Bengals To Be On Hard Knocks

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Equirer reports (via TSB) that the Bengals might be the next NFL franchise featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks.
We recently were told (and of course forgot to post) that the Bengals are and will be the subjects of the 2009 season of the show.
Many teams want no part of the endeavor, due to concerns that their opponents would study every second of the coverage in the hopes of gaining an advantage.
Those fears might be unfounded.  Still, “might” won’t change the views of ultra-secretive football minds like Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, and Scott Pioli.
Let’s say the chances of yielding a competitive advantage are only one percent if a team participates in the series. 
If they don’t, the chances of that happening are zero.

57 responses to “Bengals To Be On Hard Knocks

  1. Wow, didn’t see the negative spin coming on this one… I’m looking forward to this. HBO will get my business again…

  2. Bet CHad will have his whiny A– in there for that…….The decision is in MIke Browns hands and with his hatin a– he could turn it down….We will see…but I would love this…..

  3. “Hard Knocks? Don’t you mean Oz? ”
    Nah Idiopt he said Hard Knocks…The Jags should be considered for OZ as they now have the crown but thks to florio and ESPN all on our jocks you all keep thinkin its us…Get educated when you post about who the bad guys are….

  4. Unless your rivals former and soon to be again special teams coach is invited to sit in the stands through your training camp…

  5. Please this is the best possible choice…. Think of it as being able to watch Cops, Big Brother, & Football all at once.

  6. As a coach/GM there’s no upside.
    3 out of the 4 head coaches who have done this series have lost their jobs. (Dave Campo, Brian Billick, Herm Edwards)
    The 4th (Wade Phillips) is probably going to follow in their footsteps.
    It’s just a bad omen, and sports people are nothing of not superstitious

  7. First the chiefs, then the cowgirls, now the bengals… When we will get a look into a productive training camp? You know… One of a good team that makes the playoffs? dallas’ hard knocks is airing now and the commercials make me want to laugh.

  8. Another series about another losing team. Wow. Sure makes me want to tune in.

  9. Awesome, another team that goes on this stupid show that won’t make the playoffs!

  10. Why would anyone want to do this? Haven’t teams learned by now that when you do Hard Knocks, the result is a sh*tty season. Its not a matter of superstition, or some curse, the fact of the matter is, there simply is no way for the directors to get what they want, without disrupting the practices. Teams are going to be focusing on the camera, even if its just a little bit. In a game where timing is such a big deal and so much a part of the game, a little less attention to detail in practices makes all the difference in the world.

  11. I dunno, I thought the the Chiefs years was more interesting than the Cowboys. But I hate the Cowboys.
    And, of course, who doesn’t like staring at a car wreck?

  12. Last year we got Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson and this year we get Chris Henry, Chad Ochocinco and rest of the Bengals? That is quality programming.

  13. Any avid football fan should love this. I for one would love to see how Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown run shop behind closed doors. For all the criticism Brown gets, I actually think this could be very interesting.
    And Lewis is an incredible football mind. If you won’t watch it because it’s the Bengals, that is for sure your loss.
    And who wouldn’t want to see Zimmer yelling at his players? Anyone know this dudes track record? If you ask me, this might be must see TV.

  14. “Hard Knocks? Don’t you mean Oz?”
    One of the funniest comments EVER. Nicely done

  15. Now Chad will show up to everything if this becomes reality. Geez.
    Meanwhile, TJ is still whining about a no-call at Baltimore.

  16. I’m not sure the chances of yielding a competitive advantage by NOT being on the show are zero.
    Football is a business. Being on Hard Knocks gives a team a massive competitive advantage from a business standpoint in the advertising it provides. By allowing HBO to develop storylines about your team, you have the opportunity to create a large number of new consumers for your product and to more fully energize consumers you already have. Especially in a down economy, this could be vital.
    Being on Hard Knocks provides a potential opportunity for creating profit, and that profit can be re-invested in your team. Also, if you are confident in what you are doing, this can be a great advertising opportunity for future free agents. Marvin Lewis has a great platform for demonstrating that his practices, his leadership, his coaching methods are superior to the teams other players play for. For a team like the Bengals this can be important because they have the reputation for being especially poorly run. If Lewis in fact is a good coach, Hard Knocks can be a great vehicle for changing this perception. If Lewis is in fact similar to Herm Edwards (an incompetent goofball), then this is still a no-lose since failure is guaranteed anyway.
    I see little downside and significant upside for the Bengals.

  17. The America’s Game episode featuring the 1993 Dallas Cowboys relates a story of how Jimmy Johnson was watching local news during SB week and caught wind of Buffalo’s plan to include shovel passes in the gameplan by observing news station b-roll. Evidently, he saw Jim Kelly practicing shovel pitches and and realized they hadn’t shown that play during the regular season. Granted, preparing for a “new” play won’t necessarily win a game, but it might give a team a slight advantage.

  18. Not sure how I feel about this??? The Bengals will be boring on Hard Knocks because they suck so bad, but on the other hand… is football. Ahh what the hell, it’s something to hold me over until the regular season starts.

  19. So much for Chad Johnson holding out! Maybe a blessing in disguise for Cincy, actually. I’ll also be interested to see how Cedric Benson conducts himself; will he continue his story of redemption, or blow his last chance by getting his third DWI in two years?
    Yeah, HBO was smart to choose the Bengals: drama around every corner and a QB everybody likes…

  20. most of the people I know who have been incarcerated are pretty hard.
    so yeah, it might fit.

  21. This is good news for me…. taking it out of the Dallas camp for a little while. I remember one of my favorite seasons of this show was when it was focused on the Baltimore Ravens.
    Interesting note though. NFL network is advertising the 2009 season as “inside the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys.” …. Not sure how this works with the news that Cinci will be the 2009 cast.

  22. Apparently there are 8 teams with more turd watch points then Cincy. Wouldn’t they make better candidates if you go by the slow-witted meatheads that permeate this site?
    San Francisco 12
    Buffalo 9
    Kansas City 9
    Cleveland 7
    Pittsburgh 6
    Indianapolis 6
    Jacksonville 6
    Oakland 7
    Cincinnati 3
    Dallas 3

  23. It’s hard to fathom teams having to watch Hard Knocks to gain an advantage on the Bengals. Opposing teams can continue to game plan around the current week’s arrest report.

  24. @TheDude…….Put the pipe down………Do you actually think players are concerned about Marvin Lewis’s practices, leadership, coaching methods? Of which he has shown ZERO by the way……It’s about money…Christ, there is no silver lining in Cincy…….You say football is a business then go off on some tangent about nothing……….NOTHING cincy does is superior….significant ipside…….Yeah keep on dreamin

  25. It never ceases to amaze me how many people on here know nothing about football.
    I think people should put their real names and email addresses in some of their ludicrous mis-spelled paragraphs filled with nothing but their own stupid opinions, which generally show their intelligence.
    Yes… I’m talking about 99 percent of you.

  26. Mike Brown must be getting a cut of the proceeds. That said, secrecy about football operations is a joke when the teams practice fields can be photographed from bridges and skyscrapers. Once again, Mikey Boy Brown loves easy money. This is another avenue to get it.
    Airborne Avenger

  27. I love that some SinSinNaughty retard who evidently had nothing better to do went in and rated each comment a “1” that was anti-Bungals.

  28. All you bengal fans need to quit whining about being ripped on. Until they start winning AND staying out of the media for negative reasons, your team is going to be made fun of. Get over it. People still make jokes about the Crackboys of the ’90s.
    That Oz joke was hilarious by the way.

  29. And that is another great point about the Bengals being on OZ. Their practice field is out in the open. You can watch it from numerous bridges and roads around the facility right next to the stadium. If they were worth a darn you could get great endzone and sideline views of the practices.
    I just realized I put Oz and not Hard Knocks haha. Oh well I’m too lazy to change it.

  30. hitdogo42-shouldn’t you start off with your own real name and email address? Pussy. nevr forgt, spelchek ws invntd fr pepl lik yu.

  31. Whatever happened to the Arizona Cardinals being on Hard Knocks? I swear that was reported before.

  32. Great post, Dude. I see the reason why most posters are negative, and even as a Bengals fan, I don’t disagree. Maybe they will have a strong showing for the camera’s and get some lucky editing so that not everyone looks like a thug or a dummy. It doesn’t matter what they Bengals say or do, the will still be looked at in a negative light for awhile, so maybe any press is good press. Keep up with the jokes, and we will send Rey-Rey to your house.
    And watch out for Rey-Rey and Rivers to put the Mulachi crunch on Ward this year. (Hopefully)

  33. “Hard Knocks? Don’t you mean Oz? ”
    ahaah…awesome..or “The Wire”….hell even “The Sopranos”

  34. wow…this site certainly brings out all the d-bags. first, most of you are just jealous your teams aren’t on the show. secondly, if hbo didn’t think the bengals would draw ratings they wouldn’t have picked them. they’re not stupid. i guarantee that almost everyone on this site, at some time, tunes in to see this even for just a minute. stop hating.

  35. seahawks4life says:
    April 28th, 2009 at 5:47 pm
    Another series about another losing team. Wow. Sure makes me want to tune in.
    Really? The Seahawks? Where do you get off bashing the Bengals? At least there is something interseting about the Bengals (ie arrests, characters, bad owner) , the Seahawks, and your whole state for that matter, wouldn’t make for good TV.

  36. This is total win.
    An inside look at Chad Johnson, Andre Smith, Dhani Jones, Rey Maualuga, Frostee Rucker, Chris Henry, Pat Sims, Carson Palmer, Laveranues Coles, Cedric Benson, and More Tank Johnson.
    I am not sure if it could have been casted better. They are all now and very relevant.
    HBO totally knows what is up.

  37. Why are so many people talking about winning and losing on this site? I would much rather have a football team full of criminals than one that wins Super Bowls a lot. Sports are about entertainment, and Hard Knocks realizes that, even if none of you do. When I see a young kid with a lot of athletic talent get into crime and drugs, I feel great. Not just because it makes me feel better about my own life, but also because I know that this kid is devoting every aspect of his life to become entertainment for me. Quit projecting your Church Lady ideas of what a role model should be onto todays athletes. Next time you see an athlete that can barely read (despite spending several years in college) catch a statuatory rape case, applaud him and the underage jersey chaser that just gave you something exciting to talk about.

  38. I am Glad to see such a talented player such as Chris Henry really turn his life around, and have a real want to do good for the team, as well as do well for his family. Congrats on the wedding plans as well Chris…..

  39. Ha classic “Oz” comment.
    But I don’t know why there’s so much negativity toward the Bengals being on Hard Knocks… There’s guaranteed drama, Lewis on the hot seat, Palmer coming back, and the media-whore #85. Also, I think the Bengals might win some games… they won their final 3 games with Ryan FITZPATRICK of all people at QB and had the 12th ranked D last season. They also might crumble and win 2 games. Who knows? That, combined w/ footage of the Cincy cops stuffing Benson, Henry, and Tank Johnson in the Paddy Wagon should make for an INTERESTING series, which is the point by the way.

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