Shaun Phillips Cited For Battery

Just as the “Days Without An Arrest” meter was preparing to make a rare trip into the twenties, Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips has reset the thing to double zero.
According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Phillips was “cited” on Saturday for allegedly busting in the face a security guard at a rooftop bar.
Phillips has been charged with misdemeanor battery.
It’s the second allegation of battery against Phillips this month.  A security guard at another club claims that Phillips choked and punched him on April 11.
Phillips has professed his innocence, calling both incidents “misunderstandings.”
“There is video of the whole thing, and it won’t show me anywhere in the vicinity,” Phillips said.
He also seems to think it’s significant that he didn’t do a perp walk.  “You don’t see me in handcuffs, don’t see me in the back of a police car,” Phillips said.
Yeah, but he has been cited for misdemeanor battery.  And that’s enough of an incident to re-set the meter.

29 responses to “Shaun Phillips Cited For Battery

  1. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of his “misunderstandings” rofl!!!

  2. Another Bengal’s player in trouble….Oh wait…It was a Charger. I guess other NFL players do get in trouble besides Bengals players, despite the constant criticism from the media and other fans.

  3. And in a further “Misunderstanding” the Charger’s drafted Larry English as his Replacement earlier in the day.

  4. Ummmm…. Crim. Pro. I, first year law class (weren’t you a lawyer Florio?) citation does not equal an arrest.

  5. and hence the drafting of Larry English on saturday since this was Phillips 2nd misunderstanding

  6. “for allegedly busting in the face a security guard”
    He farted in the guy’s face?

  7. Did he get cited or arrested? If he got cited, that’s the same as a speeding ticket. And that’s a lot different than getting arrested.
    If he didn’t get a mug shot, it shouldn’t re-set the meter.

  8. According to Florio just talking to a police officer on the street in reason enough to reset the arrest meter or whatever.
    Sidenote: I guess the Chargers knew something we didn’t when they drafted Larry English in the 1st round. People were thinking Merriman maybe its Phillips.

  9. He is a friend of my brothers we all went to the same high school. He doesn’t seem like the type.

  10. “Hey Mr Security Guard, you should have told me you weren’t the punching bag video game after I put those quarters in your ear, sorry for punching you in the face.”

  11. As a resident of San Diego, an occasional frequenter of San Diego bars . . . and a patron who has never understood how being morbidly obese makes you a formidable bouncer . . . I defy any male here to show me a club bouncer who DIDN’T deserve to get his face busted in.

  12. A citation for a misdemeanor is not the same as a speeding ticket. If you’re going to call someone out on being wrong, make sure you are right. You have to go to court, and may face probation, anger management, and alcohol counseling if drinking was involved.
    Also, re-read the rules of the TurdWatch program Florio runs.
    Misdemeanor citations count regardless of conviction, but convictions count for even more.

  13. I really hope you’re not a criminal defense attorney, Florio. I have a feeling your opening statement in court would sound something like:
    “Your honor, my client has been arrested and charged with a crime; is that not evidence enough of his guilt?”

  14. This happened bacause:
    A) He was pissed his team drafted his replacement
    B) GinkGinkGinkGinkGink…hicup!

  15. Wrathchild says:
    April 27th, 2009 at 5:29 pm
    “for allegedly busting in the face a security guard”
    He farted in the guy’s face?
    If this doens’t get a book, nothing does. Give him a book, Florio.

  16. its the offseason and he is young
    I have no problem with this without knowing the story
    If the guard deserved it then he had it coming if not then he would have been arrested instead of citing
    I also read that the guard has since been fired… certainly leans toward Phillips being in the right (although the 2nd offense in a month certainly does not… wrong place wrong time? coincidence? probably not but benefit of the doubt)

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