New Deal For Jared Gaither?

Now that the Ravens acquired via the first round of the 2009 draft the man who could become their long-term right tackle, the man whom they found via the 2007 supplemental draft could be in line for a long-term deal to continue to man the left edge of the line.
Because Jared Gaither signed a three-year deal after he was acquired via a 2008 fifth-round pick prior to the preceding season, he’ll be eligible for restricted free agency in 2010.  And with high-end left tackles typically available only at the top of round one (but for the occasional undrafted tight end who gives the position a try and then does so well he forces his way to Philly), another team that needs a left tackle might be happy to give up a first-round pick and a third-round pick next year — especially if those picks come fairly late in the process.
If, for example, Gaither had been a restricted free agent tendered at the highest level in 2009, the Steelers might have gladly surrendered the 32nd and 96th overall picks in 2008 for him.
As a result, Gaither’s new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has discussed with the Ravens a new contract.
It’s unknown whether the Ravens are sufficiently motivated to get a deal done.
Under Gaither’s current contract, he’ll earn a base salary of $460,000 this season, the minimum for a player with two accrued seasons.
Last season, Gaither appeared in all 19 regular-season and postseason games, starting eighteen of them.
UPDATE:  Aaron Wilson reports that Gaither fired his prior representative, Kevin Pompey, on April 20, based on NFLPA records.  Per Wilson, the NFLPA has not yet received a representation agreement indicating that Rosenhaus now represents Gaither.  Wilson also astutely points out that the Ravens, the team he covers on a regular basis, are up against the salary cap.  As of April 22, they had only $968,000 in cap space.

11 responses to “New Deal For Jared Gaither?

  1. I think signing Jared Gaither to a long term deal to protect me for years to come is a great idea. And I know a lot about great ideas, I’m from New Jersey.

  2. So he’ll be an RFA after a 3 year contract in 2010? Did they sign a new CBA over the weekend and forgot to tell us?!?!

  3. gaither is a very solid LT who has potential to be the next jon ogden. i dont think the ravens would draft oher just to let gaither go…but who knows? in ozzie we trust

  4. Well, stiller43 is clearly an idiot.
    Ravens better get this done so they don’t go into a situation like this past year with the FAs.

  5. Rosenhaus strikes again
    Maybe I should’ve been an agent. It’s the only field I know of where being the biggest asshole possible will bring more clients to you.

  6. I think Drew is everything that is wrong in sports. The sooner he gets banned the better off everyone will be.
    Greedy prick and his greedy clients.

  7. @stiller43
    Gaiter played the last 5 games with one arm and was credited with giving up 2 sacks for the year. he’s better than any of the miscreants you have on your entire offensive line.
    this is why Oz is in the top 2 or 3 GM’s in the league. Gaither was a 5th round pick in the supplemental draft. The dude is so big, he can cause a solar eclipse when he’s standing in front of the sun but is athletic enough to have been offered multiple college scholarships to play basketball.
    sign him Oz. Between him and Oher we’ll have the best tackle tandem for the next 10 years.

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