2009 Rookie Pool Numbers

AFC East
Bills: $5,940,374
Dolphins: $4,820,998
Patriots: $6,032,711
Jets: $3,429,442
AFC North
Ravens: $3,372,231
Bengals: $6,636,324
Browns: $4,928,948
Steelers: $4,284,902
AFC South
Texans: $4,603,346
Colts: $4,079,726
Jaguars: $5,737,150
Titans: $5,158,799
AFC West
Broncos: $7,117,871
Chiefs: $5,538,247
Raiders: $5,048,693
Chargers: $4,200,683
NFC East
Cowboys: $4,639,193
Giants: $4,867,462
Eagles: $4,060,021
Redskins: $3,460,954
NFC North
Bears: $3,497,111
Lions: $8,074,992
Packers; $5,443,396
Vikings: $3,064,512
NFC South
Falcons: $4,126,197
Panthers: $3,326,694
Saints: $2,802,342
Buccaneers: $3,359,466
Cardinals: $3,976,197
NFC West
49ers: $4,107,801
Rams: $5,825,441
Seahawks: $5,192,801

13 responses to “2009 Rookie Pool Numbers

  1. Florio,
    Evidently the Cards are too good for the NFC West? I guess we’ll have to destroy the NFC South now eh?
    Please tell me your editor-in-chief is Emmitt!?

  2. What happens if the Vikings spend, say, $3,064,513 instead of $3,064,512? Just a fine or serious implications?

  3. good thing the cards moved to the nfc south. now we have another team named after a bird to kick the crap out of.

  4. @sikoix: If a team tries to submit a contract that puts the team over the rookie allotment, the NFL will reject the contract.

  5. @Sikoik:
    Nothing happens. That is the amount that each team is allowed to go over the salary cap by, as long as they have spent the money on rookies. If the Vikings spend $4 million on their rookies, but they aren’t over the salary cap, or are over it by $3,064,513, they are ok.

  6. what happens on the other end of that question?….say a team (like the Bears) has 9 draft choices none of them above a third and 3.5 million to spend? Can they use that cap space for thier entire contracts? or use it elsewhere or is it just unused and wasted?

  7. The Patriots did have a first round pick: #23. I’m pretty sure that when picks are traded, the rookie pool number attached to the pick doesn’t go with them. If you trade away next years draft for a high pick (for example), you could be in a bit of a bind.

  8. Just thought i’d point out that if the Cards were in the NFC South last year, they would not have made the playoffs. They were weak during the season, and couldn’t have beaten the NFC South teams. The NFC West is, i’d say, the weakest of the weak, and everyone knows it.

  9. @Aether
    Actually the NFL factors the number by considering what picks the team had… so if you trade a pick the cap allocation goes with it (hence Florio’s statement about the Lions having such a high allocation because of having 2 first round picks, one of which they traded for). And I was kidding about the Pats, making fun of the Pats- conspiracy theorists.

  10. According to what I’ve read, rookie contracts must fall within the rookie pool AND the regular cap. The rookie pool is not extra money.

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