Harvard Quarterback: No Rules Broken By Jets

Clarifying remarks that drew our scrutiny earlier today as to whether the New York Jets had potentially violated league rules, Harvard quarterback Chris Pizotti emphasized that no formal deal was in place until after the draft was concluded.
According to Erik Boland of Newsday, Pizotti said: “I should have done a better job of explaining myself.”
In a Boston Globe interview that raised eyebrows, Pizotti said: “They called me at the start of the sixth round, and said if I wasn’t drafted, there was a free agent deal.”
Pizotti chalked up the misunderstanding to his enthusiasm at the prospect of joining the Jets.
“It was me being very excited because I had a very strong interest in signing with the Jets because before the draft they had shown the most interest in me,” Pizzotti said. “… The Jets called and told me they were still very interested if I didn’t get drafted. … No deal was in place.”

17 responses to “Harvard Quarterback: No Rules Broken By Jets

  1. Ummmm smart Harvard grads don’t make that big of a mistake. So he’s either a liar or a dumbass. Either way I’m sure the Jets have regrets.(Dr. Seuss would be proud)

  2. Draftgate! Denial didn’t work for the Pats, it’s not going to work for the Jets! I demand an investigation!

  3. The quote from earlier was cut and dry. Clearly, Rex Ryan talked (or beat) some sense into this moron for flapping his gums. Probably threatened to cut him and blackball him if he didn’t change his story.

  4. Sure… and pigs can fly.
    I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t stand up and give a full biased explanation , especially if not doing so would cost them their dream of playing in the NFL…
    If anyone wants some ocean front property in Idaho, I can flog it to thee…

  5. You’d think for a Harvard guy, he would be able to form better sentences because all Harvard guys are smart because Harvard is such a good university because they charge so much money because they are such a good school.

  6. Must be something in the drinking water up there in Boston. Ted Kennedy leaves people to die and doesn’t blink an eye, Kerry makes up war stories in his bid to be President and doesn’t blink an eye, Bellicheat video tapes other teams and attempts to claim its all a misunderstanding and now a Havard QB gets caught red handed and tries a Bellicheat tactic by saying it was all a misunderstanding.

  7. The Jets are CHEATERS!!! Anything they do from here on out is TAINTED!!!! They’ll do ANYTHING to gain a competitive advantage!!

  8. Quoting Tim: “…because … because … because … because …”
    If only QBF were being given out today to the best comment.

  9. OMG!!!! Call Arlen Sphincter to hold congressional hearings!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody might be ……………………….never mind.

  10. haha you sure Boston Globe maybe you should dig deeper. All you Ny hating boston folk…look. stop being so obsessed with NY ..we have the best of music , art , business and theater. I understand …Im a jet fan and if the jets lost every game every year I still wouldnt trade places with some patriot fan from boston.
    So I get it…you guys won all of these superbowls but you still want to hate on the jets..go ahead if that makes you feel more complete..Ill spend my time loving my team, my coach and my city…you guys can spend your time hating mine..

  11. Yet…. Chase Daniels said the same thing in his Twitter feed
    @chaddukes I said free agent might be better was meant as a compliment to the skins…I had a FA deal with them in place before draft endedabout 22 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to chaddukes

  12. This is just too suspicious to let it go without an investigation with testimony by all involved parties under oath. His initial statement does not sound like a case of simple “enthusiasm” as he now suggests. Something fishy here, and any team suspected of doing this kind of thing should be investigated.

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