iowa running back Shonn Greene, who could be teamed with Leon Washington if/when Thomas Jones is traded to the Browns and former Jets coach Eric Mangini.

35 responses to “AFC East Draft Review

  1. So if Sanchez goes 62 and 63 as a starter with 173 touchdowns, 220 interceptions, 50.1 completion percentage, he’ll be a success. You don’t want Joe Namath. You want at least Jake Plummer, better TD-INT ratio, completion percentage, win percentage. Even that would be a bust for this hype. You do not want Joe Namath, the most overrated player in NFL history. He’s not good. He’s one of the worst ever.

  2. “if White becomes the new prototype of NFL quarterbacks”
    Are you joking? Michael Vick becoming the new prototype of NFL quarterbacks thinks your blind obsession with Pat White is getting out of hand.

  3. Wow. You’re really going out on a limb on Maybin. ‘If he’s as good as Dwight Freeney, the Bills would have made a stellar pick.’

  4. didnt joe namath end his career with a bunch more INTs than TDs? i dont think if they want a player in between nagle and namath

  5. Do not get fooled by the Bills failure to draft a replacement for Jason Peters. They already had players for the LT and RT positions prior to the draft and there is a good chance they will be trading for a LT soon. Overall, the Bills draft was outstanding. They added possibly the top end rushing DE, one of the top two Centers, the top rated Guard, one of the top three TEs and a replacement for their OLB, all areas of need. They also picked up a player who will compete at FS.

  6. haha your anti NY short man syndrome is palpable..Tannenbaum doesnt have to save his job. This team had a winning record and six pro bowlers last year. I wouldnt trade tannenbaums worst day for your best. Simms says sanchez is gods gift ..your not so moneys on simms being right…why are you such a hater its really sad
    “coach Belicheck”…hahahhaha what position do you wish you played

  7. Can’t help but mention you have to factor in (for the Pats) that part of their draft-day manipulation was turning two 3rd-round picks this year into 2nd-round picks next year. Bill Belichick has said for years that the “best value” picks in the entire NFL draft are found in the 2nd round. The fact the Pats will be going into next year’s draft with three 2nd-rounders is a goldmine.

  8. replacing that fraud the tacknlin machine(poz) wld have made my day. please tell me one game or play last year,when you said 2 yourself(damn!!thats why we traded up 2 get this cat”) ha ha didnt think so.

  9. Dolphins had the best draft. White will be a better QB than Sanchez and they are set at two areas of need CB and WR now. If it wasn’t for that schedule they may surprise. By 2010 Dolphins will be in the mix for good.
    Maybin is going to get owned. He is a one dimensional player. That said. Buffalo will be better for a year as TO provides them instant offense. Too bad they have neither a QB or a T to protect him.
    Pats and my Steelers are class of the league. Absolutely loaded with talent and have ammo for a better draft next year. Both teams are dynasties if that is possible.
    Jets have ruined their immediate and long term chance at success. Sanchez won’t be their savior and by the time they get the guy who could be the rest of their decent team will have all aged three years. Sucks to be a Jets fan

  10. I Second that bobinpr, The bills had an excellent draft and everybody in the AFC East will see that this upcoming season! As for Maybin, I think he comes up big for Buffalo this season and many years to come! He is gonna have a bigger impact than Brian Orakpo(over rated) and Tyson Jackson( how he was the first DE takin Iam still wondering).O and Florio maybe you should do some more research before posting these previews, Buffalo did not trade up to get Eric Wood, We drafted him with our second first rounder. We traded up to get Andy Levitre in the second round!

  11. nice your censoring your comments now if they show your lack of credibility and your sycophantic behavior …I was only kidding about short man syndrome…you just write like you have it…just out of curiosity how tall are you

  12. I agree with bobinpr. The Bills wouldn’t have let Peters go if OBD felt that they had no reasonable replacements for him. With Langston moving to left tackle, Butler, Chambers or Bell will do just fine at RT. And how many Pro Bowl tackles do you have in any given year anyway, 3 – 4?

  13. Walker is playing LT and Butler is playing RT, I don’t know why the Media keeps bashing the Bills for not replacing Peters when the Bills already stated that Walker will be playing LT this year. Sure he’s not as athletic as Peters but Walker is tougher and smarter than Peters and at least will be at OTA’s and TC.

  14. what the jets needed is a quaterback like bret farve, they should have traded up then took pat white…right? they could have sold some tickets or at least one.

  15. Maybin has already bulked up to 250 and should report to training camp at 255. He’s already bigger than R.Mathis and, at 255, would only be 5 lbs. lighter than Freeney. Time will tell if he turns into a great pick, but he will help improve the pass rush immediately because he can play on both sides and be teamed with A.Schobel on passing downs.
    In 2008, the Bills drafted an athletic, but very raw LT, Demetrius Bell, whose father is former NBA superstar Karl Malone and half-sister is a WNBA star, to be groomed as a possible replacement for Peters. Bell, a former basketball player, didn’t play football in HS, but dominated at the D-II level. Bills coaches, who liked Bell enough to keep him on the 53 man roster last year, are reportedly very pleased with Bell’s progress and he will be in the mix for the starting LT spot. Bell is as athletic as any LT the Bills could have drafted and, after a year of working against NFL players every day and being in a NFL conditioning program, should be at least as prepared to play as Oher and Britten. If the Bills feel that he is not and needs more time, picking up Levi Jones to start at the position until he is would definitely be an option.
    Getting Shawn Nelson in the 4th round was a steal and gives the Bills a receiving option at TE that they have not had since J.Riemersma left.

  16. Does everyone forget that Peters gave up 11.5 sacks in ONLY 13 GAMES last year?!?!. You could pick up a guy off the street and get better production.
    In fact Langston Walker started at LT for the preseason and first couple games last year while Peters held out. He looked outstanding. As well as Butler took over at LT the final few games when Peters got injured, and looked good too.
    The issue last year on the line was the interior, where both Dockery and Fowler got blown up from the middle and caused quick pressure. So they hopefully have fortified it this offseason.

  17. Dude, I’m a Dolphins fan, and even I am getting sick of the Pat White hyperbole.

  18. I think the Bills did well they drafted at their needs. I think they will have 4 or 5 players out of 8 that get some good playing time this year. They also drafted players that will continue to help their special teams stay at the top of the leauge. Buffalo’s special teams have helped a not so good team remain close in a lot of games the last few years. Maybe with this years draft they can cross over the hump and make the play-offs. Don’t be surprised if the Bills still address the OT spots with players released from other team.

  19. I am so sick of “new prototypes” of Quarterbacks. It’s a sickness like the Run ‘N Shoot that people think they can win with. Although an Eagles fan, even Randall couldn’t win the big one and the same can be said for another oldschool prototype in Tarkenton.
    Now we are hoping that not only the QB is fast and athletic but also he can catch a pass?
    Unless you are being compared to (or are) Steve Young, the track record for “prototypical” QB’s is a recipe for failure, or at least 10-6 records and no Super Bowls.

  20. The last year of the first decade of the 21st century is next year. 2001-2010. First decade 1-10, second decade 11-20, etc. There was no year 0.

  21. Florio – Is Levi Jones better than anyone Buffalo could have drafted at tackle?

  22. congratulations on characterizing all jets moves as “desperate” — and in this case, 3 times in 1 sentence.
    you don’t have to like the team or its moves, but you act as if they have no legitimate right to improve themselves.
    is your dad ernie adams? did you sport a hoodie as swaddling clothes?

  23. Hhahaha Florio would have taken Pat White #1 overall and would then go sign Chris Henry and Pacman Jones.
    Hack On Florio….tool

  24. Dolphins fan here so you know where the love is going.
    I like what we did in the draft. I’m waiting to see what they do with Pat White before before making any judgement on that pick, although having another QB in there to push Henne and.or replace him if he isn’t the guy isn’t bad.
    I was surprised to see the Jets move up to get Sanchez, but if he turns out to be a good QB, then it was a steal for them. I still think Mangina sucks. Trading the #5 pick for an extra 2nd and 3 scrubs. He will run the browns into the ground. Oh wait.. seems like they are already there.
    I think all the AFC East teams drafted pretty well and it should be a very competitive season for all. Good Luck.

  25. THIS ARTICLE SUCKS! As a dolphins fan, I was hoping to read a real report on them, not some report on a junky quarterback who could never win a big game….
    Pat White is a loser, losing to Southern Florida, and Pittsburgh when it mattered most……
    He is no champ, He is someone who can’t get it done against weaker opponents when it counts……….
    And Pay White single handedly lost the game to Pitt…..
    Henne is way better, Stink-face White is nothing more than a glorified back-up

  26. Its not football, but . . . .
    The last year of the decade is 2010, not 2009.
    The first year of this century was 2001, not 2000.
    the first year they began counting was 1 a.d., not 0 a.d.
    . . . . And I kinda hope Maybin sucks, so we can finally get rid of Jauron. Mr. Cheap-ass Ralph wont have any other choice after that.

  27. I’d say all four teams in the afc east had pretty successful drafts.
    Dolphins picked up the best pure corner in the draft in Vontae Davis, and added Pat White to run the wild cat in the second round. (Although his impact won’t be as significant as most think) They also added some solid recievers with their late round picks, but probably would have been better off drafting one earlier
    The Jets made a big splash by grabbing Mark Sanchez after trading up to number 5, but other than that they didn’t really do much to help their team. However that Defense is a top 5-10 unit and though Sanchez is a rookie, he has three good running backs behind him in Jones, Washington, and the newly drafted Shonne Greene who could be a stud.
    The Bills had an excellent draft. Aaron Maybin was the best DE available in the draft (along with maybe Orakpo) and will give them a threat along with Schobel. They did a good job enforcing their Offensive line which was their week point in 08.Shawn Nelson may have been one of the steals of the draft. However, it’s important to remember that the Bills were the worst team in the division last year so all these good draft picks only begin to catch them up to the rest of the division.
    The Patriots did what they do every year, they gathered a bounty of second and third round picks by trading down and ended up getting great depth for an already stellar team. I really like their first three defensive picks in Chung, Brace and Butler. They will all be starters in a year.
    The Patriots are still the class of the division with Tom Brady back under center. I do not think the Dolphins are the clear second best team in the division. Infact I think the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins will all be trying for the wildcard. The Dolphins didn’t really do much to get better, though i don’t think they got much worst. considering they over achieved last year, i think they are in for a little reality check, but that may mean only 9-7. The Jets got much better defensively, but they will miss Coles and Favre on offense.(I know Brett played poorly the last half of the season, but he’s being replaced by a rookie) Perhaps having the best line in football can ease their woes. The Bills are the most improved and now have the best skill players in the division on offense. Their success looks like it will depend solely on Edwards. If he becomes a top 12 quarterback, they will be playing in mid January, but if he stutters like last year, 5-11 is not out of reason. Football season is still a long ways away so a lot could change before we actually begin.

  28. The Pats are the team to beat, despite what happened last season. I like the way they drafted because, historically, second round picks often contribute as strongly as first rounders and you can afford to keep more of them. The ground game has added Fred Taylor and the passing attack has bountiful new weapons. The pick that will star right away is Darius Butler, who will be getting a lot of interception opportunities as the Pats will force teams to try to catch up.
    The Bills, in my estimation, are the team that was most serious overall about trying to match up with New England. They are going to route of building up their own passing attack with athletic weapons (Owens and Nelson to add to Evans and Parrish), so that if Brady and Edwards get locked in a scorefest, Edwards won’t be undermanned.
    The Dolphins are the team that seemed most serious on draft day about matching up against the record-setting NFL offense. They picked up two violent monsters at corner and a big safety. They also improved their arsenal on offense with White and Turner. I would like to see how a more wide open passing attack (with a quarterback with a stronger arm than Pennington) would benefit Ginn and Bess.
    The Jets will start Sanchez week 1 and basically put a ceiling on their season. I know that defense was starting to look stout at the end of last year, only got better in free agency, and they were able to survive only drafting three times because of that. I could see the Jets pushing for a wild card but I doubt they will be able to win in the playoffs with Sanchez this season.
    You can’t avoid New England by slipping in on a wild card and hoping someone else beats them for you or Brady gets hurt. The NFL’s rules make it so the teams that will end up in the Super Bowl will be the ones who pass successfully. For that reason, I think Buffalo now has the best shot at outscoring New England. The only thing that would make me wary about picking New England is the age they have on offense. New England will cruise to 550 points and, if their defense gels early, likely go undefeated again in the regular season. However, with the kind of off-seasons Jacksonville, Tennessee, Denver, and, yes, Cincinatti have had, this will be a tougher road to the Super Bowl than in 2007.

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