Source: Foster Is A Texan

Although there were conflicting media reports as to whether former University of Tennessee running back Arian Foster had agreed to a free agent deal with the New Orleans Saints or the Houston Texans, a league source just cleared up any remaining confusion during a telephone interview with us a few minutes ago.
Per our source, Foster is officially a Texan.
“Arian was kind of disappointed that he didn’t get picked, but he has picked his head up and realizes that it’s time to get to work,” the league source told us. “He sees it as a very good opportunity and he can’t wait to get started and get to work.”
WWL-TV in New Orleans reported tonight that Foster was one of the Saints’ undrafted rookie signings. And the Houston Chronicle and the Knoxville News-Sentinel have both reported that Foster has joined the Texans.
As it turns out, the confusion may have been caused by the fact that the Saints did pursue Foster and wanted to sign him to a contract. However, Foster ultimately decided to go with the Texans.
The 6’0,” 226-pounder rushed for 2,964 career yards and 23 touchdowns to rank second on the Volunteers’ all-time rushing list and third in all-purpose yardage.
Hampered by a thigh bruise last season, Foster was limited to 570 yards and one score.
In 2007, he rushed for a career-high 1,193 yards and 12 touchdowns, catching 39 passes for 340 yards and two touchdowns.

14 responses to “Source: Foster Is A Texan

  1. kid has a big opportunity in houston. he could be the 2nd back to slaton if he plays his cards right.

  2. I always thought that was the one plus for the undrafted guys… they are free agents now.. which means they can CHOOSE between teams that want them.
    but other than that, sucks for Arian.. good pick up for the Texans. I think he’s a good back.

  3. I am amazed no one even spent a flier on Foster. Watched his whole college career at UT and he was by far the best back in a talented stable. He had some issues with fumbling but not terrible, respectable career YPC (4.6), and only 650 carries worth of tread on the tires despite starting in a run-first offense for 3 years. And for whatever it’s worth for a tailback in the NFL, he’s a badass lead blocker as well.
    If Tennessee’s entire surrounding cast, players and coaches alike, hadn’t been an utter trainwreck in ’08, I’d say he would’ve been a mid-round pick at worst. He had a stellar Junior season but then Fulmer decided he needed to gain 15 lbs for some reason, which hurt his burst and didn’t seem to really aid him in breaking tackles. That, and the entire O-line sucked. Bad o-line play in the SEC is death.
    Great signing for the Texans and based on what I know about him and the current state of the Texans’ backfield (Steve Slaton and…? Chris Brown? Pfft.), I’m gonna go ahead and say he makes the team.

  4. I am glad that Foster is no longer a Vol. I hope that he learns to hold on to the ball in the red zone for the Texans.

  5. Look at me, I go to Tennessee, I play like an ACC team in the SEC and get my face smashed in. I’m going to go cry in a corner

  6. I think we should cut Chris Brown and sign another free agent RB, to bring the total to 3. Right now, we have Steve and 2 other guys (Brown & Foster) that are injury magnets. Our draft kicked ass-defensively. What about any Darren Sproles or MoJo Drew-type guys out there? A 2 or 3 back system doesn’t always have to be 1 small, quick guy and 1 or 2 bruisers. We just need a guy to be a change of pace to Stevie that will hit the hole hard and follow his blockers, and know how to get downhill after making the first big zone-blocking plant & cut, that Alex Gibbs draws most of his plays up around.

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