Second 2009 "Black Monday" Unfolding In Several Cities Today

Most people think that the NFL’s only “Black Monday” comes on the day after the completion of the regular season, when various head coaches are informed that their services no longer are needed.  (For most of them, however, ongoing seven-figure contractual commitments help to soften the blow.)
But there’s a second “Black Monday” for most if not all NFL teams — the day after the draft.
It’s the logical date on which front offices part ways with scouts, and it’s something to watch in every city where a new G.M. has been hired since the 2008 draft ended.
The process typically is deferred until after the draft because, in many cases, it would be too disruptive to the pre-draft preparations to replace scouts on the fly. 
Some General Managers also could (but likely won’t) be doing the long walk to the parking lot with the box of personal effects today as well.  Though high-level execs typically get the shoe to the sh-t chute in January, sometimes teams decide to wait until after the draft has ended.
Or, in some cases, the coach gets fired in January and the G.M. “resigns” after the draft.  (Even though no one really believes it was a resignation.)
This year, it’s unlikely that G.M.-level guy will be gone.  Remote possibilities, in our view, include San Diego, where ownership possibly has soured on G.M. A.J. Smith, especially in the wake of the L.T. tug-o-war.  Also, we’re starting to wonder whether Redskins owner Daniel Snyder would like to hand the keys to the football operation to someone other than Vinny Cerrato, who whiffed on efforts to trade for Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez.  (But Snyder would likely keep Cerrato around.)
But we recognize that those are stretches, and that no other team seems to be in position to make changes at such a high level of the operation.
At lower levels in many cities, however, changes will be made today, sparking a spin of the carousel as displaced scouts look for new jobs and teams with vacancies look for new scouts.

9 responses to “Second 2009 "Black Monday" Unfolding In Several Cities Today

  1. High-level execs getting a foot to the shot chute? What does that even mean?
    OOOOOHHHHHHHHH You mean SHUT chute…..gotcha.

  2. With the exception of Oakland. After this draft, it’s fairly obvious that they have no scouting department.

  3. Well, we’re safe here in Cincinnati…the Bengals have virtually no scouts and the GM also happens to be the owner…sigh..wish he would fire himself!

  4. Vinny Cerrato isn’t going anywhere because he and Dan Snyder have some kind of odd man love going on (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
    Remember when Zorn was hired, these guys were actually saying that it was important for the new coach to fit in and be “friends” with the two of them. the hell with football knowledge, lol, we need somebody to shoot the shit with and play golf with.
    I’m sure Eagles and Giants fans are happy to see the Skins and Cowboys continue these odd football approaches, while they make Super Bowl runs in the meantime.

  5. Hail to Vinny Cerrato for not trading away our first rounder, drafting a punter, or taking some injury prone kid

  6. How predictable that Oakland & Cincy would surface as teams that can’t fire their scouting staffs because they don’t have any except the Owner/GM/head of player personell.

  7. To: Cincy90
    I understood that the Bengals don’t utilize a scouting department because Mel Kiper is just that damn good.

  8. The Redskins not trading for Cutler or Sanchez actually displays an improvement for the Redskins. The price had gotten so high on those trades that the Redskins actually had to say “no thanks” at some point.
    Well, Dan Snyder wouldn’t have done that without someone gagging him. So this marks a turning point in the Redskins offseason manuevering.

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